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PPC Services In Irvine – Take Your Brand Towards Online Success

If you’re looking for reliable PPC services in Irvine, turn to The Ad Firm.

Our team nurtures PPC campaigns to give listings plenty of time to climb the rankings.

There are no surprises when clients work with us because we always share our insights and progress.

Our clients’ success matters to us, so we build long-lasting relationships with them and their customers.

About Our PPC Management Services in Irvine

Every campaign that we create is specifically crafted based on many vital factors.

The main thing that we consider is a campaign’s goal.

For example, if you want to sell more products in a specific category, we’ll create a campaign that includes keywords that reflect those products.

Over time, key campaign goals may change. However, this is never a problem for us because we know how to adjust and adapt to different situations.

We have one very important mission during all campaigns, which is to provide the best service possible.

To accomplish this, we will maintain and monitor a campaign strategically until it ends. If the market or a situation changes, we’ll re-strategize to make a campaign successful.

We Offer Pay Per Click Services For Display Ads

irvine ppc services - The Ad FirmOn a typical search results page, there are always multiple ads that have a similar message.

The best way to get a prospect’s attention is by making your ad stand out.

Images always turn heads when they’re positioned on a page that has text ads.

This is a big reason why display ads are a beneficial form of pay per click advertising.

If you let us design a group of display ads for a PPC campaign, we’ll get your brand noticed.

We know that every business has an identity, so we always utilize graphics that belong to our clients.

To make a display ad pop, we’ll use a client’s product shots, logos, and more.

Remarketing Enhances All PPC Marketing Services In Irvine

Our PPC remarketing service gives our clients an edge when they run promotions.

Typically, when most people visit a website, they won’t buy a product or service right away.

There are several reasons why this happens. Some prospects may be browsing, and others might not have the funds to complete a transaction yet.

As a website owner, you must strive to turn these types of prospects into loyal customers, and a PPC remarketing campaign can help you get started.

Remarketing is useful because it keeps a product or service on a prospect’s radar.

The cycle starts when a prospect visits a page that has a tracking code. This code triggers ads that will display on ad networks around the web.

The most appealing ads can bring previous visitors back to a website tocomplete a transaction.

Brand-Building Pay Per Click Advertising Services That Generate Traffic

video ads ppc irvine - The Ad FirmWhen videos are a part of an advertising campaign, a business’s traffic increases dramatically.

Videos ads produce better results than text ads because they engage prospects. If a video ad has a great message, more prospects will watch it until the end.

We know how to incorporate video ads in strategic ways. If you need more leads, we can set up a campaign that will direct more people to your preferred sign-up page.

We could also create an ad that can help amplify the most important aspects of your brand. Contact us today to get started with your PPC campaign!

Transparency Enhances Our PPC Services

One minor or significant change can impact a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign’s performance.

If key adjustments aren’t made quickly, a business’s traffic and sales could suffer.

We don’t like surprises related to PPC campaigns, which is why we always share all details about every project we manage.

From the campaign management system, our clients can review:

  • Our most recent service tasks
  • All of our communications
  • Details about a campaign’s progress

To provide more peace of mind, we send out reports every month. These reports have accurate information because we pull the data from our analytics software.

We also make it a priority to schedule a meeting with all of our clients with progress reports.

Smart Optimization Helps Us Provide One of The Best PPC Services

Every month, many of the top keywords change. Some keywords will attract more traffic, and others will generate less.

As a result, proper optimization matters as it’s the only way to run an efficient campaign from start to finish.

We’re always looking ahead because today’s trends might lose traction tomorrow.

To stay ahead of the curve, we continuously monitor keywords and rankings.

Then we run tests to figure out which PPC methods work best.

Benefits of Our PPC Services Packages

We provide affordable PPC services in Irvine without all-inclusive pricing.

This means that we only charge our clients for the results we’ve achieved when each campaign is over.

In the online marketing world, experience equals fewer mistakes. We have one of the best PPC services packages because we’ve been in the online marketing business for over a decade.

Also, we’ve enhanced our services throughout the years and formed great relationships with happy clients.

Our Case Studies

We often recommend our SEO services along with our PPC services.

A fire protection team in San Francisco took advantage of this. When the SEO campaign was over, we:

  • Boosted the client’s Google ranking to the first page within two years
  • Lifted the client’s ranking to the top spot for local search terms

An RV company in Orange County also tried our SEO services. At the end of this project, we:

  • Acquired more leads for the client
  • Skyrocketed the client’s listing to the second page on Google for local search terms

Things to Do in Irvine

Orange County, California, has many attractions like the Great Park in Irvine.

This park has a vintage carousel and a large helium balloon.

Another great attraction is Bommer Canyon. There are lush sycamore trees scattered throughout this destination.

Another popular attraction is the Irvine Spectrum, a big outdoor mall located in Irvine. It has a variety of restaurants and clothing stores.

The Irvine Marketplace is another outdoor shopping center that is constantly expanding.

There are also beaches like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, only 20 minutes away.

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