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As a top WordPress web design company and WordPress website development company, managing your website properly is our key priority. Our team of WordPress experts has extensive experience in designing, developing, and optimizing custom WordPress websites for clients across several industries.

Our WordPress Website Design Process

The award-winning web design company The Ad Firm has a tried and tested method of designing and developing WordPress websites to be functional and SEO friendly from the launch date! Our design process includes the following steps:

Design Consultation

Meet with your dedicated WordPress Website Designer to discuss your brand, vision, and goal for the website.


Once we know and understand your vision, our team will review the top competitors within your niche to determine what works best for your industry.

Initial Mockups

After reviewing your likes and dislikes, your dedicated team will produce initial mockups for the agreed-upon sitemap.

Feedback & Development

This is your chance to collaborate! We will work together to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and best practices for conversion rate optimization.

Launch & Testing

After all of the revisions have been made and we have final approval, we will launch the site and do extensive testing to ensure proper functionality and responsiveness.

The Ad Firm WordPress Web Design Services


Professional WordPress Development and Design

Since 2009, we have been producing beautiful, high convertising WordPress web designs. This experience has allowed us to deliver sites that contribute to positive results for your enterprise. For instance, a dedicated designer should find the correct SEO-friendly theme for your site. Thereafter, a qualified developer should change the code to customize it to your preferences and business. Our agency combines these functions, creating a site with top tier functionality and design.

WordPress Management

The best way to create a site you are 100% impressed with is through using CSS and HTML. Typically, the WordPress platform carries the majority of technical management. In turn, our WordPress agency comes in to fill in the gaps. This process involves the right content placement and exploring and using the wide customization options of the platform.

WordPress Maintenance

These services are integral to the success of your business’ online space. Like much other software, WordPress releases new updates to further enhance the performance of the platform. These changes directly affect your site’s aspects. Therefore, it is crucial that the site runs smoothly while these changes take place and effect. We will create backups to protect your data.

Content Writing

As part of our web design packages, we include services for updating your site’s copy content. This may include blog pages, product reviews or blogs about the services offered. The agency aims to create and develop a brand in a thoughtful and insightful manner.

WordPress SEO

One of the most commonly known advantages of the platform is that WordPress is one of the best CMS for SEO. Our WordPress experts utilize the tools provided by the platform to boost your site search performance. In other words, the core of The Ad Firm’s WordPress design and development service is creating and maintaining sites that are built for online marketing.

Custom Digital Marketing Framework

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Have you thought about designing a WordPress site with the aim of using it as a lead generation tool? If yes, our agency package entails CRO strategies that put emphasis on reducing or preventing any friction in your site. This process ensures maximum serviceability. Trust us to lead your site visitors to your sales section using smooth interfaces and user-friendly browsing experiences.

Technical SEO

Arguably, web design services and technical SEO go hand in hand. These systems work to ensure your website is mobile responsive. They also ensure the site has an optimized infrastructure for indexing and search engine crawling. For this reason, all of our WordPress web design projects include auditing URL structures, header tags, sitemap and image alt attributes for peak usability.

WordPress Custom Website Design

The Ad Firm’s WordPress optimization experts specialize in creating customized SEO-friendly designs for your site. Our expert designer will work with you to create a functional site with powerful plugins that further enhance site performance.
Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services

WordPress Website Hosting

For clients looking for a one-stop agency, we offer hosting services. You can rely on our support services 24/7. In addition, we monitor and protect your data from external attacks while simultaneously providing fast page load times. In the event that your site is hacked on our servers, we will fix it for no additional cost.

ADA Compliance Services

Our agency pledges complete compliance with the Act Standards for Accessible Design, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) best practices. The company prioritizes presenting your site optimally to disabled persons by using captions for videos, various navigation options and audio descriptions. Our WordPress developers are trained in providing the best practices to keep your website inclusive.

WordPress Website Audit

Naturally, third-party and other software updates will affect your site in different ways. Sometimes, some results may go undetected, even by our expert WordPress web designers. Because of this, our agency offers around-the-clock support services to find any threats that prevent peak site performance.

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Why Your Business Should Use WordPress Website Design

Here’s a brief summary of the top reasons why you need WordPress development for your site:

WordPress Website Design Flexibility

By using WordPress website designers, you get access to a fully customized site platform, ideal for creating any website in the internet today. Every WordPress website design project includes a style consultation with a dedicated WordPress website designer to ensure that your vision is translated into your website.


Powerful WordPress Website Plugins

Over the years, WordPress has developed the tag ‘simple visual editor,’ primarily because the degree of its web development WordPress and design capabilities are vast and flexible. Using plugins, our experts can also add eye-catching elements like custom forms and visual sliders. More plugins collectively work to ensure the complete functionality of your site.


SEO-Ready WordPress Web Design

The entire platform is structured to ensure site optimization is as easy as possible. You can easily add or remove your keywords, add metadata and optimize embedded images with texts. These additions create a solid SEO foundation that Google rewards with higher search rankings.

Speak With One Of Our WordPress Experts To Discuss Your Project Scope For FREE!

The Importance of Hiring a
WordPress Website Design Company?

The common understanding is that WordPress is user friendly and easy to use. In essence, you don’t need to be a WordPress expert to use the platform. So, why should you hire WordPress web design firms if you can do it yourself?

Keep in mind that the overall goal for creating a website is to increase the amount of traffic and ultimate leads for your business. Therefore, it is crucial that your services and systems stand out from other competitors. This process will make you easily noticeable to your target audience.

To effectively achieve this, it takes more than standard templates and basic plugins. In addition, it is probable that your competitors are using other WordPress agencies to give them a competitive edge. Therefore, to at least level the odds, you should use our experts as well.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a comprehensive summary of why you should hire our agency for developing your WordPress site:

The Importance of Hiring a WordPress Website Design Company
Experts at our agency have years of experience in WordPress website development that cannot be compared to using the basic themes and plugins for your site. An experienced WordPress designer can create or recreate your website efficiently. Moreover, any changes or additions made take place in the shortest time possible, so your site is up and running as soon as possible. These factors combine to ensure maximum efficiency when working with our experts.

As explained above, WordPress provides its users with over 5,00 themes and plugins to allow for a customized site. This variety is the reason why despite the platform hosting many websites on the internet, they are distinctly different from one site to the next.

Our agency will create your website, keeping your brand, target audience, and other factors in mind. This process is important to guarantee the best online representation for your enterprise. We will schedule frequent meetings with you to fully understand your vision. Our chief goal is to go above and beyond your expectations. Our team of experts will work together to actualize this objective while simultaneously setting you apart from other competitors in the industry.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing for experts is that you don’t have to worry about every tiny detail in the building process. That is our job as we ensure your website meets your expectations. Nonetheless, you are allowed to manage the overall process. This process looks like communicating with your website developer for any changes without risking unwanted changes to the site. After completion of the project, our agency still offers extensional services. When working with us, you don’t have to worry about any issues with your site because you have a team of experts at your beck and call.

A common assumption is that the work ends after a good site has been developed and designed. There are many additions needed to keep the site running and effective. These include an SEO tool foundation, ensuring mobile responsiveness at all times and fast page load speed. As mentioned earlier, these include some of the extensional services our agency offers.

It is crucial that all these strategies are integrated into your site as it is being developed. Moreover, they should be regularly checked with time to ensure no challenge or problem with the site. We understand that having a good and functional website is imperative. Most clients, if not all, desire a website that is a good representation for their business. However, the quality of your website is directly proportional to the caliber of the WordPress design company you chose.

Good news is that our agency has WordPress expert designers and developers ready to bring your vision to life. Schedule an appointment with use today and we shall start the journey towards creating a suitable online space for your business.

Choose The Ad Firm as Your WordPress Website Design Company

There are many WordPress design companies, so choosing the correct design company will either make or break this goal. Here’s a compilation of key reasons why you should choose The Ad Firm as your WordPress design company.

The Ad Firm has expert workers in different fields like digital marketing, social media, pay-per-click, SEO and more. We do this to create a holistic approach to delivering our developing and designing services for our clients. As a result, working with us will give you the benefit of our full-service system at a flexible budget.
We prioritize your unique enterprise goals or objectives while creating your website. For this reason, the approach we use for one client may vary with another customer due to differing business goals. Some objectives maybe increasing leads, selling products and improving brand identity. Working with specific goals serve to realize a high-converting site for your venture.
One of the biggest advantages of working with our agency is that we have experience in driving sales. For example, we can easily include your marketing needs in the web design pricing. Our developers and designers will also induce calls-to-action (CTAs) and make page navigation simple making the site user friendly. These concepts work together to boost your product or service sales within the online platform.
We understand that your website is the brand of your business. This platform is also the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategies and successful imaging campaigns. For these reasons, we integrate tracking tools and advanced site analytics that collect relevant data regarding site performance. From this information, we generate reports that show your performance over a period of time. This process is part of our maintenance services after developing and designing your site.
The secret to being successful is keeping up to date with the latest trends and technological updates. Our experts are updated in terms of WordPress designing and developing systems at all times. We also check for significant changes like ADA guideline fluctuations, algorithm changes and software updates. Consequently, our team will constantly strive to establish your position as the industry leader.
Our principle is that we don’t make unreal and false promises. Prior to beginning the project, we have a meeting with our client to discuss the project and its needs. After that, we set a realistic timeframe that is mutually agreed upon.
Choose The Ad Firm as Your WordPress Website Design Company

Speak With One Of Our WordPress Experts To Discuss Your Project Scope For FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The platform is updated much more than other content management systems. The regular updates add to the security of all websites on this platform. In other words, with every platform update, there is an increase in security of WordPress websites.
CMS refers to a web application or content management system (CMS) that allows the admin to add or remove pages, edit the pages and manage the overall website. CMS refers to the backend of the website that only the admin accesses.
Plugin refers to piece of code that exists and adds certain functions to the website. These plugins will allow the website to do more than what WordPress system offers. External plugins can either be paid or free. The cost depends on the complexity and functionality desired by the user.
Yes. Platform updates are necessary to maintain the security of your s
The platform’s CMS allows even the technically challenged folks to make any changes they desire. You can edit font type, size, color, web pages, embedded videos and pictures and hyperlinks. If you didn’t see your question above, just contact us and we shall answer all your questions regarding WordPress design and development.

In general terms, WordPress is a website creation tool. It powers at least 38% of the web. In other words, 1 in 3 sites relies on WordPress services and products.

This platform has grown in popularity over the years due to its user-friendly and easy-to-understand design. During its creation, the primary vision was to create a digital space for users to share their stories at will. Therefore, developers ensured that the software had standard themes and plugins for all. You can also modify the provided code to fit your custom needs. For example, you can rely on the WordPress code for commercial purposes without the licensing fees. This feature saves the client’s budget.

In more technical terms, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and open-source software that powers:

  • Applications
  • Complex portals
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Enterprise websites etc

Themes give the site its visual appearance, while plugins ensure the functionality of the site. Plugins may include installing tools like search engine optimization (SEO) and adding a contact form. A WordPress designer will focus on your branding and other visual aspects, while a WordPress developer focuses on the code for your site.

When working with experts, the possibilities are endless when making a WordPress site. The overall goal is to ensure that your site receives more traffic and eventual leads. It is important to note that using the WordPress foundation compared to creating code from scratch will save you time and money.

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