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Relieve your waiting room by offering patient scheduling, automated reminders, automated billing, telehealth & more!

HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine

Virtual visits are faster, cost less, and expand your geography, enabling you to help more people in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Digital Intake Forms

Forget the clipboards and PDFs. Allow your patients to complete intake forms on any device via the web, text, or email.

Group Video & Scheduling

Make group sessions easy with secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing and simple group scheduling.

Telepsychiatry Software

Groups that implement telepsychiatry watch no-show rates fall from 30-40% to single digits for virtual appointments.

Predictive IQ

The only Artificially Intelligent algorithm that predicts no-shows and cancellations before they happen with up to 99% accuracy.

Patient Appointment Reminders

Add smart text, email, and phone call appointment reminders to effortlessly eliminate unwanted no-shows.

Patient Scheduling

Make it quick and convenient for patients to schedule or modify their appointments 24/7/365.

Patient Scheduling

Mend integrates with all the major EHR and PMS software and has advanced API coverage if you need more.

Enhance your website with powerful and relevant blogs, Press Releases, Service pages and More

Get more patients from online marketing

Beautifully designed HIPPA & ADA Compliant websites created with usability in mind.

Updated citations from top sites like Google, Vitals, Facebook & More!

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