Jason Wright

VP of Paid Media

Jason is VP of Paid Media at The Ad Firm and a digital marketing guru and Google Premier Partner. He has worked with major corporations such as Disney, Myspace, and Playboy, driving digital success. He uses data to find and make decisions mixed with years of experience.

What I like most

About my role

My love for my role comes from my love of learning. In paid media, you always need to be one step ahead to be current. Paired with an agency that has a wide variety of clients, every day is interesting. There are no boring days, but always an opportunity to learn and grow skills.

Past Experience

He holds an MBA in finance and management and a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. He also has earned other digital marketing certifications such as being Google Ads Certified and is an SEO Keynote speaker.

My Hobbies

Outside of work are

Outside the office, Jason is an adventurer. You can find him traveling the world, backpacking remote areas, competition shooting, fishing for lunkers, hitting tabletops on his mountain bike, and just about anything that brings a great life experience.

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