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There are various reasons why your WordPress site might experience a drop in load times, including slow-loading images. But, whatever the case, The Ad Firm can fix it and fast to get you back on track.

  • A slow running website can seriously affect your traffic as well as your search engine rankings, and thus ultimately your profits.
  • If your WordPress website has experienced a drop in performance, or you are in the process of building a new website, it is important to get it loading quickly to meet your goals.

In fact, once we determine the cause of your slow loading site, it is not uncommon for our clients to note site loading times of under 4 seconds as opposed to the average 5 to 10 second loading times that could be affecting their business. Reports show that load times over 5 seconds could be hurting your site as the search engine giant itself is quoted as saying that it penalized sites with slow load times with lower Google rankings.

Fortunately, having a slow loading site doesn’t mean you have to take strenuous time and money to rebuild your site to help it run faster. Contact us for more information.

We also offer WordPress Optimization for the following locations:

  • WordPress Optimization Services in Irvine
Complete Website Speed Optimization
Image Optimization

Images are another attribute that can make your site slow to load, which is often a result of large files.

However, by compressing your images, we can help optimize your site without sacrificing the resolution. We can also instantly compress any images you upload to your site later.

Slow loading images can also slow the speed of your site; therefore, we can also install specialized software that enables your images to load quickly, thus decreasing load times, as well as help free up bandwidth usage.

Minimize CSS and JavaScript

Sometimes large or inefficiently placed scripts and styles can cause your site to work harder, which can also affect its loading speed.

To avoid this issue, we can compress and minify all of your site’s scripts and styles and then move them to more efficient places in your design.

We can also include only the most important CSS in your header to help your site load fast.

Our WordPress speed optimization team can also incorporate cache-control into your header, which will enable expiring headers to be ignored so they don’t slow down your site.

Optimize Mobile Design

In order for your site to load on mobile devices, including tablets, it has to have a responsive design.

A responsive design contains appropriate fonts that enable good navigation of your site no matter what device is used to access it.

It also enables good resolution on all browsers and across all devices for a great user experience, which is also needed to maintain your SEO rankings.

We will also check your site for responsive design and then employ the proper techniques, if needed, to help improve its response on mobile devices.

Server Optimization

So often the issue with a slow loading site can be with your server. Therefore, we also enable automatic image compression of your data on your server for faster loading times.

We also strongly recommend investing in website acceleration service. This way, your site’s information is delivered via numerous networks across the globe for faster loading.

Our website optimization company also offers optional optimized VPS servers you can switch to for dedicated speed that ensures your site loads fast.

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Like your car, you probably remember when you first got your WordPress website how well it ran and how proud you were to be its owner, until after some time, it began to run slow and encounter glitches, which in turn decreased the number of visitors to your site due to the negative user experience.

This drop in your website’s performance also likely cost you your SEO ranking, as well as led to a decrease in customer conversions, which put you farther away from your goals.

Fortunately, like your car, it is possible to tune up your site and increase its speed with our WordPress speed repair service that is currently trusted and used by more than hundreds of small and big businesses worldwide.

Or perhaps you are in the market for a new website in which case it is important to have a design that enables your site to load fast. The Ad Firm can help with that too. In fact, our web design services are why we are ranked the best Internet Marketing company.

5 Steps To An ImprovedWebsite

We take each site that we optimize or design seriously because we understand your unique needs and want to help you meet your goals. That is why we test each of our client’s websites first to determine to address your specific issues instead of just applying the same old solution to everyone.


After we have run tests to determine the specific cause or causes of your website’s slow speed, we will then go about repairing the issue, which can simply just one page or your entire site.


During testing, we will use a series of methods and tools, including Google Analytics and WordPress speed optimization plugins to help reveal any problems, after which time we will then use the data to reconfigure your settings to maximize your website program’s efficiency and thus its speed.


If we determine that your server is the issue, or it is contributing to the lag in your website, we will then alert you of our various premium options for addressing the issue.

Maximizing your server’s performance provides many benefits that can also maximize your website’s loading times no matter where customers access your site.


Our engineers also monitor your site 24/7 to prevent future issues. If we detect an issue with your website’s pagespeed, we swiftly move to fix the issue in just a matter of seconds so your site is never down or down for long.


We are also an SEO services website, which means we also offer WordPress Search Engine Optimization consulting for both small and big businesses.

Using our WordPress SEO consulting services, you will also learn various other effective ways to improve your site’s content for more improved WordPress SEO optimization.

So if you are ready to experience all that optimum website design and performance can do for you, please contact our website optimization company and SEO services website for experienced WordPress speed optimization service and more.

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Expand Your Online Efforts With WordPress Optimization

These are just a few of the more than 50 ways we check and enhance your site for speed, and the initial test takes just a few minutes, so we know almost instantly the cause or causes of your issue and can quickly get started.

When you work with our website optimization company, we can get your website loading its fastest yet using various optimization tactics and WordPress speed optimization tools and, in many cases, as soon as the same day, but no longer than 5 business days, depending on the complexity of the issue, for less downtime.

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