Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

This is an in-house position for The Ad Firm Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. We are a digital marketing agency that has been consistently growing our clients’ companies online since 2009. We have been awarded numerous times for both our output work and also our atmosphere for our team. We specialize in not only helping companies grow but also clearly tracking the success we bring to each of our clients. We are looking to grow and mold the next generation of professional online marketers. We invest heavily in our team to develop the skills, all you need to bring is your passion!

In this position, you will work directly with the Client Success Manager to perform a wide array of marketing activities, with the opportunity to grow into a Digital Marketing Manager.

  • Work with team to determine what pages need to be created or edited to successfully hit clients’ sales goals
  • Perform keyword research to find the best possible keyword that is topically relevant, geographically relevant, and attainable
  • Use in-house software to generate SEO reports to get pages ranked for the chosen keyword, and analyze them to determine what steps must be taken to produce a winning page
  • Order content from third party vendors according to SEO report, edit for SEO and readability and implement content on the page using WordPress
  • General understanding of WordPress to implement front end SEO in a way that is visually appealing and follows conversions best practices, as well as basic backend SEO such as metadata and structured data
  • Following through with tasks A-Z to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly and thoroughly, so that data can be gathered for tracking
  • Accurately reporting to the Client Success Manager if SEO efforts have been successful or not
  • Take advantage of company sponsored training (both in-house and online) to further develop skills in all aspects of digital marketing, including but not limited to front-end SEO, Local SEO, CRO, Analysis, copywriting, and more.
  • 2+ years agency experience working with multiple clients directly (Preferred)
  • Experience working with Google properties such as Google Business Profile, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, ect
  • Experience and comfortable with working on several projects and clients at once
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Strong desire to learn more about digital strategy and implement new findings
  • Willing to take initiative and start up new projects
  • A good attitude towards your work, your clients, and your teammates
  • Strong desire to grow in your career and harness new skills

Position pays $36,000 – $52,000 depending on experience.

  • Paid Time Off, Paid Sick Leave, Paid Holidays
  • Matching 401K
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Education
  • No one is set up to fail – every new client is vetted to ensure they understand our services, what we are going to do for them, and that success is clearly defined and achievable
  • Continued training for employees sponsored by The Ad Firm (courses, seminars, tools, etc)
  • Semi-annual reviews to track progress and growth in the company
  • Dedication to employee growth and development, promotions, and hiring internally as much as possible
  • Competitive pay that is negotiable based on performance
  • Benefits plan that includes: PTO, health insurance, dental, sick leave, & more.

About The Ad Firm

We are a small but mighty digital marketing agency that is looking for the perfect candidate to join our team and help take our clients to the next level. 

Our team is fun and relaxed (especially our furry mascot!) but understand that work comes first. We believe in offering more than the standard benefits (which we also offer), we offer a company that invests in its employees- which is why most of our small team have been with us from almost the beginning. Invest in people, keep a tight crew, and don’t believe in entertaining the bullshit.

This is a steady position that is perfect for the type of person that is passionate about marketing in the 21st century and would like the opportunity to continue to develop your skills through company-sponsored training. Our clients range from small mom-and-pop shops to national professional services, and all are seen as businesses we have been contracted to help and deserve our full dedication.

You will be working under the Client Success Manager to develop digital marketing strategies based on the client’s goals and current best practices. Success in this position is defined by continuous growth in traffic, rankings, and leads for our SEO clients.


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