Helping Fire Protection Companies with Online Marketing

Like any other business these days, your fire protection firm needs to have an online presence now. Because the internet is so important, not having a presence there could lead to the ultimate failure of your business.

Free Website SEO analysis
Free Website SEO analysis


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The first thing to determine when you are developing your internet marketing strategy is how important your website is when it comes to promoting your fire protection business? When someone searches for fire protection related terms like “fire sprinkler installation” or “fire suppression”, including the areas where you operate, does your website show up in the search results? If there is someone out there, searching for a firm like yours, how likely is it that they can find your firm?

As the leading SEO service provider in the Orange County area, The Ad Firm can help you to increase the traffic that you are getting to your site, make sure that those visitors can be converted to leads, and ultimately, turn them into sales. We can help make sure that your phone would not stop ringing with clients who would be calling in to get your services.

Using Analytics and Tracking to Determine Your True ROI

We know that you do not have the time or the resources to waste on ineffective campaigns that would not bring in any results. That’s why The Ad Firm uses advanced analytics and tracking in order to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and to measure your ROI. From SEO to content marketing, we would be measuring all the results of your campaigns accurately.

We will not be giving your technical reports and spreadsheets that you would have a hard time understanding. Analyzing the data would be our job and after that, we can just give you some recommendations o the actions that you need to take in order to improve your site performance. In other words, you can be free to run your fire protection business and leave the internet marketing problems to us.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tracking of ads and measurement
  • Research and analysis customized for your needs
  • Tracking and recording of phone calls
  • Optimization of conversion rate
  • Website tracking and analytics

 Analysis and tracking of your site’s performance is the real key in driving up the marketing for your fire protection business. It’s the proven way for you to see if you are doing good or not.

Having a Website Is Not Enough!

Don’t make the same mistake that others are making when it comes to how they use their website. They treat it like it’s a brochure where information about a firm is placed in a straightforward manner.  You have to think of it as a sales representative that can generate sales for you. It can represent your fire protection firm at costs that are low when you compare it with other marketing channels that you can use.

Now, there is one crucial question that you have to ask yourself: How easy is it for a potential customer to find your website?

You can think of building your online reputation as a real estate game. You have to acquire and maintain as much real estate as you can in order to establish your business. The same goes true for your fire protection business. You have to show that you are an authority and you have to establish that through your online presence. Also, you have to make it easy for potential customers to find you, and that means knowing where they spend time on the internet.

We Can Help Improve Your Fire Protection Company’s Google Search Ranking

In order for your business to rank, you have to establish that your firm is the authority when it comes to fire protection in the area where you operate. There are three things you can do in order to achieve that:

The Right Web Design

It is not enough that you have a website with information about your firm. It should also be designed in the right way. It has to be coded in the right way so that it would be easy for the search engines to find, crawl, and then to categorize it. We can help you to come up with a properly optimized website for search engines that are also visually appealing.

Content Creation

Once the website is there, the work is just getting started. It needs content after content in order for it to be relevant. We can help you in creating articles, blog posts, landing pages, and other types of content that can shed more light on the fire protection services of your company, while establishing your online presence.


In order for you business to become established as an authority when it comes to fire protection, others should recommend you as such. We can help you to get in touch with established online authorities that can link and reference you as an authority.

When you get the services of The Ad Firm to help establish your online presence, you will be working with a dedicated team in optimizing your site for maximum performance. You will be working with professionals from web designers to copywriters who have the knowledge and experience to help you out. You will also be getting actionable reports on a regular basis on your website’s development and performance.

Get the Most Out of Local Search Optimization

Think about this: Almost half of Google search queries have local intent.

That means people are searching on the internet to look for things that they need locally. That includes services like what you provide. That is why it is a must for you to improve your local listing. We can help you to improve your business’ visibility when it comes to geography related searches.

Pay-Per-Click Ads for Your Fire Protection Business

Pay-Per-Click advertising is another great way for you to establish your presence on the internet on top of content marketing and SEO.  When potential customers look for a fire protection firm, they would be willing to click on ads about your company. We recognize the potential of PPC campaigns and we can help you in running one that would promote your firm.

We can manage the whole campaign for your so you will be free to focus on the actual fire protection aspect of your business.

Why Choose The Ad Firm?

Of all the SEO service providers out there, why choose The Ad Firm? That’s because we don’t just say that we can help your online presence and boost it, we actually have the proof to back it up. We are the leading SEO company in the Orange County area, one of the leading tech places in the country and in the world, and that says a great deal already. Also, we market the businesses of our clients like those are our own. That’s how we achieve success.

 So, why trust a fly-by-night upstart SEO service provider when you can go with a company like The Ad Firm? Winning the online game is a must if your business is to succeed and you need to have the best team backing you up and The Ad Firm is the top team that you can get.