Lower Costs, Increase Leads And Conversions

Wedding Events Company


Our client had another PPC company manage their campaigns, but it had become stagnant. They were not keeping up with the campaigns, leading to high ad costs and few results. We needed to revamp their ad campaigns to increase leads while keeping costs low.


By pausing old inefficient ads and avoiding misleading keywords, we increased qualified leads to attain more relevant users

By developing relevant ads with clear call-to-action saw an increase in quality score, which enabled us to lower our spend per ad

Key Tactics

By repairing old mismanaged ads, our client saw an immediate decrease in the total amount spent

Creating ads relevant to what people are searching for allowed us to see 4 times the amount of conversions


Cut the amount they spent per conversion in half by emphasizing granular targeting

Each ad campaign was created with clear call-to-actions to guide prospective buyers

By creating relevant ads, our client saw an influx of calls


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