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At The Ad Firm, we employ data-driven and customized strategies in all of our marketing efforts. We aid in the growth of companies all over the US through:

Our Story

The Ad Firm began with one mission in mind: HELP CLIENTS STAND OUT. We became the leading digital marketing firm through extensive research, proven techniques, data analysis, and more. With SEO best practices constantly evolving, we keep up to date with SEO’s latest advancements in tools, ideas, algorithm, and strategies. At The Ad Firm, we use a scientific approach to ensure our clients receive superior, quality service.

Some say work hard, others say work smart – we say why not both? At The Ad Firm, we don’t take shortcuts – we take the best route possible. We utilize only the most efficient and advanced tools available paired with our 13 years of experience to deliver fast but long-term results. Our goal always has been, and always will be, to help companies succeed through providing quality, reliable, and transparent service. VICTORY, take it – it’s yours!

At The Ad Firm, we only win if you win. We apply white hat SEO strategies that are compliant with search engine guidelines, ensuring long-term success for your company. The Ad Firm believes in efficient, consistent, and honest work. With us, you won’t have to worry about shady tactics or schemes.

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Humble, Yet Honored

The Ad Firm has been featured in many awards across the United States for the past decade. See just a glimpse of our latest awards below.

Our Journey

Fullerton, CA.
The Ad Firm, EST. 2009

The Ad Firm was created and opened its doors to customers. New but knowledgeable, driven to succeed. We ate, breathed, and lived digital marketing.

Newport Beach, CA.
3 years, 2 cities

After only three years, The Ad Firm wasn't only surviving but thriving. We expanded and moved headquarters to Newport Beach, helping more companies succeed,

Round Rock, TX.
Lucky Number 7

Seven years and two cities later, The Ad Firm expanded operations to Round Rock, TX. By ensuring top-rated service, our client list grew - and The Ad Firm with it.

Carlsbad, CA.
Doing Fine At Cloud 9

After nine years in the industry, The Ad Firm grew and moved headquarters to Carlsbad, CA. Our headquarters may have changed over the years, but one thing remains constant - our mission to help clients succeed.

Kevin Heimlich
Our Mission

Data-driven results that helps your business grow.

Ultimately, we understand that we are contracted to bring your company more business through the online market. While we do this by getting your business on the first page for your services and bringing you the best ROI through PPC campaigns, we are a results-driven company. We care about how to make your business grow, and we go the extra mile to be a solution.

– Kevin Heimlich, CEO & Founder 

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to our client’s success: no call centers or empty chatbots. Your team is always a phone call away. 

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