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With countless articles outlining the best hosting companies, it can be tasking searching the internet for a safe and reliable web hosting service. The problem is each of them has their own opinion, and potentially affiliates are merely trying to lure you into biting the bait.

Without secure hosting, you’re open to potentially the next big hack leaking your user’s data or your business making losses due to your website hosting service provider’s servers crashing.

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Well, these are the advantages and
benefits our clients have been enjoying:

Waking up to a sudden loss of billions is what every business owner dreads. That is why we curate our web hosting services to protect users’ data and websites from attacks, including Denial of Service (DOS) attacks and Domain Name Server (DNS) server hijacking.

  • Our hosting services arm our client’s site with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification to authenticate, encrypt, and decrypt their user’s data as it moves within the internet.
  • We have installed a site lock on all our client’s websites for daily malware monitoring and scanning.
  • We always back up and maintain our client’s sites.
  • Our clients trust us to take full responsibility in case a hack occurs, or their site goes down due to server issues. 

Regardless of the situation, our clients can rest assured we take every measure to ensure maximum web security at no additional cost. We take control and rectify the issue.

Our clients are ranking first due to fast page load speeds since we properly configure our internet hosting services to suit them:

  • We host our client’s websites on Bluehost Virtual Private Servers with 8 Gigabytes of RAM, four cores, and Solid-State Drive storage for optimum performance.
  • We provide our clients with unlimited bandwidth, therefore, reducing the possibility of downtimes to near Zero.

On top of maximum web hosting security and reliability, having our web hosting services help your rankings with fast page load speeds.

Providing marketing space boosts the net income of our clients.

To ensure they do not incur losses, we have installed Pingdom to inform ad firms when our clients’ sites are down. Furthermore, we provide our clients with unlimited site-hosted emails.

At The Ad Firm, we see ourselves as partners to our client’s success. This is why we adhere to a one-call solution to ensure our web hosting services are best suited to them. Should a client needs changes or faces issues, they can call us directly, and we will handle the issues promptly. There are no call centers or hold times.

Call The Ad Firm today and experience a professional, safe, and reliable web hosting service!


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