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How Google Is Preparing For Marketing Trends In 2021

Despite the financial hit of the Coronavirus and an antitrust lawsuit, The Ad Firm believes Google will come out of 2021 strong. Protecting Ad Revenue Despite its attempts at diversification, Google’s still an ad-based entity. Revenue from search results and properties makes up 80% of Google, and the company plans to continue investing in online […]

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Holiday Shopping

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way consumers will spend money on gifts this year during the holiday shopping season. Your company should explore new ways to attract the attention of today’s online holiday shoppers. More than 4,500 American adults were asked about their holiday shopping plans through a Google survey. Here are some […]

Google Says Brand New Website Owners Need To Be Proactive

A new website is like a new storefront location. Webmasters and SEO experts need to be proactive and begin building SEO efforts from the start. So, let’s take an example of a person who is just starting to build a new website for their company. This means they have a brand-new asset in their hands, […]

Yelp Partners With PPC Ad Agencies – Avoid Wasting Your Yelp Advertising Budget

Yelp Ads are slowly becoming more sophisticated. A new keyword targeting option has recently been released that allows Yelp Ads to target a specific audience. This means more strategy and more control over your spending budget. In the past, Yelp advertisements produced a vast amount of “budget burn” and created non-productive advertising expenditures. If this […]

New GMB Features, Discovery Searches, and Optimizing for Search Behavior! Oh My!

BrightLocal recently finished its biggest research-piece, the Google My Business (GMB) Insights Study. This study analyzed 45,000 GMB listings across 36 industries, revealing insights on how business and consumer behavior relates to GMB listings. In light of Google recently releasing new and improved GMB features, the key findings and insights are particularly exciting. This recent […]

Wix May Be Slowing Down Your SEO Pages

A pioneer for website builder SEO platforms, Wix SEO features appears to give you the full gamut of SEO efforts. Connecting your Wix site to Google Analytics or Google Search Console can provide metrics tracking, but it will most likely be an uphill climb without a good SEO strategy. Is Your Wix Site Holding You […]

Our OB/GYN SEO Delivers – Ready for More Patients?

Patients are avid researchers. Over the past ten years, search engine technology has continually been transforming the Internet. However, search engines are often merely keeping up with the questions, recommendations, and help people look for online. This consumer behavior — typically referred to as search behavior — has become measurable and transparent. We now can […]

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Why Paid Ads Fail

Business owners at one point consider going for a paid ad campaign as part of their marketing strategy. Before embarking on a pay-per-click advertising scheme, it’s possible that you will hesitate and rethink if such a campaign is a good idea or not. It’s good to evaluate your move before you do it and even […]

A Guide to Site Migration

What Does Site Migration Mean A site migration refers to changes to a website that affects its visibility on the search engines. These changes are usually the ones that are made on the site structure, the content of the pages, coding for the site, UX or site performance. Google doesn’t really cover site migration in […]

Diagnosing Drops in SEO Traffic

If you talk to a consultant or an SEO professional, most of them would tell you that they’ve had experienced being asked to investigate a drop in a website traffic during their career. Most SEO professionals would tell you that they have investigated such changes several times. If you want to know how to investigate […]


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