Local OBGYN Increases Web Clicks By 975% Through Local SEO




OBGYN In Georgia

“We brought The Ad Firm on board to help us grow one of our companies in the Sign Industry. I only care about results and The Ad firm clearly delivered per the metrics I posted. We are #1 in a plethora of key words to the point where Google Ads is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want a team that will give your business a defined plan of action with data to back it, then The Ad Firm is my recommendation.”

The Challenge:

In hopes of increasing online reach and web traffic, our client opted to go with the services of a professional digital marketing service provider. To their dismay, their previous online marketing firm provided relatively the same traffic and conversions that naturally offered inconsequential results.

The Solution:

To correct our client’s previous digital marketing firm’s errors and build a strong SEO foundation, we conducted a comprehensive site audit and thorough keyword research. We found and fixed various lapses in SEO, including a weak interlinking framework, excessive nofollow exit links, outdated sitemap, meta refresh utilization, and more.

Additionally, we revamped their pages with keyword-rich content with proper density and placement. To improve off-page SEO, we implemented review management strategies, consistent local listings, regular social media posting, and more.

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The Results:

With faster site speed, SEO-friendly URLs, improved core web vitals, structured data, and keyword-rich content, our client significantly improved online reach and visibility. As a result, our client now ranks and dominates google page 1 for various high-competition keywords:
This can be attributed to the considerable 975% increase in clicks, totaling 28,766:

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