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Pay Per Click Advertising

There are quite a few things to consider when setting up and monitoring Pay Per Click campaigns. These include The Goal of Your Ads — It could be to sell a product, get opt-ins, get traffic to a video, etc.

If you have stumbled upon our page, chances are, you stumbled across us through a Google Ad we set up using our PPC management experts to allocate who we specifically want to target.

Pay per click (PPC) ads are specific messages you want to say to a specific target audience to get them interested in your products or services. The amazing aspect of pay per click advertising is that you have complete control. Whether you’re looking to target a certain local, national, or international area, you have the choice to choose – going as far as choosing certain demographics as well.

The real beauty of using an Orange County PPC management company is being able to speak and truly communicate with their team to get the most out of your ads. Here at The Ad Firm, we make it a point to know exactly what our client is looking to achieve, what goals they have set, and who their target market is. We want to make sure we get the most return on investment (ROI) out of your PPC campaigns.

Choosing The Right PPC Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of a profitable PPC campaign. Mismanaging your keywords and providing irrelevant content within your ads and website that has nothing to do with your keywords will not only be a waste of money, but it will also severely hurt your Google rankings. The best PPC management companies know that a long-tail keyword, which is a highly-specific keyword like “harley davidson motorcycle repair Orange County,” is the best bet to spend less and increase the potential of ranking number 1 on Google. If you work with an Orange County PPC company, they’ll be able to take into account the context and intent of the user for your PPC ad campaigns.

Bidding, which is how much you’ll need to spend to get ranked high on the chosen keyword, very much depends on the amount of competition bidding on the same keyword and what your quality score is. Google places a quality score on your company for the keyword you’ve chosen, and it’s definitely able to be increased and decreased.

An Orange County pay per click agency can help you increase your quality score with many different PPC strategies.
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Google PPC Quality Scores

Pay per click advertising is more than creating an ad and getting a prospective customer to your website, there are many more factors that affect your PPC campaign. Quality score is one of the most important factors because this is the criteria that Google uses to determine which ads are shown to which visitors. Google’s main priority is to make sure they show ads that are relevant to a user’s search that will answer and solve any questions or issues they want solved. This is why smart Orange County PPC companies advise their clients to create specific landing pages that correlate with the ad they’ve created so that users get what they searched for.

Other important factors that Google considers is your past Google Ads performance and click-through rates, which is how many people clicked on your ad and stayed. This is one of the reasons why it’s very difficult for companies just starting out or have suffered from badly mismanaged PPC campaigns in the past.

A high-quality score will enable you to spend less on Google Ads to rank high on Google. Once you find a formula that works for your business, stick with it.

An efficient PPC management company will know how to improve your quality score to save you money.

Creating PPC Ads and Landing Pages

As we’ve stated earlier, creating effective pay per click ads and landing pages requires a lot of patience and many tests to see what works. Creating compelling content for your ad can be crucial if you’re to get people interested enough to click on your ad.

Creating a landing page for your PPC ad is just as important. Every compelling ad needs a compelling landing page that is exactly what users wanted. Misleading or giving prospective customers a very poor landing page will lead to low conversion results and will cost you more in the short and long term. Not only are you wasting money, but you’re also hurting your quality score.

Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action for prospective customers to know what exactly it is you want them to do. It may sound simple, but a clear call-to-action significantly improves conversion rates.

The best Orange County PPC companies know to add a call-to-action that compels people to click. Check the example below.
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There are many ways to verify if you’re considering a PPC agency that knows what it’s doing, and here at The Ad Firm, we cover all the bases. We’ve attained many of our clients’ real results that are continually rising from the day they asked us for our PPC services. Learn more from our
PPC Case Studies page. We don’t give a one-size-fits-all PPC management package to every client because we know every business is different, just like every industry is different. Our Orange County PPC experts are have been with The Ad Firm for many years and if you’d like to talk to one about PPC and how we can manage growth for your campaigns, click the button below.

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