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Why Your Business Needs
Online Reputation Management

In today’s market, almost all potential leads will be swayed by online reviews. Even the best company can be destroyed businesses overnight by malicious reviews; it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your online reputation. That’s where The Ad Firm leading online reputation comes in! No matter your profession or industry, being able to eliminate reputation management problems before they happen is a vital part of protecting your brand image and/or the brand image of your business.

In addition to correcting negativity surrounding your brand, online reputation management also allows you to specifically highlight your brand’s strengths. This allows you to present your brand in the best light possible so that you can build trust, credibility, and respect among your target demographic and beyond. By eliminating the negative and highlighting the positive, your brand image will become stronger than ever and function as a powerful marketing tool.

Taking charge of your online reputation is a proactive marketing strategy that allows you to better control your brand image. In doing so, you can better leverage your brand’s reputation to draw leads, prospects, and potential customers into your sales funnel. To put it simply, the better your brand image, the more people will want to do business with you and the more revenue you will generate as a result.

Why Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management

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What Does Your Online Reputation Say About Your Business?

There are many ways that your online reputation builds over time. Social media accounts, websites you build, your shopping history, and photos you share all add up to paint a picture of you online. Your online reputation can be positive or negative. However, without the proper knowledge, you may not even be able to tell the difference.
To get an idea of whether or not your online reputation is working for you or against you, you need to look at several key indicators. These indicators not only give you a better idea of whether your online reputation is positive or negative, but they also give you more control when it comes to shaping your online reputation as you see fit. Let's go over these indicators and take a look at why they're so important when it comes to controlling your online reputation.

Negative Indicators

Past negative reviews are two of the most common negative indicators when it comes to your online reputation. While it is impossible to guarantee the removal of negative reviews, they can quickly become pushed out of site with an influx of positive reviews. One bad review is quickly ignored when there are 50x more positive reviews to read!
Images, videos, and photos associated with your business online may be harming your online reputation. At The Ad Firm, we can control your online profiles not only optimize them for your potential leads but also the search engines!
In some cases, it isn’t what you say or post that can damage your online reputation, but rather what others are saying that’s the problem. This could be negative reviews, malicious reviews from competitors or former employers, or even unanswered questions online. Regardless, this kind of information is damaging to your online reputation. The good news is that our online reputation management experts know how to find damaging information and advise how to turn it around according to online best practices.
While it may seem odd, not having an online presence or reputation can be just as bad as any of the negative indicators on this list. This is because people will oftentimes assume that your business simply doesn’t exist if they can’t find any information online. Because of this, if your business doesn’t have an online reputation, then your online marketing efforts have likely either failed or are simply nonexistent. In either case, a blank slate is easy to fix and something that we accel at. Building a positive online reputation for you from scratch can show potential employers, customers, business partners, investors, and schools that you’re someone they want to associate with.

Positive Indicators

One of the biggest positive indicators when it comes to online reputation management is making sure that your online reputation is continuing to grow! There is no such thing as “good enough” since searchers are looking for the most recent up-to-date information. Even if your business has 100 5 Star Reviews, if the last review was from several months ago, this may be seen as a red flag.
Making sure that all of your information online is updated and accurate is very important. This will keep people from becoming confused when they search for you or your business online. On top of this, having inaccurate information can cause others to become confused or suspicious of you. Since it can be a chore to keep your information updated, having an ORM service like The Ad Firm do it for you is an easy way to make sure that you’re always checking the box for this online reputation indicator.
It is important to respond to ALL reviews (yes, even the bad ones!) in a timely manner. Keeping Positive responses is going to play a big role in how others perceive you and your brand. Making sure that you’re regularly responding to reviews with helpful, and insightful content is a great way to build trust and authority since it allows you to showcase your expertise in your niche.
For businesses, this means making sure that you engage in consistent branding both online and off. You should also have your contact info and address updated as needed. Creating confusion by having inconsistent branding can lead to lower conversions and less revenue generated overall.

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What Businesses Should Use ORM Services?

These days having an online presence is mandatory for virtually all businesses. This can be a double-edged sword as not only does it allow you to reach your target demographic more easily, but it also makes your business vulnerable to negativity spread by trolls, disgruntled employees, and unsatisfied customers. The good news is that online reputation management services can bury this negativity under a deluge of positive comments, reviews, and social media posts that present your business in a more favorable light.
What Businesses Should Use ORM Services

Professional ORM Services Are Most Beneficial For:

In professions in which you are the face of your business, such as politicians, doctors, lawyers, and consultants, online reputation management services are indispensable. Since you are the entirety of your brand in careers such as these, being able to shut down any negativity ASAP is extremely important.

On top ousinge to use ORM to highlight your positive characteristics will strengthen your brand and h you to get higher-paying clients. You will also be able to attract more customers, negotiate better deals, and generate more revenue in general. This makes ORM an incredibly smart investment.

The days of businesses being faceless corporate entities are over. Every business should have a brand, and a brand should have a personality. Whether you want to present your business as serious and smart or laid back and fun, ORM can help you to better communicate your brand personality to your target demographic.
For Business owners looking to sell their business, a great online presence can build a positive online track record for potential buyers. Along with sales and marketing plans, potential buyers like to see that a business is flourishing in it’s online community. With an ORM firm working for you, you can be assured that when a potential.

What Are Professional Online Reputation Management Services?

Online reputation management, or ORM for short, is the act of controlling your online reputation. However, there is much more to it than just asking clients for good reviews. Instead, an online reputation management firm will work to create a comprehensive online profile for you or your business so that whenever anyone looks you up online, they’ll find the information you want them to find. In other words, it’s about presenting you or your business in a way that’s positive, engaging, and respectful.

Imagine owning a consulting firm and the first thing that comes up in a Google search for your restaurant is a hoard of negative reviews. Maybe most of them have been posted by a disgruntled employee, and maybe some of them are genuine. In either case, this is going to hurt your business more than you can imagine. Now, instead of a horde of negative reives being the first thing that comes up in the search results for your business, what if they were positive reviews? If this were the case, you would certainly attract more new customers and make more money.

Reviews across all of your niche’s review sites, come together to create an online snapshot of you and/or your business. This is your online reputation, and it can be a powerful force that either helps you professionally or ruins many opportunities that you would have otherwise had.

Also, consider the fact that matter who you are or how “clean” you think your online reputation is, you can be targeted by smear campaigns that can ruin it practically overnight. Thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, you may never catch the ones responsible. However, you can fix the damage thats’ been done and prevent further damage with help from reputation management companies.

In a nutshell, ORM services are both preventative and reactive. If your business has been plagued by negative reviews, your reputation managers will instead create positive content to bury it so that it will never see the light of day when people do an online search for you or your business.

Perception is reality, and ORM services give you control over how others perceive you, your brand, and your business online.

What Are Professional Online Reputation Management Services

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Why It's Important To Monitor Your Online Information

Complacency is the worst enemy when it comes to maintaining a positive online reputation. Given how fast negativity can spread online, you could find your brand under attack and buried under a mountain of harmful information overnight. The worst part is that this can happen through no fault of your own. Disgruntled employees, malicious trolls, former business partners, former friends, and unsatisfied customers that blow things out of proportion can wreak untold havoc on your brand image very easily online.
Since things can go wrong so quickly when it comes to your online reputation, it's extremely important to monitor it regularly. This will allow you to react to this kind of negativity when it happens so that you can keep it from blowing up and ruining your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reputation management has been around since the first review site came into existance. There are major benefits to be gained from controlling your online image and using it as leverage in business.
Traditional reputation management has been used extensively in the past by businesses, politicians, and even entire countries to control how they are perceived by others. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, practically anyone can build a positive image for themselves online. Businesses large and small greatly benefit from ORM. A business’ brand image is something that takes time to build but can be destroyed very quickly under the right circumstances. Having tight control over that brand image using online reputation management allows a business to have greater appeal to their core demographic while at the same time eliminating anything that could tarnish their reputation before it can do serious damage. This makes hiring an online reputation management firm one of the best investments that a business can make.

Online reputation management is a process by which an individual or business takes control of its online image and personal brand. This typically revolves around two key actions: building positive reputation indicators and eliminating negative reputation indicators. The goal is to make it so that when anyone searches for you or your business, they see only the information that you want them to see. This allows you to present yourself and/or your business in a way that is consistent with your brand so that people will have a more favorable opinion of you.

When you consider how easy it is for your reputation to be tarnished online by others or by careless posts and content you’ve released in the past, it becomes clear that ORM should be a major part of your branding strategy. In fact, many public relations firms and publicists make good use of online reputation management to build and maintain positive online reputations for their clients.

While ORM is all about controlling your public image online, what you have to remember is that all the positivity in the world can be instantly erased by a single instance of negativity if it gets out of control. Businesses have lost money and customers over negative reputation indicators online. In some cases, these businesses were never able to recover and had to file for bankruptcy.

This massive damage potential of a negative online reputation is what makes reputation management services so important these days. Being able to handle negative situations quickly and efficiently can keep your life and/or your business from crumbling down around you

Yes, but also no. While many of the simpler tasks involved in online reputation management can be done by anyone, such as posting positive content, keeping your info up-to-date, and removing unflattering photos, it can be extremely tedious.

On top of the time-consuming nature of doing ORM yourself, you may not be equipped to handle certain situations. For example, if you find negative posts made by an ex-lover, or if you’re business has been bombed with a hoard of negative reviews, you may have difficulty getting this negative content removed or suppressed on your own.

The good news is that ORM services are very affordable these days and can take care of these kinds of situations quickly and efficiently before they can do major damage to your reputation. This is especially true if you run a business and stand to lose a lot of revenue if negative reputation indicators damage your brand.


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