Kevin Ceo

Kevin Ceo

Kevin Heimlich, Founder/CEO

Meet the owner and fearless leader of The Ad Firm. The one who understands the complicated world of SEO and is able to simplify it for the rest of us. Attending CSU Fullerton is where Kevin was engulfed with the aura of Marketing & Advertising. Since then, Kevin has branched out to create The Ad Firm to provide a great service that promotes and increases a client’s traffic and revenue. Kevin enjoys anything and everything involving cars.


“We have been with the AD firm for 3 years and it is fair to say that our business has tripled. We receive up to five new calls a day, and while it’s up to us to convert these calls to paying clients, it sure helps to have prospects solicit us, than the other way around. Kevin and Meghan have been helping us every step of the way. We recommend them highly, while we are very pleased with our own results.”

Olga Aura, Founder of Aura Fire Safety

“We have a constant flow of new leads thanks to Ad Firm. They gave us all the tools to convert leads into customers.”

Jeffery Polk, CEO & Founder
“The Ad Firm’s work has brought in more leads and moved the company from second page of Google rankings to the top three results. The team is quick to respond to questions, eager to implement new trends, and proactive in managing their process.”
Cameron figgins, CEO of Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, Inc.

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