Cyrus Kennedy

Board Member

Guide the organization in all areas, including sales, marketing, operations, HR, and finance.

What I like most

About my role

I love helping people and businesses reach their full potential. Seeing The Ad Firm’s team grow in not just their expertise but also their persistence in improving the quality of services has been the most rewarding. It is special to be a part of an agency that has retained the attentiveness of a boutique agency while being able to tackle some of the nation’s bigger clients!

 I love helping people and businesses reach their full potential.  Seeing The Ad Firm grow 

Past Experience

With roles spanning from startup founder to managing partner, and CEO, I’ve navigated a broad spectrum of business landscapes. These positions have demanded versatility, strategic decision-making, and a deep understanding of business growth. They’ve sharpened my skills, enabling me to address various challenges and deliver on high-stakes responsibilities effectively.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

I love spending time outdoors with my wife and son, playing basketball, building legos, and being a pizza connoisseur.

Team of professionals


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