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We will create, maintain, and re-strategize your campaign! We create your campaign specifically to meet your needs and adjust to fit your goals.

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We track your ideal target and follow them around the web! We turn "potential customers" into "loyal customers."


Our team utilizes your amazing graphics, product shots, and more to create enticing display ads! Stand out against the text and draw in more sales.


Amplify your brand with video advertising. Video advertising is the best way to engage potential leads and convert them to sales.

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Creating PPC Ads and Landing Pages

As we’ve stated earlier, creating effective pay per click ads and landing pages requires a lot of patience and many tests to see what works. Creating compelling content for your ad can be crucial if you’re to get people interested enough to click on your ad.

Creating a landing page for your PPC ad is just as important. Every compelling ad needs a compelling landing page that is exactly what users wanted. Misleading or giving prospective customers a very poor landing page will lead to low conversion results and will cost you more in the short and long term. Not only are you wasting money, but you’re also hurting your quality score.

Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action for prospective customers to know what exactly it is you want them to do. It may sound simple, but a clear call-to-action significantly improves conversion rates.

The best Orange County PPC companies know to add a call-to-action that compels people to click. Check the example below.

How We’re Different Than Other PPC Companies

Choosing the correct PPC agency is a very big decision for any company to make you should know as much as you can of who you plan to hire.

A couple of factors to look for are:


We will grant you access to our campaign management system. This way, you will be able to see our tasks, communication, and progress. Stay in the know with The Ad Firm.


We send monthly reports directly from our analytics software. All of our reports have real, verifiable data. With The Ad Firm, you won't just be seeing what your PPC agency wants you to see; you will see what is there.


Today's "best practices" will be irrelevant tomorrow. The Ad Firm is continually monitoring, testing, and implementing new practices for our clients. This way, our clients are always ahead of the game


Our PPC management is ONLY used for PPC management. No "all-inclusive pricing" or "sponsored ad spend." We only charge you for what we do.


We have 10+ years of experience and the track record to prove it! Read from our happy clients here

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