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LASIK surgeon in Orange County

Our team at Saddleback Eye Center has been so happy with our PPC ever since we began working with the AdFirm. We work closely with Ari, our client success manager of PPC, and she is constantly thinking of new innovative ways to maximize the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns! Our company is very involved in tracking our spend to insure we are wisely spending in the right categories- and the AdFirm has been diligent in reviewing monthly how we are doing in each category and ways we can maximize our full potential. We are so pleased to work with the AdFirm and with the excellent job they have done with our PPC!

The Challenge:

Our client has considerably decent rankings in the SERP, but most of their online visitors aren’t converting. This resulted in them falling far below their monthly target of at least 100 patients scheduling for a LASIK exam, some months with only ten forms filled up.

In an attempt to drive relevant, high-converting potential customers to their page, their marketing team ran marketing campaigns. However, due to limited PPC knowledge, their PPC strategies did not support their goals which led to considerable PPC wasted spend. Despite the significant amount of time and resources they spent, their PPC ads still produced unsatisfactory results and needed us to reach their goal.

The Solution:

Since they already had accounts set up for various PPC platforms, we performed a full PPC audit and set specifications for highly customized campaigns. On top of using better keywords, we set enhanced CPC off for maximum results, applied location targeting, and improved their landing pages.

We utilized various PPC monitoring tools to gather actionable data, including trends and customer behavior, and applied prompt adjustments for maximum ROI on PPC ad spend on every platform.

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The Results:

Thanks to our multi-layered PPC methods, our client experienced a series of large-scale wins that resulted in them surpassing their goals. The first monumental win is the 2,743% increase in clicks, totaling 44,154:
On top of the impressive CTR improvement, they also increased conversions by a whopping 11,533%:
Thanks to the collective success of our PPC campaigns, our client drove 29,454 new users, essentially potential customers to their page, totaling a massive 3,191% increase:

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