Keller Products Inc. Case Study

Keller Products, INC. Rankings and Stats

The graphic shows the details of Keller Plastic’s rankings for the last 4 months.

You can see all the positive movement of the focus keywords.

Most have made it to the first page, and the other keywords are consistently moving up due to our amazing work!

Calls in Month 1

When this client first partnered with us, they were only getting 23 calls a month from organic search.

Calls in month 9

This client is getting great quality leads now.

We have quadrupled his organic calls from when he started with us.

Want to see a case study on how more reviews can increase your business?

Rankings and Stats

Every client is unique, and therefore needs and deserves a unique strategy. We develop a customized plan to fit your exact goals, and adjust as those goals are met.

When you work with The Ad Firm you are working with a scalable, proven model.

Our client’s organic visitors are up 28% from quarter 3 to now.

We have increased the number of organic keywords this client is ranking for by 18% just in the last quarter!

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