Parth Goraniya

Web Designer

As a web designer for The Ad Firm, my core responsibility is to develop designs according to the client’s requirements. Having studied in Australia, I am exposed to various world-class design elements and understand the importance of deadlines in the real-world market. My utmost priority is to help clients achieve their goals, and I closely follow the guidelines my seniors and superiors provide.

What I like most

About my role

I appreciate The Ad Firm for the long-term job security, but, more importantly, I like the opportunity to learn new things, language, design, and SEO courses that continually improves my skill set.

Past Experience

After I completed my studies in Australia, I worked as a web developer in an Australian company for about a year. Since then, I have worked with various American and Australian companies as a web designer/developer before gaining full-time employment with The Ad Firm.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

In my free time, I love hiking and exploring. I do expeditions in extremely cold weather, some below -30°C, at least once a year. Generally, I prefer mountains over beaches.

Team of professionals


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