How To Successfully Create A YouTube Presence For Your Business

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YouTube is undeniably a large platform – it’s a search engine on its own that is too popular and too big for you to ignore. If you want to expand your online presence, YouTube is one of the methods to achieve that. In case you don’t have a YouTube Channel for your business yet, that needs to change, RIGHT NOW. If you already have a channel but it has been left stagnant without any content or any new content that would be good for your business, it’s time to act. We’ll be sharing with you useful tips for setting up your YouTube channel and establishing your YouTube presence. This way you can move forward to using YouTube as part of your marketing campaign for your business.

First Things First: Set Goals

Before you even start setting up your channel, you need to do this. Setting goals are very important because it will help you determine which path you will take moving forward. If you want to be a YouTube star as part of your business campaign, it’s a little late. The competition these days for that sort of thing is really high. Everybody wants to be a YouTube star after all. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to achieve but it would take years of effort and hard work which you can channel somewhere else. There are definitely many other goals you can set aside for being a YouTube star. You must not forget that YouTube is not just for stars, it’s also an excellent place for business owners and marketers.

You can focus your goals along these lines: management of your brand’s reputation, improving your conversion through YouTube, and create an alternative area where your brand can get more exposure.

Next: Create A Calendar

Once your goals are in place, you can focus more on your content. However, creating content for YouTube can be really challenging. You will have to brainstorm new ideas for your content, organize your ideas and plan the actual creation of the content you thought of. You will have to do keyword research for YouTube, find questions related to the keywords to find more ideas, come up with specific content ideas, create and allocate time for promotion. You can also consider the timing of your content. For instance, creating a YouTube content for summer products in winter may not be so efficient. You can plot all of these down in your YouTube calendar so that you would be able to create content consistently and in a timely manner.

Video Production

It’s easy to get intimidated when confronted with video production. You might think that not everyone is a filmmaker and that your budget is nowhere near enough. However, these days, producing a video does not require a fortune any longer. It’s also easier to produce videos these days. For instance, you can go with in-house video production, utilizing affordable video editor that you can download or use online. With this, you won’t have to splurge on an expensive gadget nor would you need a lot of space for editorial equipment. You can also start with simple videos that explain about your products. You can also create videos of the testimonials of your clients, tutorials, interviews, and presentations.

You can also outsource your video production. It can be more affordable than you think. You can go to sites that offer video creation for a low price. A lot of members from these sites would be willing to create great videos for your YouTube at an affordable price. Another way to outsource is to find a YouTube vlogger who is willing to work with you. You can look for one who is already working in your niche. This way, you can get additional exposure from their fans and followers too.

Optimizing Your Video Pages

If you think optimization is limited to Google, think again. You’d have to optimize your video pages too when you upload to YouTube. You will need to provide enough content for each video page. This can include a detailed title and description, and of course, a lot of tags! The title can have your focus keyword, product or brand name, the name of the person featured (if you’re working with an influencer), event name, hashtags, place names and so on. You also need a good thumbnail that can catch the attention of viewers and a full transcript of the video as much as possible.

Channel Clicks and Engagement

YouTube has its own video-specific metrics that it is using to determine suggested videos and related videos. It uses the same metrics to rank videos on the video search results as well. What you should aim for is to get deep views of your videos. You can achieve this by creating a table of contents that people can use when watching your videos. You can also utilize your social media pages to get extra views. You can share your videos on your site and social media pages. Focus more on promoting your site than the actual videos. You can just share your YouTube videos on your well-optimized sites anyway. This way, people who are already on your site won’t have to go somewhere else or watch someone else’s videos.

You can also create playlists on YouTube that consists your videos. This will be one way to get the user’s attention focused on only your content. This will keep your the users’ engagement with your brand longer and it will also help you provide users a better glimpse of what your channel has to offer.

Evaluate and Monitor Your Performance

You can always use rank trackers and YouTube analytics to monitor your performance. You can monitor the performance of your channel and even your individual videos with YouTube Analytics. You’d be able to check where your traffic comes from, the number of views and how many times your videos were included in user playlists, duration of views and interactions for each video on your channel.

Building your YouTube presence may not be easy but it’s going to be worth it. You might not be able to see significant activity for months despite your hard work. Don’t be discouraged and stay consistent about working toward your goals. It takes time, but when you start getting engagement, your YouTube presence will steadily rise from there.

Building a YouTube channel is hard work. You’re likely to see little or no activity for weeks at a time, maybe even months after you start working on it. Don’t let this discourage you. It’s a big platform with lots of opportunities, and if you keep working consistently, you’ll see your views and engagement steadily growing.


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