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Email Marketing

Our email marketing gets you leads, your phone ringing, and sales.

Go Beyond Junk Mail

Want to reduce your spam score – the probability your email will be marked as spam? Increase your email click-through rate?

Build robust e-commerce campaigns with abandoned shopping cart email tactics?

We are skilled in the details. Begin to have real communication and results with your customers.

Connect with customers where they already are, their inboxes.

On average, 247 billion emails are sent daily, and about 98.4% of consumers check their email daily. Don't drown in inbox purgatory, stand out with The Ad Firm.

Let us know what you want to accomplish and we can see if we can help.

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Our email marketing and analytics expertise
bridges the gap between you and your customer.

Personalized Email Marketing Strategies

Our team strategies based on your goals. We then define your target audience and determine their information needs. We broadcast your brand’s value via smartly crafted emails.

Foolproof Email Marketing Campaigns

We create email campaigns to bring sales. Our 24/7 available developers design campaigns that build and bolster your audience. We aim for dramatic shifts in your bottom line.

Easy-to-use Email Template Design

We ensure email deliver-ability with innovative designs and solutions. Our 24/7 available developers provide immediate service and adjustments. We bring your message to life and increase target audience engagement with your brand.

Transparent Tracking & Reporting

We provide step-by-step, granular reporting on every key aspect. This includes statistics on who clicked through your email to your site, where they clicked, and who converted. Our email campaigns bring results and easy-to-understand performance.

How We Make Our Process Work for You

Choosing a Platform

We work within several platforms - Marketo, ExactTarget, JangoMail, iContact, ConstantContact, MailChimp, and Vertical Response, to name a few! Our team will help you choose the best fit for your company and goals.

Email Design

Designing an email that converts well and looks appealing is hard to do. But we'll take it a step further! We create every email with these goals in mind:

Responsive Design:
we create emails to be optimized across every platform and generate superb user experience and conversion.

We aim for full brand recognition through consistency for your customers. We use your colors, your style, and stay true to your brand.

Email Content

Every email created should have a purpose and a goal to achieve. While consistency is vital for engagement, fluff emails are a great way to get marked as spam. Instead, we use intent with every email, such as:

Increased Exposure:
A Refer-a-Friend program with perks for current leads

Reputation Management:
Asking loyal and current customers to write a review
Customer Service: Asking customers and/or vendors to take a survey

Lead Management:
Creating emails that gain insight about likes/dislikes of potential leads

Lifetime Value:
Reminding former customers about your business

Why Should You Choose The Ad Firm?

We back our success with data you can see.

Responsive Design

We offer responsive designs that can be optimized specifically to your customers’ experience – for any device, browser, or email client being used. 51% of emails are opened on mobile devices. We ensure viewability across platforms and devices. Our team loves making successful and results-driven email campaigns.


We aim for full brand recognition through consistency for your customers. Our email branding and layout will be consistent with colors and theme throughout your website. We build content for your business that is consistent throughout all your online properties. Customers will have a landing page across your multiple online properties with the proper calls to actions. And most importantly, these calls to action customers can act on. We target customers for action that leads to sales.
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