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Our Core PPC Services Include:
PPC Keyword Research

Do you know the buzzwords your customers search for when they find your products or services?

We do! Not only that, we will ensure that we are only targeting high-volume keywords searched by potential customers in the Los Angeles area.

We make sure you aren’t spending your money on low-conversion search terms!

PPC Campaign Optimization

Los Angeles PPC Management is more than writing an enticing ad.

A successful internet marketing campaign requires in-depth keyword research, optimized ad copy, an optimized landing page, and expertly structured campaign details. For example, do you like to screen your leads? Then a call-only ad running during your business hours may work for you!

Our Los Angeles-based agency will develop your campaign to hit your business goals.

PPC Retargeting or Remarketing

Like most forms of marketing, internet advertising is a long-term strategy. The first time potential leads see your ads may act more as brand awareness than as lead generation.

A customer is much more likely to click on an ad they’ve seen before!

This is why we use retargeting/remarketing tactics that target users who have clicked on your advertisement and landed on your website. As they say, the second time’s the charm!

Choose The Best PPC Company In Los Angeles

As a business, you might use word-of-mouth or personal references to connect with customers. However, this method is rapidly becoming outdated. This approach is limiting. And here’s a little secret—the sooner you connect with customers online through a pay per click management campaign, the easier it will be to reap digital marketing rewards.

What Is PPC?

Your business pays for each click, based on your budget, from a PPC advertisement that leads an Internet user to your website. For instance, Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC advertising networks. The fantastic thing about PPC advertising is that you will have complete control. If you’re looking to target a national, local, or international audience, PPC ads allow for a fully customizable strategy and budget.

At any point, you choose your target audience and exactly how you want to engage with them. Meaning, you can fine-tune your pay per click strategy (specifically the PPC keywords you’re advertising for) at any time with any sized budget. If your pay per click ads aren’t getting any attention, you won’t be charged—you will only pay each time an online user clicks on your PPC ad.


Below is pay per click benefits for every type of business owner:


Increase Your Sales Funnel

This one applies to all Los Angeles PPC management benefits. Think of Los Angeles PPC management as helping you create a sales funnel: your goal is to create a wide circle at the very top to capture as many customers as possible.

Pay per click management boosts your visibility, which makes that funnel broader and broader. It is up to your PPC management Los Angeles team to ensure that you are persuading them with great offers once they’re captured at the top.

Keep Track Of Your Ad’s Effectiveness

Speaking of traditional marketing, one can never know whether your advertising methods are effective. It is tough to measure which input was the most successful.

You can leave business cards at a local coffee shop, and days later, they’re gone. Does that mean your marketing worked? Or that someone took your ad down to make room for theirs? You will never know. A significant advantage of Los Angeles PPC management is that all platforms come with analytics.

Take the following examples:

You can use pay per click management analytics to see which search terms lead users to your website. These Los Angeles PPC management analytics show how many users are clicking.

Not getting the results you’d like? It is effortless to shift your approach and try out Los Angeles PPC management until you find the right strategies that work for you.

Google Analytics lets us know how many people your Los Angeles PPC agency ad is reaching, and we can tailor the approach. In short, pay per click management provides opportunities to try out different methods and to course-correct when something does not work.

Moreover, you will not waste any money because it is easy to pause and edit Los Angeles PPC agency ads on the fly.

Show Up In Search Engines

Do you think you know more than the WikiHow article that shows up at the top of Google? We think so too! Los Angeles PPC management can help ensure that your business shows up in local search results. But, to start showing up in search page results, you need to have an active online presence.

Claim Your Industry Expertise

When you show up on the first page of search page results through a Los Angeles PPC agency, it will be easy for your customers to find your business in their quest for answers.

From there, your customers can browse your offerings, call you for more information, or choose to follow you on social media.

Boost Local Visibility On Relevant Listing Sites

These days, search engines are not the only place people can connect with local Los Angeles businesses.

Depending on your target audience, your customers may get their recommendations from business listings and referral platforms.

Connect With Customers

If you are an expert in your industry and have something unique to share, pay per click management gives you a platform to showcase your expertise. Depending on whether you are more familiar with video or words, any one of these channels is a great way to start promoting with agency PPC Los Angeles help.

Alongside a Los Angeles PPC agency, you are stepping into your role as a local business leader and establishing yourself with a voice that matters.

Once you get started with Los Angeles PPC agency, it is easy to run sales and promotions that draw new customers. Additionally, pay per click management makes it easy to create analytics that helps build customer relationships.

Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles PPC Expert:

Business owners find it to their advantage to hire a Los Angeles PPC agency for PPC management. It takes time and effort to become proficient with PPC advertising. The good news is that there are plenty of Los Angeles PPC agency options that provide this service.

But before you hire a Los Angeles PPC company, there are several things that you have to consider:

Performance Record

Find out how long the Los Angeles PPC agency has been in business. How many clients do they have? Do they have testimonials?

The Cost

The Los Angeles PPC agency will be charging a fee on top of the actual cost of the campaign. The Los Angeles PPC agency offers “all-inclusive” pricing! The campaign budget is always smaller than you think.

Other Services

What other services does the PPC agency Los Angeles offer? If a Los Angeles PPC agency does not offer SEO, there is a good chance they might not understand how to optimize your ads or landing pages properly. After all, successful PPC campaigns are more than just a crafted text ad!

The Best Los Angeles PPC Consultant Will Base Your Campaign Around Your Needs

Always choose a PPC agency Los Angeles that has a proven record. Stay away from PPC agency Los Angeles that would promise exceptional results with an impossibly low budget. As with all forms of advertising, internet marketing is a risky business that costs money and cannot be guaranteed.

Pay per click advertising is a proven and effective method for getting more traffic and quality, but it is easy to blow through a budget only to get minimal results. Therefore you have to spend time and effort to find the best firm for your Los Angeles PPC Management Services.

Knowing The Basics Of PPC Advertising

There are several things to consider when running a PPC campaign:

  • The goal of your advertisements
  • The keywords you are using
  • Your ad budget
  • Setting up your landing page properly
  • Tracking your ad results
Pay Per Click Management Ad Goals

What are you hoping to accomplish with internet marketing? Are you seeking customers on a global scale, or do you want to target local customers?

Setting transparent PPC management Los Angeles goals is the essential first step and should be established before building your campaign.

If you are seeking customers on a local level, for example, you will have to ensure you are creating your ads to focus on the area where your business is operating.

For example, if you are running a pet grooming business in the Los Angeles area, you need to target the people in only the areas you can service.

Setting up your PPC management Los Angeles campaign requires in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, which is why it is best to use a Los Angeles PPC expert or risk accidentally blowing your advertising budget.

Keywords and Your Budget

Purchasing PPC ads involves bidding on keywords, which tends to be a bit complicated. The more popular pay per click keywords is more expensive because more people are bidding on them.

While a popular keyword would mean a lot of people would get to see your ad, you need to consider its cost.

Part of what makes The Ad Firm the best PPC agency in Los Angeles is our strategy for finding high-volume keywords at a lower price. This strategy is tricky and requires dedicated time and knowledge.

Bidding on the wrong keywords is one of the easiest ways to eat up your budget.

The Landing Page

The landing page is where visitors will end up when they choose to click on the pay per click management ads.

Although the landing page tends to be an afterthought, it is just as crucial as the pay per click ads.

A poorly constructed landing page could waste the traffic that your ads could get.

A PPC agency in Los Angeles that provides top-notch Los Angeles PPC services can craft the best converting landing pages for your campaign.

Transparent Tracking

Tracking is an essential part of a PPC campaign that should never be ignored.

If done correctly, it can help prevent you from spending money on pay per click management that do not work.

You may have to try different pay per click management campaigns before you can find one that is worth it.

This is why it makes sense to hire a Los Angeles PPC management company with expertise in this area.

Computer decorations
Is SEO Or PPC Advertising Better?

With Los Angeles PPC advertising, you can see results almost immediately.

Your traffic can be boosted within hours after launching your campaign. Besides, there is less worry about changing algorithms for Google’s search engine.

That is not to say that one PPC strategy can work for every business, or even that a strategy that does work for you will continue to work for you.

Your PPC campaign will have to adapt to the algorithm that Google uses for ranking pages, called the Quality Score.

A Los Angeles PPC management expert can help you adjust with new formula updates to get a good Quality Score.

Like SEO, certain conditions can shift quickly in pay per click management advertising.

The prices of pay per click management keywords can fluctuate, for example.

A popular PPC keyword that you may have felt comfortable bidding on yesterday may be out of budget for you today.

An upside to Los Angeles PPC is that it is easy to change your tactics quickly.

You can cancel your pay per click management campaign on short notice and even come up with a new one just as quickly.

With search engine optimization, you would have to build right from scratch once you are affected by the algorithms’ changes. This may set you back weeks, days, or even months.

The biggest downside to PPC, of course, is the fact that it would cost money.

Unlike SEO, which is theoretically possible to do without spending a dollar, PPC campaigns require a budget.

There is also no guarantee that you can get positive results after spending thousands or hundreds of dollars.

You can bid on highly competitive keywords and end up with zero results.

One way that you can minimize that risk is by getting the help of a PPC agency in Los Angeles that has experience in Los Angeles PPC management services.

Picking Profitable Keywords

Picking the right keywords is critical when it comes to online advertising. People use keywords whenever they search for something online.

When setting up a campaign, you need to find, not just the keywords that would work, but those that can fit your budget. For a local business, bidding on the most expensive pay-per-click keywords would not make sense.

Not only are those very expensive, but they are not the most suitable ones to use for a small local company.

For example, a personal injury attorney in the Los Angeles area bidding on the keyword “legal service” would be a waste.

That keyword has too much competition, and it’s just too broad. People using that term could be searching for attorneys practicing any area of law, or even free legal information.

Alternatively, they could be searching for a personal injury attorney, but if they are located in New York City, then that does not be a quality lead.

This is where long-tail keywords become useful. These are the less popular terms that people use for more specific searches.

The keyword phrase “personal injury attorney Los Angeles” would be best for the practice.

Identifying the right long-tail keywords is very beneficial in any Los Angeles PPC campaign.

Working with an outstanding Los Angeles PPC Company is your best chance for identifying long-tail keywords that can boost your campaign.

Landing Pages And PPC Ads

A good Los Angeles PPC management firm will tell you that writing enticing ads and picking the right keywords is only half the battle.

Once a lead clicks on your ad, then what? Well, some with some ads (such as call-only ads), this may not matter at all.

But with most pay-per-click ads, they will be redirected to a landing page designed to capture their information or get them to buy a service or product.

The landing page that you will be using will also significantly affect the success or failure of your campaign.

Working on the pay-per-click ads but ignoring the landing page will do more harm to your Los Angles PPC campaign than having poor grammar on your ads themselves.

Why? Because as soon as someone clicks on your pay-per-click ad, you are paying for that potential lead.

So, if they are then redirected to a landing page containing unrelated information or that is not optimized for any PPC agency Los Angeles conversion, you are paying for empty leads.

Your landing page should always connect in some way with your Los Angeles PPC management ads.

Think about it; if you clicked on a pay-per-click ad for a personal injury attorney and were redirected to a page about LSAT tutoring in Texas, you probably would leave that page immediately because it is not the information you were looking for.

On top of having a matching offer, the landing page should be user-friendly and attractive visually.

But the most crucial aspect of the whole page, alongside pay-per-click ads, is to have a clear call to action.

That is where you tell them what you want them to do. Did you want them to schedule an appointment?

Are you asking for their email to add to your monthly newsletter? It is essential for your conversion to tell customers exactly what to do.

ppc management
The Google Quality Score

PPC management is a lot more complicated than using traditional ads.

Google is not merely collecting payment from you in exchange for showing your pay-per-click ads to potential customers.

Google will audit your entire pay-per-click campaign and assign it a Quality Score. In part, the Quality Score is used to determine which pay-per-click ads will be shown and for what price.
For example, an PPC management Los Angeles ad with a poor Quality Score would be displayed at a higher price—if it all.

Meaning, it is not enough that you have a budget for your campaign; your Los Angeles PPC ads should be well-crafted as well, or you risk your ads never being or only being shown for a high price.

Aside from the quality of your Los Angeles PPC management ads and your landing page, Google is also considering your past performance with pay-per-click.

All that is to say, businesses who have been engaged in PPC management in Los Angeles have an advantage over those who are new to it. Give us a call now for your PPC management needs!

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