Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis Marketing

Like any other kind of business, a marijuana business needs SEO in order to compete these days. Proper search engine optimization should be built around your business goals. For example, marijuana SEO should be built around what you want your store to achieve. Cannabis SEO is just the same kind of search engine optimization that needs to be done for other types of business.


Our team is ready to review your website’s SEO aspects and provide some tips to help you increase traffic, drive leads and maximize revenue.

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Search Engine Optimization For Medical Marijuana dispensaries and business

Search Engine Optimization services for medical marijuana, dispensaries doctors, edible companies hydroponics stores, lawyers & more. We also Offer e-commerce SEO and product listing optimization for medical cannabis related products such as water pipe companies.

Local Directory Listings For Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Doctors & More

Local business directory listings management service for medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, head shops, doctors, lawyers & more. Already on Weedmaps and other 420 directories? Then get listed on mainstream local business directories and bypass the traditional verification process.

Web Design For Medical Cannabis Related Businesses Products & Services

Websites design for medical marijuana business such as dispensaries, doctors & attorneys. We also offer e-commerce web design for 420 related products, including bong and apparel companies. Check out our Starter Premium and e-commerce web design packages.


The Ad Firm is ready to help you with your marijuana marketing so that you can get new customers for your business. We can work with you in developing cannabis marketing strategies by conducting research so you can use the best set of keywords to use.

Just as in marketing other types of business, you need to use the right set of keywords in marijuana SEO. All efforts will go to waste if the keywords used are not relevant to your audience and to the people who are all your potential customers. That’s why on-page SEO and exact keyword research are crucial parts of our cannabis SEO strategy.

It goes without saying that if your website is able to get high rankings for keywords that are used heavily, then your marijuana marketing can get the audience that your business needs in order to thrive and beat the competition. Cannabis marketing is a highly competitive game, but with The Ad Firm on your team, you can be on the winning side.

Why Pick The Ad Firm?

Because of the boom of the cannabis industry, the number of companies offering Marijuana SEO is also on the rise. While this may be good for owners of glass shops, dispensaries, and other cannabis-related businesses in the sense that it gives them more options, it also makes it harder for them to pick the right one.

You should be very careful in choosing the firm that offers Cannabis SEO to work with. If you make the mistake of believing a firm’s false claims about how they can help you, it could cost you a lot. Not only would the money that you will pay them go to waste, but your site can also actually get penalized by Google if a marketer uses practices that are considered to be black-hat by Google.

It is unfortunate that you have to be on the lookout for shady SEO firms on top of worrying about marijuana marketing, but there is no helping it. This is why you should stick to hiring a company like The Ad Firm to handle your cannabis marketing and SEO.

We conduct tests and experiments that help us determine the factors that are used by Google in determining the value of a website when it comes to search engine results. We use the knowledge that we gain from such tests in building the Marijuana SEO strategies of our clients.

When you get the services of The Ad Firm, our whole team will be backing you up so you can get the results that you need so your site can stand out from the rest.

A Long Term Approach to Digital Marketing

At The Ad Firm, we know that search engine optimization for glass shops,   test labs and other-cannabis related businesses is not just a short-term activity. It has to be done regularly and over a long period in order to get the best and lasting results.

We also know that cannabis SEO is not a one-stop solution to your marketing concerns. Even if you get a top ranking on a well-used keyword, but you have a poorly designed website, you probably would not get the results that you need.

Marijuana marketing should be a complete package where all of the components are working and should be in proper order. With The Ad Firm, you have an experienced team working to back you up and boost your site.


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An estimated 5.5 billion mobile and desktop local searches are performed per month on Google, alone, in the USA

Figures like that one make it quickly apparent just how significant the use of the Internet for local search purposes has become. Proper optimization and marketing ensure that a local business is receiving their maximum share of those monthly searches, and converting as many as possible into transactions.

Business location is the most-searched-for piece of data by local searchers

Given that, it’s irrefutable that the #1 priority for any business with a local presence should be to ensure that their address information is accurate across the web. That means location information must be correct on the website; local business listings like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and others; content outreach; social media marketing; and all other resources to ensure that searchers are easily locating your business.

50% of mobile searchers and 34% of desktop searchers who conduct a local search visit a store within 1 day

This statistic, direct from Google, proves what multiple studies have shown: people do research online and then shop offline. In fact, a supplementary statistic from the same Google paper states that 30% of consumers say they’d buy from a local store instead of online if they knew the store was nearby.

In other words, a very significant number of potential customers are seeking local resources for the goods and services they need, and your company’s best bet of winning in this scenario is to be sure customers can find you on the search engines, directories, and other platforms they use. With correct name, address, and phone number (NAP) on those sources, you are greatly increasing your chances of turning mobile and desktop searchers into customers.

72% of mobile searchers looking up local information then visit a store within 5 miles of their location

The most interesting part of this statistic from Google is the sensitivity it shows toward geography and convenience. It describes the tremendous potential any business has to become the resource for all customers within a 5-mile radius. Your outreach, via good, clean basic data on your local business listings plus a talent for speaking directly to specific community needs with content development is a winning combination for earning business from both nearest neighbors and visitors passing through town.

So why look somewhere else when you need help with marketing your marijuana business?
Let The Ad Firm back you up and you’re going to be on the right track.

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“We have been with the AD firm for 3 years and it is fair to say that our business has tripled. We receive up to five new calls a day, and while it’s up to us to convert these calls to paying clients, it sure helps to have prospects solicit us, than the other way around. Kevin and Meghan have been helping us every step of the way. We recommend them highly, while we are very pleased with our own results.”

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