Eye Surgery Case Study

Medical SEO Case Study

LASIK Surgeon
Orange County, CA



The client wanted to increase their patients by increasing their organic visibility on Google.

Before starting with The Ad Firm, the client’s website was targeting low search volume keywords. This made them “rank #1” but for keywords that no one was searching for. This method is often used to make an agency look good, but delivers no actual results for the client. In our first two weeks, we began extensive research on industry keywords that had high search volume and low competition. This made them skyrocket to the first page for many relevant keywords that resulted in more patient inquiries!

Because they are looking for new patients primarily within their local area, we also made a huge push to grow their local online presence and use the same keywords to optimize their local listings. Because of this, they are now showing up first for relevant searches by people in their community! Get in touch with us, and we will help you get your website #1 in Google!

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