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The Ad Firm is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois. We provide our clients with the highest quality professional SEO services, PPC services, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Reputation Management and Web Design. The Ad Firm professional internet marketing strategists are able to create the custom campaign necessary for a business to grow by using search engine optimization, social media and content marketing strategies. The company helps high-growth, and emerging Chicago companies win online by employing a thoughtful, robust strategy that involves SEO, branding, acquisition, design and paid media. Looking for the best digital marketing agency in Chicago or one of our other Illinois locations such as ? Look no further than The Ad Firm!

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Mold Removal and Remediation Company

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What Chicago Business Owners Need To Know About SEO in 2022?

SEO in necessary in nearly every industry.

It is not a question about whether you need SEO, it's a question of finding a Chicago SEO company that can build winning strategies.

SEO is a virtual storefront.

With proper SEO, you can have a prime storefront spot on the busiest street in Chicago for a fraction of the cost! Poor SEO will leave your storefront in the slums.

SEO is just as beneficial as a billboard over the freeway!

Maximize the views your company will get in your local area.

All Modern Businesses Need A Professional
Digital Marketing Strategy


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of an organization. Through online marketing, organizations reach out to their customers and try to convince them that their products are superior to others. Digital marketing is advertising products and/or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. It includes social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce marketing and email marketing. The digital marketing process begins with strategic planning, continues with the development of communications, and ends with a continuous refinement process.

Digital marketers’ responsibilities include:

  • Defining the marketing strategy.
  • Creating advertisements that target specific audiences.
  • Measuring progress toward the goal and finally.
  • Analyzing what worked and what didn’t in order to improve upon their campaign.

Digital marketing is a perfect fit for all businesses because it offers scalable and personalized options to reach potential customers in Chicago.

One of the biggest problems company owners in Chicago face is ranking on search engines, especially those just starting their digital marketing efforts. If a website for a new business doesn’t rank well on Google, it probably won’t see much traffic from customers looking for the product or service that the business offers. This is why it’s extremely important to make to start SEO efforts early in order to get your website ranked on search engines as early as possible. Contact The Ad Firm Chicago SEO company to start seeing SEO results in as little as 30 days.
Another big problem that many businesses in Chicago face is having a new website that can’t compete with big brands. New websites typically do not rank as well as older, more established websites because they don’t have the backlinks and other on-page and off-page ranking factors that come with an authoritative established site. This is another area where SEO companies in Chicago can help offset any disadvantages you may face against big-name brands that are already dominating the search engine results page.
In today’s world, most web visitors are on a mobile platform. If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, it won’t appear as high in search results as more users in Chicago will have a difficult time navigating the site. Keep in mind that user usability is another ranking factor for websites. If a website is not optimized for mobile use- such as being able to click a number to make phone calls directly from the site, the website is in danger of accruing penalties. This is another area where SEO can help keep a company’s website dominating SEO rankings on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The Ad Firm Digital Marketing Strategies


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy for increasing the number of visitors to a website from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. The Ad Firm has many aspects to SEO. It starts with ensuring that site’s coding and content are written in clear, specific, persuasive language. Many elements are important to Google’s algorithm that can be uncovered when reviewing the site’s source code and content, including load speed, site structure (linked pages), keyword optimization and internal links. The ultimate goal of The Ad Firm search engine optimization is to make sure web pages rank highly in search results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or any other major search engine.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies at The Ad Firm. It offers marketers the opportunity to place ads in front of targeted audiences quickly. Using popular ads platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, Chicago companies can start targeted ads without working directly with website owners or writing unmanageable amounts of content. For Chicago business owners who want to explore pay-per-click advertising, it’s important to understand that Google Ads are not the only option available. As there are many different types of pay-per-click platforms and as it’s unlikely that competitors will be using all of them, it’s wise to evaluate each option thoroughly before making a decision.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also a strategy used by The Ad Firm in marketing Chicago companies. It involves using social networks and other platforms that serve as web community hubs where company marketing teams share information about their brands and interact with consumers. Social media marketing also includes promoting a business’ social media profile and encouraging followers to “like” the page, which allows them access to promotions, contests, and discounts on the brand’s products. By establishing their online presence through social networks and interacting with their customers on these platforms, Chicago companies can keep track of trends in customer behavior and improve current strategies.

E-mail Marketing

The Ad Firm also offers email marketing services. E-mail marketing is the communication of promotional or informational messages, typically to large groups of subscribers, using e-mail. Also known as direct mail, e-mail marketing can be used to communicate with customers and potential customers. The term also encompasses these Email Marketing Strategy consists of creating, planning, optimizing and executing an e-mail campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a strategy for improving the number of visitors that turn into users or leads. It involves testing and analyzing web pages, which are the first touchpoint between the target audience and site. The goal is to increase sign-ups or sales by making it easier for visitors to complete whatever they need to do on the website. It’s often used to improve websites running on WordPress, Shopify and other platforms.
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150+ Reviews
100+ Reviews

Web Design And Development in Digital Strategy

The Ad Firm helps businesses grow in Chicago by helping them to design a website and web development.

Web Design

The Ad Firm helps Chicago companies grow through functional and highly converting web design. Web designing is a mixture of graphics and programming that creates a robust online environment for a business. The Ad Firm web design experts help a company to come up with an effective web presence for a business which will adapt itself according to the different sized screens, search engines and user preferences. This service includes customizing the website for business operations, adding functionality so it works well on every device, ensuring that it looks beautiful from all angles and positioning it in the first few pages of Google search results. A website is the face of any business, so it needs to be appealing and functional. At The Ad Firm, they use a strategic approach to create websites that not only function but also look great. Web designers at The Ad Firm ensure that business websites are easy-to-use, search engine optimized and mobile optimized as well.

Web Development

Web Development is a broad term that encompasses all of the latest developments in internet based services. It is the practical application of knowledge, technology and teamwork to produce websites, applications and digital experiences that enable companies to stay ahead of their competition by delivering content in creative new ways. Web development services include everything from programming to designing.

The Ad Firm’s web development team understands the power of multimedia and how it evolves web marketing. As a digital marketing agency, The Ad Firm provides the best services for business by integrating online initiatives with offline executions to get better results. The team at The Ad Firm creates digital strategies that are captivating and persuasive, inspiring a long-term commitment from our audience. They utilize content management systems including WordPress to help Chicago businesses manage their own websites, as well as create awards-winning sites that sell directly to their customers or clients.

Why Chicago Business Owners Need Digital Marketing

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Chicago companies can use digital marketing services to reach customers who otherwise might be beyond their reach – geographically, socially and culturally. The Ad Firm internet marketing services enables businesses to reach customers directly, engage them in conversation, collect real-time feedback and provide a personalized experience that becomes increasingly important as technology advances. Whether it’s e-mail marketing campaigns or pay per click marketing that informs and engages new audiences who are searching for a solution online, The Ad Firm services ensures that Chicago companies have the opportunity to get their products noticed by reaching out digitally.
The Ad Firm internet marketing services ensures digital marketing can help Chicago companies increase sales in a number of ways. The first and most common way is through online advertising. Companies sell advertising spots on their website and in newsletters to create a revenue stream, which helps offset the cost of operating their business. Another way used by The Ad Firm is through search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If a person searches for something specific they are looking for, then Google and other search engines will list those businesses at the top of the results page.
The Ad Firm understands that digital marketing is an effective way for Chicago companies to improve brand recognition. In addition to traditional methods like TV ads, radio ads, and word of mouth, The Ad Firm ensures that digital marketing can help Chicago businesses reach a wider audience than they could otherwise. Chicago customers can interact directly with a brand through social media or some other type of online platform. The Ad Firm digital marketing services such as creating a customized website, media planning, search engine optimization and social media marketing can increase awareness of a Chicago companies existence and create repeat customers.
The Ad Firm believes Chicago business owners can use digital marketing to stay ahead of competitors. Chicago is a large area, so marketing to people across this market can be expensive and inefficient. Through digital marketing, The Ad Firm allows business owners to reach customers in Chicago and other markets at a lower cost. Chicago Business owners can also use digital marketing to test ways that they may use in-person marketing in the future. The Ad Firm services allows them to test audience response for new products before making large investments in advertising campaigns.
The Ad Firm Digital Strategy helps Chicago companies save money in many ways. Integrated digital marketing presents a more complete picture of the product or service, allowing businesses to provide customers with a better value proposition. The Ad Firm well-planned digital marketing strategy takes into account the diverse needs across all customer segments. This allows Chicago companies to maximize their existing marketing tactics and inventory as well as reach new and high-potential customers. The Ad Firm Digital Marketing services are more cost-effective than traditional advertising channels such as TV commercials and newspaper ads because they typically cost less upfront and don’t require high-cost production costs per unit delivered.

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Why Businesses Should Choose The Ad Firm
as Their Chicago Digital Marketing Agency

Proven Results

The Ad Firm has proven performance records and expertise in the marketplace. Their internet marketing services have generated millions of leads for our clients. Through a blend of strategic design and powerful implementation, The Ad Firm helps Chicago companies meet their goals and exceed expectations.


As a professional digital marketing agency, The Ad Firm maintains professionalism through the use of structured processes. The agency optimize its time and resources with fail-proof systems that ensure everything gets done on time while still being able to offer the best possible customer service.

Uniqueness and creativity

The Ad Firm is a company that values uniqueness, creativity, and building strategy. Our agency doesn't do the same thing over and over again. It thinks of new ways to engage customers with their brand and offers the latest technology to help gain an edge when it comes to digital marketing. The goal is to build one-on-one relationships with clients so they can achieve their customer acquisition goals in a cost-effective manner.

Outstanding Client Success Service

To ensure that each client's needs are met in a timely manner, with proper support and training, The Ad Firm has a team of client success managers who act as an extension of the client support team. Each client success manager is assigned to a given client and is responsible for developing an understanding of their needs, analyzing activity on the account, providing customer service, and troubleshooting issues as they arise.

Customized Digital Marketing Services

The Ad Firm specializes in custom-tailored digital marketing solutions for clients of all sizes. The agency’s team of experts offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, from brand and content creation to SEO best practices, technical development, social media management and more. The Ad Firm creates a customized digital marketing strategy for companies so they can achieve their goals and get the best ROI on their advertising budget.

Why PPC Marketing Is The Right Choice For Your Business

PPC management services work with real data (no guesswork!) to achieve a great ROI while scaling online sales. Among other things, investing in PPC marketing services has the following benefits:
Be Magnified Online with Local SEO
PPC marketing provides a quick way to join the online market almost immediately. Online other digital marketing methods that may take up to 6 months to see results, our PPC clients start seeing lead generation in as little as two weeks.
Reliable PPC services allow brand visibility in previously unoccupied spaces. Wherever in the sales funnel you wish to “catch” prospects, PPC advertising is an effective way to showcase your brand. PPC ads let your brand to increase online awareness, grow your sales funnel, and spark brand interest in more prospects and conversion-ready customers.
A PPC expert can effectively target brand communication to your prospects according to their search intent, online tendencies, and most frequented sites. PPC allows businesses to narrow their focus to the most relevant audience based on location, age, and even interests on some platforms. Moreover, the ads technique provides a surefire way to access particular prospect segments clustered by age group, gender, and location, among other demographical indicators.
PPC advertising is the one mode of advertising where the rate of success is completely in your hands. The only thing our team needs to dial in a campaign is data. With that, we can control the rate at which we receive that data simply by turning up a campaign.
PPC efforts go hand in hand with SEO strategies to ramp up brand exposure while drawing targeted traffic to your site. It, therefore, presents an incredibly swift mechanism to run paid ad campaigns, set off marketing efforts, as well as attract relevant clicks and instant traffic from interested leads.
Unlike other digital marketing strategies, successful online paid campaigns do not necessarily need to have a presence in a local market. PPC is a great way to test interest in a new market without a big investment. This way, we can see if a new area is a viable option for expansion before it happens.
Engaging PPC services allows you to systematically track and measure your campaign data. Tracking data helps to eliminate any ambiguity in your results reporting. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more you will have complete transparency with the campaign metrics in real-time including conversions, clicks, and views. This way, you can easily and quickly paint a clear picture of your campaign’s performance.
The Ad Firm PPC services let you stand out from the crowd by leveraging custom-tailored and relevant campaigns that attune to your target prospects. That means with PPC, you can enrich your campaign efforts with vast pools of essential marketing data to help you fully optimize your outcomes. In other words, you can customize your campaign elements based on keywords, targeted audience, placements, as well as the particular zip codes your ads will be running in.

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Chicago Internet Marketing FAQs

A: Yes! When it comes to digital marketing, having a web presence is essential. A website allows business owners to share products and services with potential customers, who are likely to need what they have to offer.
A: On-page optimization involves factors that relate directly to the structure of the website, such as site architecture, content, and internal links. Off-page optimization refers to factors that influence how others consider company’s website, including social media and backlinks from other websites.
A: Chicago companies can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to interact with their customers. One should choose the platform that fits his/her business best.
A: There are a number of ways that a website can increase sales in Chicago. One is through the use of digital advertising, where a company will place ads on other websites, social media, and mobile apps in order to reach new and existing customers. Another way is through e-mail campaigns, which allow marketers to build lists of people that want to receive information about a product or service. When done well, both digital advertising and e-mail marketing can drive significant revenue for any company.
A: Digital marketing refers to a range of activities that companies use to connect with consumers on digital platforms, for example, by creating and sharing online content such as blogs. Digital advertising refers to paid ads that are shown to users on various websites or in apps based on their interests collected over time.
A: The current digital trend in Chicago is getting more and more sophisticated, with websites and apps providing the capabilities to apprehend a quality user base. Draw in potential clients with a well-developed website, brand promotion via social media and through search engine optimization (SEO). Get the word out about the business on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn by interacting with other users in the industry or posting relevant articles to drive traffic back to the site.
A: The ROI from digital marketing can be difficult to measure, but it is possible to measure. The current trend is for companies to use a combination of analytics tools and in-person reporting by marketing staff in order to gain deeper insight into whether or not their marketing campaigns are effective.
A: An SEO audit is a comprehensive, in-depth report conducted by an expert on a website’s performance and opportunities for optimization. The goal of an SEO audit is to identify issues with search engine performance and make recommendations for improvements.

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