Arijana Martinez

Director of Operations

My role at The Ad Firm is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. As a former Client Success Manager, I have developed close relationships with our legacy clients and still speak with them regularly. Now, I make sure that all of our clients are surpassing their goals and happy with our agency. I’m also in charge of ensuring our staff is happy, staying on top of tasks and expectations, and finding new ways to deliver better quality services.

What I like most

About my role

The Ad Firm isn’t a job; it’s a career that I am passionate about. All of the staff are close and working together beautifully. When there is no stress and a happy environment, I get to do what I do best – treat this place like a game of chess and find new and exciting ways to get us to the next step!

Past Experience

Although I graduated with a Pre Law undergraduate degree, it took me almost an entire month to realize that my true passion is marketing. I have been working in digital marketing for five years, and I love how much it has evolved.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

My hobbies outside of work include cooking way too much food for my family, spoiling our Head of Office Security, Meatball, and exploring the local dive bars around San Diego.

Team of professionals


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