Review Management Software

Review Management Software

Reputation management services used to be the realm of public relations experts, but the expansion of the widespread use of the internet has changed all that. Getting online reputation and review management services is now a must. In order for a business to succeed today, it must have an effective online reputation management system. Failure to use this kind of service could mean the failure of a business.

Reputation management system is mainly concerned with handling the reputation of a business on websites that assess services and products for example, Yelp or Google. The aim is to create a favorable reputation so the services or the products of that business can be recommended to customers.


The history of reputation management systems is relatively short. The internet only became a real influencer at the start of the 21st century. As the internet and the use of social media became more common, companies started to focus on managing their reputation in social media and in review sites.

The popularity of the internet opened up new possibilities for companies, but it also created new problems. It made the maintenance of a consistent brand image difficult. The main difficulty arose from the fact that ordinary people can now influence others about a brand. Social media and review websites give an ordinary person a tremendous power which can make a break a business.

This power of an ordinary person over a business was not there before the internet. A person can influence other people who are immediately within his circle against a business back then, but now he can do the same thing with all his contacts on social media.

The Old PR companies tried to cope with this change, but the new field is highly technical. This left a gap for new types of firms that can provide the best reputation management tools. That’s why The Ad Firm is now offering online reputation management tools and services to companies.


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Why is the online management services or a business so important? Some business owners might be unconvinced that they need this service at all. They might question the necessity of having another thing to pay for. Here are some of the reasons why it’s crucial to manage online reviews and a company’s reputation:

  • The use of effective online review management in Orange County, Irvine, or any other location can boost the sales of a company.
  • It helps to build the trust of your customers in your brand or service. With the help of a powerful online review management software and an effective strategy, your business can have a solid online reputation.
  • You always need to have your best foot forward. When you utilize online reviews management effectively you can show to potential customers the best side of your business.
  • You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to what people are talking about your business. By using our review management software, you can have a quick insight right away.
  • The use of online review services can help you to recruit the best people to help you out with your business. People would naturally want to be associated with companies that are well-regarded and the first thing they would check is online.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should sign up for the review management software offered by The Ad Firm in the Orange County Area. Keep in mind that this is one of the most competitive places in the world to do business. You have to be careful with how you run things.

If you are not using a reputation monitoring software to monitor how people feel about your business, then you could end up losing many customers. You might not even be aware that there are bad reviews going around about your business until it’s too late.


Here is an interesting figure; 70% of people check reviews on the internet about a business before they make a deal with it. That percentage is not likely to go down. In fact, the percentage is going to go higher as people go online even more.

If you have a negative online presence, chances are that a majority of the 70% who will check the reputation of your business will not want to deal with you. That translates to a lot of business opportunities lost. This is why you have to get help from a firm that utilizes an online review software in order to help you out.

Just how powerful are customer reviews in influencing buyers and consumers? If 70% of people read online reviews, do they all trust what they read? You would be surprised that 88% of readers actually trust the reviews they find on the internet as much as the recommendations they get in person from people they know.

That 88% is astounding, because that’s like saying that these people trust strangers who they haven’t met or seen as much as they trust people that they know. This is why customer review management is so crucial these days. Failing to monitor online reviews could cause a business to fail just like that.

Now a review management system is a very necessary tool that every company should have. The problem, ofcourse, is that not everyone would have access to these online review monitoring tools nor have the technical skills necessary to use these tools.

This is where the online reputation management services provided by The Ad Firm can play a crucial role. It can help a business owner to focus on the actual running of his business to concentrate on and leaving the technical review monitoring to the experts.


Sometimes, a business might already have a bad reputation because of multiple bad reviews. That reputation might not even be deserved. If there is nothing done to remedy that, it could cause a business to fail. When people read those bad reviews, they would never want anything to do with a firm at all.

That’s the kind of situation where The Ad Firm and its set of online reputation management tools can really help. The pros behind The Ad Firm understand how the system works and they have done it all before. They know how to utilize their Irvine reputation software in ways that would be most advantageous to a company that’s failing because of poor reviews. They are the top provider of online reputation management reviews in the Orange County area.


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Mastering social media is not an easy undertaking, but if a business can achieve that and use it to change their online reputation, it’s going to be such a big thing. With most of the world using social media now, anything that’s negative about a business that goes viral on social media can be a deathblow to that business.

But what can a business owner do? Running social media accounts is one thing, monitoring the posts that are posted about it online is something else. That’s where the social media reputation management expertise of The Ad Firm can come into play. Social media cannot be ignored now because it plays such a huge roll in the lives of people.


The great thing about The Ad Firm’s services in connection with internet reputation management reviews is that it is tried and tested. The company has been around for several years now and they have helped numerous companies in the Orange County and Irvine area to develop an excellent online reputation.

They have even helped companies that have been suffering because of numerous negative reviews to recover and start over. Now, those companies are doing great. That’s possible with the help of The Ad Firm’s experienced use of their online reputation software.

Turning around a negative online reputation is not an easy thing to manage. The same thing goes to building a good reputation for a new company. It takes a lot of hard work, but they are willing to work with any business that is willing to trust them with their reputation. They know that crafting the online reputation of a company is a huge responsibility and they do not take it lightly.


The Ad Firm is uniquely equipped with the management of the online reputation of companies. The firm has been dealing with internet marketing and helping Orange County businesses to bolster their online presence. It is no wonder that they are now expanding to this field as well.

They also provide real-time social media analytics. This service empowers business owners to know what their customers are thinking right away. They produce detailed reports that can show what’s happening and then suggest relevant actions. Another crucial service that they can provide is conversion rate optimization. They can help a business convert site visitors into actual paying customers in an effective way.

With the experience that they have built in providing crucial internet services, it is not surprising that The Ad Firm has managed to master online reputation management as well.


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