Amar Kumar

Technical SEO Expert

I’m proud to say I’m one of The Ad Firm’s most tenured employees and currently serving as the Technical SEO Expert. I ensure all projects run smoothly and only highly skilled developers are contributing to them. I don’t pressure my team members but rather inspire them. I provide help and resources to aid in their growth and productivity. We ensure that our projects are handled professionally and completed perfectly. I love taking on challenges that aid in my professional development. It brings me joy in taking on difficult situations because it challenges me to maximize my capabilities in finding solutions as efficiently as possible. I get ecstatic after seeing my team and I conquer complex tasks that seem impossible to fix at first. With over eight years of experience in Web Development and Technical SEO, I understand problems and implement solutions.

What I like most

About my role

I love my job because it exposes me to highly professional clients and developers, furthering my career growth. I take pride in ensuring the clients are at ease and taken care of. Often, our clients have challenging requests, and my team has always pulled through despite the degree of difficulty. This process allows me to identify problems and come up with solutions timely. This is what I love the most about my job. Being the company’s most tenured employee, I’ve established good work relationships with some of our oldest clients. I’ve also seen former clients coming back because they could not find a match like The Ad Firm. This brings me immense pride and joy.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

I love traveling to quiet, cold, snowy places. In my free time, I enjoy watching nature and wildlife documentaries. I get a sense of calmness and serenity when I meditate and always find time to keep my peace. Photography, cooking, and music are a few of my passions.

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