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National Executive Search Firm

“We brought The Ad Firm on board to help us grow one of our companies in the Sign Industry. I only care about results and The Ad firm clearly delivered per the metrics I posted. We are #1 in a plethora of key words to the point where Google Ads is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want a team that will give your business a defined plan of action with data to back it, then The Ad Firm is my recommendation.”

The Challenge:

The client allocated a significant amount on PPC campaigns that offered unsatisfactory results. After analyzing their previous months’ data, we’ve concluded the cause of their former digital marketing firm’s PPC strategies was a combination of various errors. These include ignoring long tail keywords, poor bid adjustments management, uncompelling ad text, and more.

The Solution:

To ensure high-yielding PPC campaigns, we launched extensively controlled and tested PPC methods specifically targeting high-value online users. By utilizing A/B split testing, we were able to identify the ads that produced the best results. In addition to exhaustive keyword research, we selected the correct match type for each ad, ensuring maximum ROI for each campaign.

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The Results:

Our thorough PPC strategy research, accurate implementation, and meticulous monitoring resulted in high CTR and CVR PPC campaigns. The success of our PPC campaigns sparked a complementary win for SEO by driving a sizable number of online users to their page.

The successive positive results encouraged a 705% increase in sessions through paid and organic search, driving 3,085 potential customers to our client’s page:
The client improved their CTR by 967%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our highly strategized PPC campaigns:
The success of our PPC campaigns provided the long-term benefits of PPC advertising. Now, our client ranks for numerous industry-specific search terms, driving high-value potential clients to their page:

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