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How A Blog Affects Organic Rankings

There are a lot of business owners who want to use content strategies so that their site can rank for more keywords. The problem usually is that they think that they don’t have enough time and resources to create a blog. Usually, when the budget is limited, most people would prioritize paid ads because they […]

Why You Should Consider Getting Links From Domains That Are Not Ranking So High

Many people believe that top ranking pages should always be the best targets for link building. However, it is not necessarily true. Of course, there are good benefits from getting links from domains in the top ranks, but doing so is not without its own drawbacks. There are always secret alternatives that you can try. […]

The Basics of Google Tag Manager

Data is very important when it comes to digital marketing because it will help you understand how people interact with your site, whatever type of website you may have. Google analytic already provides most of the insight you will need for your business but it is not without limitations if used by itself. When it […]

Is it Time For Your Business To Implement Email Marketing?

Email marketing is something that warrants a deeper look for you and your business. It’s common for people to adopt SEO practices along with SEM services, however, many usually hesitate when it comes to email marketing. However, email marketing is something that you really should consider for your business, especially when you already have SEO […]

Dealing with the Top 3 Challenges Between SEOs and Business Owners

If you are a business owner working with an SEO service provider, you are probably all too familiar with the challenges that you can face while working along with your SEO. The challenges are not only real, they are also tough. The same applies when you are an SEO working with a business owner. You […]

How Semantic Search Impacts Your SEO

Most business owners know by now that SEO is the key to becoming successful online, even when they don’t completely know how it changes and even how it works yet. SEO has been around for many years before Google decided to make it all about user experience more than secret formulas. From then on, Google […]

How-to Expand Your Podcast Audience Through SEO

By now, everybody knows that it takes technical SEO, link-building and high-quality, readable and engaging content in order to be successful in any SEO strategy. Of course, there are other things that you need to pay attention to, but these three are the main components of a successful SEO campaign for sure. There are many […]

How To Revitalize Your Digital Marketing When Your Performance is Stuck

It’s not uncommon to reach a performance plateau sometime when you are implementing your digital marketing strategies. That’s surely bad news, but there’s good news too. There are ways you can boost your marketing efforts when your performance is stuck. One fortunate thing about digital marketing is that whenever you implement a strategy, you can […]

When Digital Marketers Say They Can Measure Everything

A lot of people claim that digital marketing is measurable. Even professional digital marketers fall into the trap of believing that everything in digital marketing is measurable. We even believe that it’s the factor that makes digital marketing greater than any other forms of marketing. However, measurement ability is not everything and we are not […]

How To Boost Your Local Business Effectively Through E-Commerce

More and more people are learning to do their window shopping through the screens of their phones. It might seem to you that e-commerce and local SEO are two entirely different things, but they’re actually well-connected. A lot of people think that local search and local SEO are all about store locations and offline purchases. […]


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