International E-commerce Store Increases Sales Calls By Over 4,800% Through PPC




International Bunk Beds E-commerce Store

“We brought The Ad Firm on board to help us grow one of our companies in the Sign Industry. I only care about results and The Ad firm clearly delivered per the metrics I posted. We are #1 in a plethora of key words to the point where Google Ads is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want a team that will give your business a defined plan of action with data to back it, then The Ad Firm is my recommendation.”

The Challenge:

Our client was averaging 1,200 daily online visitors. However, Google released a broad core algorithm update in 2018 that negatively impacted their website traffic from 1,200 daily visitors to 120, totaling a 90% decrease.

Since online visitors are essentially potential customers, especially to e-commerce stores, adhering to Google’s latest algorithm update was critical to their business. Additionally, there is more than one layer to their predicament. The decline in web traffic, unbeknownst to them, was caused by the sudden drop in rankings brought on by Google’s algorithm update that consequently resulted in plummeting sales revenue.

The Solution:

To drive traffic back to our client’s page quickly, we employed highly targeted, strategized, and tested PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Since a good quality score is crucial in successful PPC campaigns, we went into a one-time deep dive with our client’s web development team to improve their landing page content, page load speed, and more to ensure PPC best practices are applied to their website. To ensure the best results and high ROI, we made prompt bid adjustments, added negative keywords, and further tailored ad audiences according to regularly tracked data.

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The Results:

We eventually exceeded all our client-set targets through thorough keyword research and highly advanced PPC methods. Now, our client’s pages dominate Google search results for numerous high-competition search terms, earning them a continuous stream of potential customers. This accorded them a massive 4,800% increase in sales calls, as seen in the graph below. 
The substantial improvement in calls can be attributed to the increase in paid and organic clicks by 1,366%, totaling an impressive 52,247:
The considerable improvement in clicks resulted in our client now ranking various high-value keywords, consistently driving valuable traffic to their page:

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