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The Challenge:

Our client has seen a slow but steady decline in patients, which had a direct correlation to their also declining SERP rankings. They attempted to implement traditional and basic SEO strategies but, unfortunately, weren’t getting the results they had hoped for. We performed an exhaustive website audit and SEO analysis and found various SEO lapses that didn’t adhere to Google’s “Medic Update,” one of the search engine giant’s most impactful updates.

The Medic Update was geared toward emphasizing the importance of E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) and rewarding websites with high E-A-T ratings. While several industries were affected by the algorithm update, it primarily affected health-related websites, which could have been the cause of our client’s decrease in rankings.

The Solution:

To increase our client’s rankings, we built an SEO campaign focused on increasing their website’s E-A-T rating through quality content, thorough keyword research, improved website structure, link building, and more. We also improved their web design and page speed, did regular social posting, collected more first-party reviews, and more.

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The Results:

With improved and optimized content, targeted leads, optimized local map listings, and regular performance monitoring, we were able to increase our client’s domain authority, boosting their SERP rankings. Thanks to customized and data-driven SEO methods, our client saw a massive 28,850% increase in Google organic rankings:
Now, our client ranks high on Google’s SERP for numerous high-competition keywords:

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