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How To Lower Your Bounce Rate

We all want people to visit our website and get to know what you have to offer. Of course we don’t want all of our visitors to immediately leave after just checking out one page. Not only does it hurt our website in the short term and long term, it’s demoralizing as a company to […]

Are Yelp Ads Worth The Spend?

Yelp, the current juggernaut of online review platforms. We all know that Yelp has a strong online presence for many businesses who want to build awareness among consumers. If you’re searching for something on Google, Yelp has a great chance of landing on the top of the SERPs. As a small business owner, you’ve found […]

Will IDX Help Improve Real Estate SEO?

The confusion surrounding IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is that it keeps getting confused with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard). An IDX is a site that will allow public consumers to search for MLS properties in a specific area. They’re the main reason why people like you and I are able […]

Know Your Target Audience

In an ideal world, the whole world would be a potential client interested in our product or service, but that’s not the truth, is it? Finding the right target audience marketing for your business is crucial to its success. There’s a mutual understanding between your business and your targeted audience – we’re in need of […]

How To Get 5-Star Reviews

The Food & Beverage industry is the one who really benefits from using reviews to garner much more customers to their business but having 5-star reviews can definitely benefit all. A good review confirms that your business is okay to work with, while a bad review tells people to find another option. Good reviews also […]

Is The Color Of Your Website Important?

To many of us, the color of your website had more to do with what we like, rather than what might be right for our business. Does it matter what specific industry we may be in? What our product or services are? Or even what brand we’re trying to portray? The color palettes we choose […]

Are SEO Companies For Small Business Owners The Right Choice?

Are you a small business owner who’s interested in SEO services but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Being a small business is tough already and digital marketing can be an entire new concept that you’re not comfortable with. SEO, like many other marketing funnels, can be the strategy that can make or break […]

How You Can Rank For “Near Me” Searches

If you’re a local business owner, or any business owner that would like to gain the local business, you’ve probably wondered how to rank when customers search “near me”. Take us as an example, we just recently opened up a new office in San Diego and we’d love to get as many local clients as […]

How Organic SEO Helped Our Client

Cold hard facts – nothing can replace the cold hard facts. Remember back in you Mathematics class in grade school when your professor always urged you to “show your work” when giving an answer? The same ideal should be taken into account for all SEO agencies. For one thing, it shows that they know what […]

Improving The Client Experience

Attaining a client from your competitors. Check. Create a great marketing strategy. Check. Helping the client achieve their goals. Check. Creating the best client experience. Hmmm. Can’t check that one off just yet. What can you do to improve your client’s experience with you? Become organized to the point where there’s is nothing being sent […]


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