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How Google Is Preparing For Marketing Trends In 2021

Despite the financial hit of the Coronavirus and an antitrust lawsuit, The Ad Firm believes Google will come out of 2021 strong. Protecting Ad Revenue Despite its attempts at diversification, Google’s still an ad-based entity. Revenue from search results and properties makes up 80% of Google, and the company plans to continue investing in online […]

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Holiday Shopping

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way consumers will spend money on gifts this year during the holiday shopping season. Your company should explore new ways to attract the attention of today’s online holiday shoppers. More than 4,500 American adults were asked about their holiday shopping plans through a Google survey. Here are some […]

Slowing Down Ad Spend Will Hurt Your Company

Slowing Down Ad Spend Will Hurt Your Company

Traversing through poor economic conditions or a recession may be challenging for your business to navigate. Consumers will likely slow down their spending and make it difficult to reach your financial and operational goals. However, even though you may have to revise prices or products, this isn’t the time to decrease or eliminate your marketing […]

Full-Service Medical Marketing Vs. Niche Medical Marketing: Who Can Deliver Best?

Full-Service Medical Marketing Vs. Niche Medical Marketing: Who Can Deliver Best?

Increase your patient flow. Boost your website traffic. Schedule more patients. These are just a few of the items healthcare professionals identify on their medical marketing “wish list.” And it is all within reach alongside our full-service medical marketing agency. Have you asked your niche medical marketing agency the right questions? Ask questions. For example, […]

Medical SEO Marketing Basics & Benefits

What is Medical SEO? Medical SEO at its core is the practice of utilizing search engine optimization to rank medical sites accurately so that patients can find the best, most relevant information for their search query. Strengthen your online reputation. Boost website traffic. Increase your patient volume. As healthcare marketing industry experts say, “Social networks […]

Google’s May 2020 Core Update

On May 4, 2020, Google announced it released a core ranking update, and rest assured, we’re keeping an eye on your analytics. Algorithm changes are rarely completed in a day, with Google estimating the May 2020 Core Update will take up to two weeks to be complete. So, expect some yo-yoing of results while the […]

7 Benefits Of Digital Marketing

As a business, you might use word-of-mouth to connect with customers. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, this approach has become limiting. Here’s a little secret, the sooner you connect with customers online, the easier it will be to reap the rewards of digital marketing. Check out these 7 benefits of digital marketing for small business […]

Google Says Brand New Website Owners Need To Be Proactive

Google Says Brand New Website Owners Need To Be Proactive

A new website is like a new storefront location. Webmasters and SEO experts need to be proactive and begin building SEO efforts from the start. So, let’s take an example of a person who is just starting to build a new website for their company. This means they have a brand-new asset in their hands, […]

Conversational Marketing And Post-COVID-19 Planning

Conversational Marketing And Post-COVID-19 Planning

Everyone is online right now, checking on the latest news or looking for “toilet paper near me.” With the COVID-19 situation changing by the hour, it can leave you feeling a bit lost and wondering what is going to come next. The web has become a friend to all during these times of uncertainty. Search […]

The Ad Firm Named Among Top Digital Agencies in Irvine and Austin by UpCity

We are starting the summer season with thrilling news. As a top provider in our industry, The Ad Firm has been named a certified partner with UpCity in Irvine and Austin. And, even more exciting, The Ad Firm just made the Top PPC Agency list in Irvine. The Ad Firm strives to build partnerships with […]


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