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Are you not sure your PPC is working? We can save you up to 40% on the exact keywords you are using right now. Our software can tell you precisely what it costs for your business to get a lead or a phone call.

Are you unsure about the kind of advertising that you should be using? Give us a call now, and we will check on what your competition is using. We can also show you how to get sales on various platforms.

Los Angeles Pay Per Click (PPC) is a proven way of driving traffic to your website. It is a tried and tested method used by marketers for many years now.

We work on the accounts of our clients on a daily basis and monitor their budget and the prices on their bids to ensure maximum ROI is achieved. Our aim is to make sure that our clients achieve their objectives.

We have the results to show. Those results are achieved through a complicated approach at working on our clients’ PPC goals.

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Knowing More about PPC

There are several things to consider when running a PPC campaign:

  • The goal of your advertisements
  • The keywords you are using
  • Your ad budget
  • Setting up your landing page properly
  • Tracking your ad results

Ad Goals

What are the goals of your ads? Are you seeking customers on a global scale or do you want to target local customers? You need to establish that right from the start. If you are seeking customers on a local level for example, you would have to make sure that you will be creating your ads to focus on the area where your business is operating.

If you are running a pet grooming business in the Los Angeles area for example, you need to target the people in the city and a Los Angeles PPC expert can help you with that.

Keywords and Your Budget

Purchasing PPC ads involves bidding on keywords. This is the part where things get complicated. The more popular keywords are more expensive. While a popular keyword would mean a lot of people would get to see your ad, you need to consider its cost. It would be a balancing act between the benefits you can get from a keyword and its cost.

The Landing Page

The landing page is where visitors are going to end up when they choose to click on the ads. You should realize that your landing page is just as crucial as the ads. A poorly constructed landing page could waste the traffic that your ads could get. A firm that provides Los Angeles PPC services can craft the best landing pages for your campaign.


Tracking is an important part of a PPC campaign that should never be ignored. If done properly, it can help prevent you from having to spend money on campaigns that do not work. You may have to try different campaigns before you can find one that is worth it. This is why it makes sense to hire a Los Angeles PPC management company that has expertise in this area.

SEO and PPC Advertising

So which one is better? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising have pros and cons.

The main thing going for SEO is that it can be done for free using various methods. The problem with it is that it takes a long time for you can see any results. That and the fact that Google and the other search engines would determine the faith of your site through their algorithms.

With PPC advertising on the other hand, you can see results immediately. Your traffic can be boosted within hours after placing your ads.  No need to worry about the changing algorithms of Google.  But this time, you need to consider the formula that Google uses for ranking pages, called the Quality Score. A Los Angeles PPC expert can help you to deal with those and allow you to get a good Quality Score.

Certain conditions can shift quickly in Paid advertising like SEO. The prices of keywords can fluctuate for example. A keyword that was very affordable today could suddenly become too expensive for you the following day.

The great thing with PPC is that it leaves room for changing your tactics quickly. You can cancel your campaign on short notice and come up with a new one.  With search engine optimization, you would have to build right from scratch once you are affected by changes in the algorithm of the search engines.

The biggest downside to PPC, of course, is the fact that it would cost money. Unlike SEO which is theoretically possible to do without having to spend a dollar, PPC requires a budget. There is also no guarantee that after spending thousands of dollars that you can get positive results.

You can bet on highly competitive keywords and end up with zero results.  One way that you can minimize that risk is by getting the help of a firm that has experience in Los Angeles PPC management services.

Picking Profitable Keywords

Keywords are all important when it comes to online advertising.  People use keywords whenever they search something online. When setting up a campaign you need to find, not just the keywords that would work, but those that can fit your budget. For a small local business, bidding on the most expensive keywords would not make sense. Not only are those too expensive, but they are not the best ones to use for a small local company.

For example, a pet grooming shop in the Los Angeles area bidding on the keyword “pets” would be a waste.  That keyword has too much competition and it’s just too broad.  People using that term could be searching for pets to buy or pet videos to watch. They could be searching for a pet grooming store, but if they are located in Boston, then that does not help the business.

This is where long-tail keywords become useful. These are the less popular terms that people use for more specific searches. The keyword phrase “pet grooming Los Angeles” would be best for the shop. Identifying good long-tail keywords can be helpful in a PPC campaign. Working with a really good Los Angeles PPC Company is your best chance for identifying long-tail keywords that can boost your campaign.

Landing Pages and PPC Ads

But PPC advertising does not end with using the right keywords. You also need to create ads that are well written and geared towards your audience. This would require skill with copywriting. Some certain phrases and terms can have a positive effect, and small differences can play important roles. A good Los Angeles PPC firm would know how to craft ads that can get results.

The landing page that you will be using will also have a huge effect on the success or failure of your campaign. Working on the ads but ignoring the landing page will not help you at all. The landing page should connect in some way with the ads. With a non-performing landing page, you could also lose money because you would have to pay for those who clicked on your ads but didn’t get converted because of the poor landing page.

If your ad is promising people that they can get something for free, then your landing page should be offering the same thing. That’s because your visitors would be disappointed if you do not give the same offer.

On top of having a matching offer, the landing page should be attractive visually. But the most important thing of all is to have a clear call to action. That is where you tell them what you want to do.

The Google Quality Score

PPC advertising is a lot more complicated than using traditional ads. Google is not just collecting payment from the advertisers. They are also ranking the ads and assign scores. They use this Quality Score in determining which ads are going to be shown, so it is not enough that you have a budget for your campaign, your ads should be well-crafted as well.

Aside from the quality of your ads and your landing page, Google is also considering your past performance. Those who have been engaged in PPC advertising have an advantage over those who are new to it.

A high-quality Score would mean you have a better chance of getting your ads displayed, and you would get a lower price to pay.

Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles PPC Expert:

Business owners find it to their advantage to hire a firm for PPC management. It takes time and effort to become proficient with PPC advertising. The good news is that there are plenty of firms that provide this service. But before you hire a Los Angeles PPC company, there are several things that you have to consider:

  • Performance Record – Find out how long the firm has been in business. How many clients do they have?  Do they have testimonials?
  • The Cost – The firm will be charging a fee on top of the actual cost of the campaign.
  • Other Services – What other services does the firm offer?

The best Los Angeles PPC consultant will depend on your needs. It is always better to go with someone who has a proven record. Stay away from those that would promise exceptional results and money.  That’s because advertising is a risky business that cannot be guaranteed.

Choosing a company that provides Los Angeles PPC Management Services is going to be a very crucial decision. Pay per click advertising is a proven and effective method for getting quality traffic. This is why you have to spend time and effort to find the best firm out there.

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