Brittany Hamburg

Director of Web Development

I oversee the web development and web design teams at The Ad Firm, to make sure we are putting out the very best websites for our clients as technically possible. I make sure your website is not just the best looking and functioning perfectly with an almost 100% uptime, I also make sure we are keeping your site safe from hackers or malware, and that your site visitors can easily find the information they need so they can become your customers.

What I like most

About my role

I am a huge nerd, so I genuinely love learning. The fields of web development and design are ever-changing, so I get to learn something new almost every day, even if it is just how to make an existing process more efficient. On top of this, because The Ad Firm works with a variety of clients from completely different industries, work never feels like a grind since there is always something different going on with each website!

Past Experience

I started out as a web designer and developer, and while I was in college landed my first full time role in the field. Over the years my skills have developed as the industry has, and my superiors quickly learned that I am good at managing other “techies” and keeping things in order. Over time I gained skills and knowledge in program and project management, and this experience has led me to a Director role overseeing both web development and design.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

PC gaming, just about anything Star Trek, painting with acrylics, trying out new baking recipes, growing juicy tomatoes, and complaining about being sore from barre class!

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