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The Ad Firm has been helping our clients in boosting income and building new consumer bases through focused, intelligent, and data-driven internet marketing strategies since 2009.

In terms of eCommerce marketing services, we provide customized solutions that fit your business model and growth goals. Investing in the services of an Award Winning ECommerce Digital Marketing Company can allow you to considerably improve sales and accelerate the growth of your eCommerce business. To aid you in expanding your online business while keeping consistent results, The Ad Firm provides a comprehensive suite of eCommerce marketing services.

Our E-commerce Marketing Process

Work with our web designers every step of the way, from inception to completion!

Brand Discovery

Before we can begin building a high-performance digital advertising campaign for you, we must first understand your brand, industry, target demographic, and company’s goals. The process begins with the discovery of a brand’s identity. The completion of this step occurs before the launch of any marketing campaigns.
Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services


After learning about your business and sales goals, we’ll design a strategy that matches your requirements while remaining inside your target budget. First and foremost, we consider channel selection to guarantee that your internet marketing is reaching your clients in the places where they are most likely to be located and that you are taking advantage of the most profitable changes as soon as they are discovered.
Custom Digital Marketing Framework

Tracking Implementation

We ensure that you’re capturing the most vital e-commerce data feasible on your site while also limiting the number of orders, checkout drop-offs, and income generated by your site visitors. Besides the standard tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and more, we also implement heat mapping software to track how users engage with your site. This allows us to make quick changes to generate fast results.

Ongoing Optimization

Optimization must be carried out constantly; it is not a “set it and forget it” strategy, as commonly believed. We keep up with the times, continually refining and growing your digital marketing activities to maximize your return on investment and your sales volume.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Why E-Commerce Businesses Need E-Commerce Digital Marketing

There is a positive shift in the direction of eCommerce digital marketing’s influence.

There are a few reasons why e-commerce brands have so much success-

  1. They have amazing products that people want to buy online
  2. Their products are priced fairly
  3. They have an expert marketing team that lives digital marketing, to find and deliver the audience to make the online purchases.

Digital marketing must be the growth engine that drives both sales and earnings in e-commerce to be successful.

Utilize the services of an agency partner who specializes in performance analytics and scaling to boost e-commerce traffic, orders, and income. A top marketing firm in the e-commerce business, The Ad Firm is known for its ability to build effective marketing programs for its strategic and high-performing clients.

Whenever it comes to building online stores, we understand the contrasts between basic and conventional efforts and the most effective marketing strategies that can be implemented today. When it comes to online businesses in their early stages of growth, we put our experience, platforms, and resources to work to produce remarkable outcomes. This is the first and most critical phase in our strategy, which we refer to as hyper-targeted marketing.

Greater attention is placed on our clients’ ideal customers, which results in increased sales while spending less money on advertising and marketing. How do you go about reaching this aim most effectively? Depending on its specific needs, a range of traffic-sculpting tactics is available for use with each advertising channel.

Why E-Commerce Businesses Need E-Commerce Digital Marketing

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Types

With The Ad Firm, you are genuinely getting the most outstanding web design services in Irvine.
Ecommerce Digital Marketing Types
SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on terms that create more traffic to websites. Our team of SEO Experts has extensive knowledge of SEO for eCommerce businesses, so we know what it takes to produce results. SEO is a popular digital marketing strategy for ecommerce sites because not only does it generate great results, it has the best ROI. Unlike other forms of marketing, prolonged SEO efforts will start to compile and make the website itself stronger. Meaning SEO efforts needed to generate leads for your 10th line of products, may be just a fraction of the efforts needed to generate leads for the first product line. The best part? Besides the monthly maintenance, business owners are not paying anything additional per lead that is generated organically.

Google Ads will be used to target traffic that is currently searching for your products within Google. There are even a few different Google Ad platforms within Google!

Shopping Ads

These are ads that appear on the search results page that allow users to purchase items from your online store directly through Google.

Display Ads

These ads appear as image ads across Google Partnership sites. Typically, Google Display Ads are used in remarketing campaigns. This means that the audience that sees these ads have already interacted with your website.

Video Ads

These are ads that play on YouTube before videos. These ads are an excellent way to showcase multiple products at once.

Google Search Ads

These are the most common Google Ads. These ads require a robust negative keyword list to reduce unnecessary traffic. We can also leverage Audience in-market audiences and additional demographic targeting for our consumer persona to deliver a more tailored experience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising that targets audiences of similar competitor companies, interest-based audiences, exclusions from audiences, pixel-based audience targeting, demographic and geographic targeting, and other sorts of audience targeting is used to target audiences on the social network.

A site can only sell if it’s functional. The Ad Firm specializes in designing sites that are easy to navigate and make purchases. Whether you are using WooCommerce or Shopify, improper functionality of a site could be what kills an otherwise successful campaign. Think about it, why would you spend so much time, money, and effort to make a sale, just to make it difficult for the customer to make the purchase.

The Ad Firm has designed hundreds of ecommerce sites with aesthetics, brand, conversion rate optimization, and functionality at the forefront.

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Necessary Components of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy For Ecommerce Sites

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Marketing

One advertising channel is no longer sufficient for reaching many potential customers. Therefore, The Ad Firm provides various services to its clients, such as sponsored search, paid social advertising, search engine optimization, and display ad management, among others.

Proper Audience Targeting

Marketing to the audiences that are most likely to make a purchase is the most successful technique for obtaining a high return on investment. For example, suppose your company is in the business of selling high-end Italian designer furniture. In that case, you might be tempted to place a bid on a phrase such as "designer furniture" on Google Ads to increase traffic to your site. But you may have made an error here. You might want to take the time to consider the reality that that is an enormously crowded, competitive, and only moderately helpful phrase. Understanding buyer intent in search terms can save your company valuable ad dollars. Even though there is less competition, targeting a more precise demographic at a cheaper cost per click than the alternatives can generate better results.

Optimized Landing Pages

To be successful, landing pages must be implemented, analyzed, and continuously optimized. If your eCommerce marketing agency does not advise you on landing pages, you will only be bringing visitors to the 50-yard line and not any farther. Consider this: if you can boost your conversion rate from 2 percent to 4 percent, you can more than double your revenue without increasing your advertising spending significantly. With our clientele, this is something that we see daily.

Sell More in the Checkout

Order bumps and add-ons are effective tactics for improving the average order value of your consumers. The upshot of our collaboration will be the development of high-converting upsells that customers will be keen to include in their purchases.

Acquisition + Retention

When acquiring and retaining consumers, always remember to "love the one you are with." When developing a client acquisition plan, keep in mind that customer retention marketing methods should be employed to keep customers loyal to the brand.

Quality Assurance

Unlike other companies, we require continued quality assurance. Regardless of the client or goal, we know that broken functions are ultimately our responsibility. We prevent these issues by performance checks such as real-time reporting, broken-link checks, site audits, and more.

Continuous A/B Testing

Even though a well-designed landing page may turn visitors into buyers, conversion optimization also requires audience-specific messaging, A/B testing, and frequent updates, which are overlooked by most eCommerce marketing teams.

Speak With One Of Our eCommerce Professionals Today To Discuss Your CUSTOM Quote!

The Ad Firm Offers More Than The Other Digital Marketing Agencies

The Ad Firm has been helping our clients in boosting income and building new consumer bases through focused, intelligent, and data-driven internet marketing strategies since 2009. In terms of eCommerce marketing services, we provide customized solutions that fit your business model and growth goals.

As a strategic partner for growth, to better serve our clients’ businesses, many e-commerce marketing agencies choose to work in silos on the digital channels in which they are involved. However, The Ad Firm’s strategic consulting services are delivered through a range of channels to aid you in growing your company.

For this reason, we are considered the best-in-class digital agency across all e-commerce marketing channels. We give our clients complete service and complete funnel e-commerce marketing solutions. This means that you have to deal with a single team to manage everything from PPC to to e-commerce SEO to social media advertising to conversion rate optimization, web design to content marketing, etc.

With The Ad Firm as your eCommerce marketing agency partner, you’ll be able to accomplish outcomes above and above the ordinary. Many years of experience, tried-and-true processes, and cutting-edge approaches distinguish us from the competition. One of the keys to our success has been the total optimization of our sales funnel. Therefore, rather than simply raising traffic through adverts, we can also aid with conversion optimization on landing pages, give extensive performance data, and design eye-catching advertisements to increase visitors. As a result of our understanding and control over the purchase funnel, we will be able to optimize all areas of it while also developing personalized experiences for distinct target personas.

The Ad Firm Offers More Than The Other Digital Marketing Agencies

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

To advertise a product intended for an extremely small number of people is sometimes much more difficult than marketing to a huge number of people, at least at the beginning. Having a clear understanding of our niche audience and targeting them with pinpoint accuracy allows us to reduce ad spend waste while raising conversion rates because we are only reaching those interested in what we have to offer. We have clients in extremely small but lucrative markets that do very well with ecommerce digital marketing. It just depends on if the audience is there, if they are, we can find them.
In addition to pre-launch enterprises, crowd-funded startups, and large corporations, we also work with smaller brands to build their brands from the bottom up. However, it is necessary to be functioning at a current scale and with an adequate budget to engage effectively with an agency such as The Ad Firm. If you are unsure about the budget, feel free to give us a call!
Using each channel should be done at a specified time and in a particular location. Advertising on Pinterest is extremely beneficial in weddings, interiors, and beauty products, to name a few. When it comes to discovering new product categories, Facebook is the most effective platform currently in use. For websites that have a huge quantity of material and require results to be accessible over a longer period, such as e-commerce websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is a good investment. It is always successful to use paid search marketing to promote a product. Our strategists collaborate with you to design a digital marketing plan that is fit for your brand and product offerings.
A multitude of different circumstances can cause ineffectiveness in eCommerce marketing firms. Many people do not grasp the funnel or how to create a thorough digital marketing strategy. Even if they are adept with Google Ads, they may lack knowledge of conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, site analytics, or sales copywriting, making them unable to put all of the pieces together and drive commerce over the internet. Suppose you have already worked with an eCommerce marketing agency that built an ad account or SEO program for you. In that case, we will provide you with a free audit to assist you in identifying any weaknesses.


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