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How To Revitalize Your Digital Marketing When Your Performance is Stuck

It’s not uncommon to reach a performance plateau sometime when you are implementing your digital marketing strategies. That’s surely bad news, but there’s good news too. There are ways you can boost your marketing efforts when your performance is stuck. One fortunate thing about digital marketing is that whenever you implement a strategy, you can […]

When Digital Marketers Say They Can Measure Everything

A lot of people claim that digital marketing is measurable. Even professional digital marketers fall into the trap of believing that everything in digital marketing is measurable. We even believe that it’s the factor that makes digital marketing greater than any other forms of marketing. However, measurement ability is not everything and we are not […]

How To Boost Your Local Business Effectively Through E-Commerce

More and more people are learning to do their window shopping through the screens of their phones. It might seem to you that e-commerce and local SEO are two entirely different things, but they’re actually well-connected. A lot of people think that local search and local SEO are all about store locations and offline purchases. […]


Google Announced it Released a Core Ranking Up

Medical SEO at its core is the practice of utilizing search engine optimization to rank medical sites accurately so that patients can find the best, most relevant information for their search query.


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