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Social Media Marketing Services

An effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

We are a full service SEO agency. Our social media experts can help you establish your business objectives, identify your target audience, create engaging and share-worthy content and finally integrate your social media with all other aspects of your online presence.

We will tailor Social Media Marketing strategies specifically conceived for your brand and your audience. You’ll get fully supported and managed social programs, content planning (and generation), blogger outreach and video distribution among other services that aim to attract new customers and increase your profitability.

Our Social Media Services give you the possibility to connect and share information leading to an increase of the brand’s, product’s or service’s awareness. The results of Social Media Advertising are reflected in the number of re-tweets, shares, comments, likes and views. Social Media Marketing encourages user-generated content from within the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Brand Monitoring

We can help you improve and track the reputation of your business and find out how people perceive your brand.

Social Media Contests

Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest content can increase your traffic in a short period of time. Our experts can help you determine the most suitable type of content and platform for your brand.

Social Media Management

Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We create and customize Social media profiles with quality content and aesthetics that resonates with your brand and audience.

How can an Orange County social media marketing firm like ours help your business grow? Let’s start off with defining what social media marketing really is…

Oxford Dictionary describes social media as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. There are a wide variety of media platforms available to businesses. Depending on the business, some social media marketing options will be more effective than others. Taking advantage of just one social outlet or channel can greatly increase a business’s exposure. Businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from social media marketing; some businesses are built entirely from social networking. It is highly effective and rather inexpensive, with a wide variety of opportunities. Here are just a few of the social networking platforms available.


Facebook for Business

The most well-known global social outlet, Facebook, has 1.35 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2014. There is a plethora of advertising opportunities that our Orange County social media marketing experts are aware of, from just having a business page to a full-scale advertising campaign. One of the greatest benefits to having a business page is the use of their platform-specific marketing analytics called Facebook Insights, which really gives you insight into your target audience and how your posts are performing.


Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a website and mobile application where users create boards to share various images known as pins that can link to a business’s website. Pinterest is great for e-commerce and retailers, if the target audience is primarily women. Pinterest allows businesses to create virtual storefronts with the potential of reaching over 45 million users globally, according to Reuters.


YouTube for Business

YouTube is a video sharing network owned by Google that allows users to upload, share and view media such as video blogs, educational videos and original music videos. YouTube has had such a social impact that it now hosts annual video awards. Businesses can benefit with this media by simply having a short commercial during a video all the way to having their very own channel. When thinking of SEO, YouTube is a major factor in any video marketing strategy. Let our Orange County social media marketing gurus can assist with optimizing those videos for you.


Instagram for Business

One of the most impactful social networking outlets is Instagram. Users can share pictures and videos on a variety of networking platforms. It is the home of social phenomenon such as the “selfie” and “Throwback Thursday”. As of December 2014, Instagram has over 300 million active users, many of them celebrities. It is a highly effective and economical social platform to take advantage of simply by linking a website to the posted images.


Google Plus for Business

Google Plus, a social networking platform linked to Google services such as Gmail, has a major promotional benefit to businesses. Business Insider reports that having Google Plus followers will boost search rankings more than other social networking outlets. It is the background account for many Google apps such as Google Maps and Google Play. This networking platform now has over one billion enabled accounts. Especially, if you are a local business, you will want our Orange County social media marketing experts to get your map listing and page set up the right way!


LinkedIn for Business

As a B2B (business-to-business) social networking site, LinkedIn allows users to create professional profiles and connect with other business executives in the industry. This social platform has great benefits for those seeking employment, recruiters, sales professionals and other business executives. According to Forbes, “LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today”.


Twitter for Business

Twitter is a public media outlet where users send and read 140 character messages called tweets. It was created in 2006 and already has 284 million users accessing the network each month. This social network has advantages such as the “hashtag”, Twitter Analytics and Twitterbots, which are capable of generating mass tweets to influence public opinion. Businesses can use Twitter to curate trending content and get exposure with industry influencers’ audiences.

Savvy business people are always concerned with the return on their investments. With social networking, determining the return on investment is more flexible and less tangible than other channels; however, entirely possible. A business would first have to determine which social outlets would be the most beneficial and then set goals for each platform. Once goals are set, it is time to measure the performance of each to determine if the goals are being met and if a return is being generated. There are a variety of social media monitoring tools and strategies such as mining and competitor auditing, and an Orange County social media marketing firm can help you determine which ones are best to meet your goals. A business executive should sit down with an experienced social marketer to establish the best route for his or her particular business.

It is absolutely crucial for businesses to have a presence on social networking platforms. Businesses are able to connect with customers, reach a target market, gain popularity and advertise efficiently. However, the magnitude of information and available marketing can be overwhelming to a business. To take full advantage of all the opportunities, it is advantageous for a business to consult a social media management company that has experience and expertise with this particular advertising and outreach.

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