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Are you looking for a San Diego PPC company to increase sales or call leads from your website? We have an experienced team to help you create quality Google pay per click ads to grab your target customers' attention.

What is Google PPC?

Google PPC (pay per click) is a form of advertising that allows you to market your products and services on search engines. It's a cost-effective method of increasing your brand awareness since it has great potential to reach a vast audience. As a result, you need a top-notch San Diego PPC company to get the best out of your campaigns.

We are the best choice for your enterprise to ensure that you get massive traffic to your site to boost your sales margins and other conversions. Additionally, we help you to save on time and costs as you work on getting maximum returns.

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Our Google PPC Services

We provide various services to make sure we effectively manage your Google PPC campaigns as discussed below;

Keyword Research

One of the critical aspects of any PPC campaign is determining the target keywords. These are numerous terms that searchers frequently use to look for products or services on the internet. Therefore, we do in-depth research to know the right industry-related words that best fit your venture.

When we implement the right keyword for your PPC campaigns, we make it possible for you and your target customers to communicate in a similar language. As a result, we make it easier for your clients to find you since the terms quickly grab their attention.

Our team uses several digital tools to get top-notch keywords such as Google keyword planner, SpyFu, and SEMrush. We also get essential details such as;

  • The competitive level in AdWords
  • The amount you need to pay for each keyword
  • Number of people searching for the keywords


Performance Analysis

One of the reasons why we are a valuable digital marketing company San Diego is because we help in performance analysis. We avail detailed results of the number of times visitors clicked on your ad, appearance rate, and the people who hit on it. Therefore, it assists you in determining which ads or ad groups have positive impacts on your business.

We then use the information to make necessary changes in your campaigns that will lead to significant improvements. Some of the essential metrics are impressions, bounce rates, and click-through rates (CTR).

Whenever clients see your ad and tap on it, it's an addition to your CTR. The higher it gets, the more your chances of increased traffic on your site. On the other hand, the bounce rate is the number of users who hit on your ad and leave almost immediately since your site doesn't have the expected user experience. In such a scenario, we help you revise your PPC ads to convert more leads and clients.

A/B Split Testing

Our team ensures that you get the best out of your PPC adverts. Note that setting up a marketing campaign is a good move, but you need to measure up every ad to see if it delivers the expected results. With A/B testing, we help you make a direct comparison among your ads to see the ones that had more impacts with your audience.

A/B testing helps you scrutinize different elements such as headlines, colors, images, and CTAs. We can do various tests for you to come up with the ideal ad copy. Alternatively, we can try varying CTAs to help you choose the one with a higher performance rate. Therefore, it aids in designing the best ads for your future marketing campaigns and make them a worthy investment for your enterprise.

Optimize your Ads

When you have good ad content, it will lure customers to clicking on it to view your site. We are your best pay per click company San Diego to help design ads that immediately grab your target customers' attention.

Here are some vital elements that we focus on;


The title is the first part that viewers see before hitting on your ad. Therefore, we design a pay per click advertising San Diego that compels your target clients to tap on it.

Some of the tips we consider while designing your headline include;

  • We keep in short and still make sure it's relevant
  • We utilize up to date statistics to build trust among searchers
  • We include vital details relating to your company on the ad
  • We list some ongoing promotions such as discounted prices that would attract clients
  • We try to use positive words to create some emotional reactions to readers


The body consists of the main details of what your business sells. Our team avails the best PPC services San Diego; thus, we add relevant images, videos, text, or a mixture of such elements in your content.

Here are some techniques we utilize to ensure your pay per click advertising San Diego stands out;

  • We state vital points that add more value to your ad, such as product features, to entice people to tap on the CTA
  • We maintain relatively short sentences in the ads for a better mobile experience
  • We utilize high-quality visuals
  • We select a minimal ad layout which gives all details in a clear and precise way
  • Our team also tries to add your company logo around the end


CTA is the final part of convincing your target audience to click, buy, or sign up. Therefore, you need an excellent digital marketing company San Diego to get more conversions.

Based on our experience as a San Diego PPC company, we use various strategies to design the best CTA such as;

  • We ensure your CTA button in a visible area
  • We select the best appealing colors that draw attention to your target clients
  • We utilize persuasive verbs that coarse searcher to take action

Types of Pay per Click Advertising Services that we Offer

Depending on your business needs, we can design various types of pay per click advertising San Diego such as;

Social ads

Nowadays, social media ads have become of the most common adverts for any venture. As a San Diego PPC company, we believe it's a great way to assist you in connecting with users on various platforms.

To give you the best PPC services San Diego, we pick the best platform that suits your business from the following;

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

We do a background search on your audience to know which site they visit the most before creating ads. Additionally, different platforms offer varying formats; thus, as a PPC agency San Diego, we select the one that will yield the best outcome for your campaigns.

Social media ads also provide advanced targeting; thus, we can target leads seamlessly as a PPC agency San Diego. Therefore, you can reach the right people interested in your company and have higher chances of clicking on your ads. For instance, when we use Facebook, we aim at users based on;

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Behaviors

Google Shopping

We design Google shopping ads for your company for users to find your products and services. The adverts appear above the search results in a carousel format with details on the products and prices.

These ads give a sneak peek of what your venture provides to clients. It also includes the company name, offers like free shipping, discounted price, and more. Therefore, there is a higher probability that your target clients will spend on you since all vital information is visible even before clicking on the product.

Instream ads

If your target customers watch many YouTube videos, instream ads can be an ideal option in your marketing plans. As a San Diego PPC company, we guarantee quality ads to persuade your customers to tap on them. It offers an excellent opportunity to get new clients, as people always watch YouTube videos.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

If you have collected essential data about your customers, we can design ads to get directly into their Gmail accounts. Your potential customers receive the adverts based on their interests. These adverts appear on top of a user's mailbox, looking like an ordinary email with an 'ad' tag and bold subject line. Additionally, these PPC adverts can reach clients while using either mobile apps or desktops.

Local Service ads

Local service ads are sort after by businesses such as;

  • HVAC companies
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Locksmiths

As a San Diego PPC company, they are among the most straightforward and fastest adverts that we can create for you. We ensure that the ads will appear on specific local queries; thus, we design them with zip code, city name, and neighborhood. Therefore, your local clients will easily find your services on search engines.

We also include your company's name, phone number, operating hours, and star rating on local service ads. Additionally, we add some notable factors from your venture worth your clients' attention, such as the years of experience.

Search ads

These are the most popular types of PPC ads on search results, usually on the bottom or top of Google, usually tagged as 'ad.' While designing search ads, we select the best keywords to ensure that we reach your target audience.

Our San Diego PPC company utilizes long-tail keywords since they have more impacts on search engines. Therefore, it facilitates more leads to your business and maintains low costs per click. It is also an excellent method to use when you want to increase your customer base; thus, it positively boosts your organization's conversions.

Remarketing ads

You may have noticed clients visiting your site but do not end up spending on your products or services. In such a case, you may feel like your lead is not sufficient; you need our San Diego PPC company to craft a quality remarketing ad. These adverts give you a fresh opportunity to convince your customers about your brand.

We create these ads in a creative way that focuses on the previous products and services that customers had viewed. Therefore, it convinces them to reconsider choosing your items and convert them into paying clients. Additionally, it helps get the attention of interested leads to select your company over your competitors.

Display ads

Display ads usually appear on Google's partner websites with a photo and text. Before creating these ads, we search for the target clients whom we then focus on. It helps build on your brand exposure and lure occasional leads that have interest in your items.

Therefore, we are the ideal San Diego PPC company to create the perfect display ads to grow your brand. As a result, more people will discover your products and services.


Why you need our pay per click Advertising Services

You could have heard details about our company and wondered how it would benefit your business. Here are enough reasons as to why you should choose us

We guarantee quick results

Irrespective of how poor you are in your marketing strategies, we will help send customers to your webpage within a short time. We understand that each business aims to get immediate results, and we, therefore, work towards achieving your goals. Our San Diego PPC company will help reach out to your potential customers from where they are and influence their purchasing decision. We accomplish this by putting your enterprise in front of customers directly seeking your products and services. The high level of exposure helps you achieve your business goals quickly.

We Allow Better Tracking

You have the opportunity to measure how many visitors stopped by your page by checking the number of targeted clicks. Also, we can help verify the rate of visitors' conversions into clients. We also keep track of ads placements and keywords to derive what gives you higher returns.

We Provide a Positive Financial Planning

Our PPC advertisement plan offers higher returns on investment than any other method. Remember that we keep you in control of what you spend, and you can limit the expenditure per click. We provide insights into your advertisement's financial performance. Therefore, we ensure that you don't pay more per click than what you earn from a new lead.

We help in Targeting your Advertisements

Before putting out the ad content, we analyze your clients' needs and preferences to select targeted keywords. We then link your ads to the right customers to generate relevant traffic with better conversion chances.

We boost your brand Recognition

Our pay per click company San Diego, will help increase your customer base and make your brand widely known. Note that most customers prefer a well-known brand to avoid scamming. The more relevant your firm appears out there, the more likely that potential clients will make a future purchase. Besides, we offer a broader reach to expand your online visibility and establish your company as a leader.

We Provide Enough data

We offer you an incredible chance to learn more about your business and your competitors'. We avail enough marketing data to help keep up with the competition. Thus, you can adjust your campaigns according to the results to promote your specialties and reach the right customers.

We offer Cost-effective Services

You probably avoid PCC campaigns due to the cost involved. However, our San Diego PPC company is a cost-effective solution. We even let you start small and spend more later when you begin to get results. Remember that you only pay or the number of clicks in your ad, and with our proper allocations, you won't spend overboard. We also help keep unfruitful spending at bay.

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