National Erosion Control Company Increases An Astounding 15,013% Client Calls Through PPC




National Erosion Control Company

“We brought The Ad Firm on board to help us grow one of our companies in the Sign Industry. I only care about results and The Ad firm clearly delivered per the metrics I posted. We are #1 in a plethora of key words to the point where Google Ads is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want a team that will give your business a defined plan of action with data to back it, then The Ad Firm is my recommendation.”

The Challenge:

As an established erosion control company, our client has acquired a considerable client base in the construction industry. Although they’ve obtained a substantial number of patrons through their years in the industry, their poor online reach and low web traffic inhibited them from reaching their full potential.

They ran multiple PPC ads but unfortunately saw little to no improvement, resulting in significant PPC wasted spend. The failure of their PPC campaigns is primarily due to poor keyword research and performance tracking. We also found various PPC missteps during our PPC audit, including not adding negative keywords, incorrect targeting settings, wrong match types, and more.

The Solution:

To jumpstart their PPC campaign, we first performed exhaustive keyword and set review targeting settings. Then, we assessed ad group relevancy and reviewed keyword match type settings to yield desired results. With rigorous tracking, we also added negative keywords to minimize PPC wasted spend.

For maximum cost efficiency, we applied retargeting call campaigns to convert potential customers into paying customers. We also optimized landing pages, set ad schedules, and set up competitor tracking for optimal results. .

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The Results:

With segmented audiences, keyword expansion, and prompt PPC adjustments, our client saw a massive 8,575% increase in conversions, as seen below:
On top of the substantial increase in conversions, our client also experiences a 15,013% increase in client calls.

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