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Many business owners still question the need for social media marketing. They say their business is doing just fine without the expense and learning curve associated with taking their business online.

Misunderstanding about digital marketing is perhaps a leading cause of the doubt surrounding the idea of going online with a business.

We at The Ad Firm understand the confusion many clients experience when introduced to the concept of online marketing.

Owning and building a business has its challenges. Using accepted techniques tailored to your needs, we help business owners expand their online reach whether they’re new to internet marketing or seasoned veterans of the online space.

We offer digital marketing services for all types of businesses that can really help and improve any business’s online presence on the web. We also have case studies to prove that our marketing strategies and techniques work.

How Our Internet Marketing Services Increase Sales

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As we implement our full-service online marketing strategies and pay-per-click advertising to help your business, you will see an increase in activity and ultimately, more sales.

This doesn’t happen by chance. Our team of internet marketing professionals works with you as we plan the best approach according to your business and marketing needs and goals.

A critical area we focus on is how well your website visitors interact with your existing content and recommend improvements where necessary.

If your website is too new for substantial content, we help you create SEO-optimized content to engage your readers and encourage them to learn more about your business.

Services for Your Growing Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used in the business of attracting readers to your content either through organic search results or by other means.

We also specialize in local SEO. Our local internet marketing services help attract more customers to your location in person or by increasing phone calls to inquire about your business and its specialties.

Publishing content to inform readers is essential to an online business, but it goes much further than lots of pages with pictures.

We craft each page with the reader in mind first, so they receive maximum benefit from the content and then focus on SEO for the search engines.

When your content meets the ever-changing SEO rules, the search engines award your sought-after content with higher placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Our goal for your website is a page one placement, and as high up that page as possible.

Page one and position one placement can dramatically increase traffic to your site, meaning more sales while also improving your web presence.

SEO strategies are only one of many specialized online digital marketing services offered by The Ad Firm.

Web Design

You will hear repeatedly that a website is the first step toward online success. That’s an accurate statement, but all websites are not created equal.

It’s the most important tool for success.

You may wonder what makes a website good, great, or mediocre.

As a major player in the Internet marketing consulting services arena, we know web design.

We build your site so it has the following essential elements required for an enjoyable visit by your readers, and achieves its goals, too.

  • digital marketing ideasAesthetics. Well, designed graphics tell your reader your company is professional and trustworthy.
  • Navigation. Menu items and other navigation tools placed for easy access impress your readers because they will easily find what they need.
  • Content. Without interesting and engaging content, your website goes nowhere. We help you create the best SEO optimized content.
  • Mobile Ready. Our web designers will build your site with responsive design code, ensuring it looks perfect on any device.
  • Engagement. An overriding goal of your website is conversions. We design every page of your site to engage your readers quickly and keep their attention focused on your business. Our intent is having your reader feel compelled to call you or visit your company, converting them from a reader of your website to a customer.
  • Easy Access to Information. People get busy and our job is to make your site an information powerhouse. We accomplish that with perfectly arranged navigation, and we make contact information easy to find to avoid upsetting a visitor who’s in a hurry.
  • Anticipation. Elements of your site help direct your reader to your product or service without hardly a thought. This makes the visit comfortable, without forcing them to sift through loads of information.
  • Landing Page. A landing page is a single page that highlights your products and services and could include a call-to-action. As an example, they are a link in the search engine results that takes them directly to the landing page first, and from there, can navigate to other areas of interest.
  • Branding. Our online digital marketing services will focus attention on branding for your business. Your site is a direct reflection of what your brand should be, and we’ll design marketing materials that match your website and your business location that add recognition and instant credibility for your entire business.

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While The Ad Firm dominates in the local Internet marketing services area, we are a full-service digital marketing agency, too.

That said, it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with unmatched expertise in Internet marketing services for small businesses.

Also, our internet marketing consulting services provide our customers with ongoing help and assistance with every aspect of their journey toward online marketing dominance in their niche.

To know more about our online marketing services, give us a call at 866-243-3049. We are serving on the following locations: San Diego, Carlsbad, Irvine, and Round Rock.

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