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The Ad Firm Specializes in Managing Ads
Across Multiple Platforms

There are various ways you can formulate your campaigns to establish your online presence. We work closely with your team to develop the best pay-per-click adverts for your business. These are the different ads we offer at The Ad Firm PPC Management Firm.
Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services

Social Ads

Social media paid ads are the fastest-growing pay-per-click services. These adverts will appear on your business’s social media platforms. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram as long as your brand reaches prospects. Your campaigns will reach potential customers based on their networks, hobbies, or interests. Social ads are the best for you if you have already established your social media accounts and have some significant followers. We will help you develop the most profitable ads for your campaign. Over 50% of social media users search for products online before visiting a business website.
Custom Digital Marketing Framework

Search Ads

Our pay-per-click management firm recommends using search-paid ads for faster online sales. These are the most common advertisements; they are seen mainly by people looking for similar brands or the products/services you offer. Your business can acquire very reliable leads from this kind of marketing. Our team will perform competitor analysis, industry research, location analysis, and more to ensure you are only targeting the best leads that will convert.

Display Ads

Display advertising reaches more than 90% of online users. They mainly target website visitors. These ads display texts and captivating photos to capture your prospect’s attention. You have probably seen a few of these when browsing online. Your business can do the same with our help. You can engage luxury customers and other potential buyers with long marketing campaigns. You can maximize your marketing strategies with ease because the ads do everything for you. More people in your target audience will see these advertisements more than any other form of marketing.

In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are YouTube advertisements. Facebook has also recently developed in-stream ads that allow companies to place adverts in video content. But most in-stream adverts appear on YouTube videos, YouTube search results, and Display Networks video partners. Your customers will remember your brand memorably and uniquely. You can be a little more creative with in-stream ads than other types of advertising. Tell people more about your company and what makes your brand different. That is what gets people to click on the in-stream ads.

Remarketing Ads

You use remarketing ads to remind people who have visited your website before to come back and probably buy from you. It has the highest conversion rate because you target people who have already shown interest in your brand. Our job will be to ensure you reach as many people as possible. We also ensure your remarketing strategy is correct and you are not showing the same ad to one person repeatedly. These ads are also a bit cheaper because the competition is not stiff. We use smart PPC extensions and formats to ensure you get the best results.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads allow potential customers to see prices and products on Google SERP before visiting anyone’s website. The clicks you are paying for have a very high rate of conversion. That is why we recommend Google shopping advertising, especially eCommerce businesses. You have a chance of reaching people with a clear intention of buying. This is the best option if your website has a large volume of products. The ads will appear beside or above the main Google search results. Ensure your eCommerce website has an easy buying and checkout process to give buyers an easy time. It’s not enough to have a customer buy one product; you should strive to keep them coming back.

Local Services Ads

Local services ads are available for a limited amount of industries including lawyers, HVAC companies, locksmiths, plumbers, and more. These ads are pay per leads; that means you won’t pay for clicks that aren’t possible leads. Your business will pay if a customer contacts you through the ad directly. They mainly target people in your area. That is why only a few companies can benefit from them. We partner with local businesses and help them become even more visible in their immediate community.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

With GSP, your ads will reach prospects right in their inbox. Interested leads can call you through the ads and possibly buy what you are offering. There is a click-to-call ability attached to all the adverts. Thrive can help you set up Gmail-sponsored promotions and maximize your targeting possibility. You will generate response leads faster and increase sales. There is nothing better than engaging potential clients on a one-on-one basis. GSP is capable of increasing your leads by a very large percentage.

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Our PPC Marketing Services

At The Ad Firm, we offer various PPC management services that help organizations conquer the competitive online world. PPC marketing has become necessary for companies to build a recognizable brand. Our PPC Management agreements are customized to fit your unique needs, here are just a few of of the services we offer.

PPC Management

When you partner with our pay-per-click management firm, you will start getting immediate quality traffic on your site without breaking a sweat. We handle channel strategy, keywords research, analysis, and PPC campaign launches. We also monitor the campaigns provide transparent monthly reports, and make continuous changes to optimize your ads.


Keyword Research and Analysis

We focus on using high-quality keywords that will bring you more traffic. That is why we use multiple tools to predict keywords your customers are most likely to use. We can customize the most successful campaigns when we understand users' search behavior. We categorize the keywords based on how relevant they are in your industry. Expect our firm to refresh your keyword list regularly. That is because customers' interests and needs are constantly changing.


Ads A/B Split Testing

We compare different campaigns to see which ones are the most effective online. The A/B split testing will help our agency optimize your ppc marketing campaign. You have to evolve and improve your craft constantly to remain relevant. Our team will create different versions of your page elements image, headline, layout, and the call to action (CTA) to see which version generates better results. Improving ads consistently not only improves online sales growth, it will also decrease ad spend, resulting in a healthier ROI.


Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Our digital marketing firm utilizes PPC and CRO best practices to convince your web visitors to take action. We have experts that will ensure you have a clear call to action, high-performing keywords, and a strong headline on your landing page. Your landing page is the final step in convincing prospects to become loyal clients. Let us help you optimize the landing pages to increase conversion rates.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Call us and let our firm help you optimize your conversion pages. Our agency will write persuasive ads, create user-friendly forms to capture leads, and test the landing page design. When you optimize the conversion rate, you will increase profitability without spending more on ads. The best approach is to capture your target audience on the right platform at the right time. These are primarily people already interested in your offerings; you can easily sway them to be customers.


Social Media Advertising

Millions of people use social media to look for services and products. You must invest in pay-per-click social media advertising if you want recognition. Our team will help you determine your target audience and analyze their social behavior on different platforms. We will also help you utilize videos, images, and text to the maximum. With social media advertising, you will stay on top of the minds of your prospects.

Google Ads Management

Google and Bing are among the most utilized platforms for digital marketing. We are ready to help your business engage with customers on search engines and increase traffic. You will receive the highest engagement rates when you leverage site link extensions. With our in-depth audits, your products will reach the right audience. We are going to optimize all your PPC advertisements for different platforms. Every marketing platform demands something different. You have to learn clever ways of placing your ads to reach the ideal customers.


YouTube Ads

YouTube video marketing approach can target any audience you want. But you need a reliable PPC management firm by your side to pull off these advertisements. We explore all the advanced targeting options available on the platform for you. The Ad Firm can help you incorporate elements of surprise in all your in-stream ads. Instead of just putting general advertisements out there, we try to tell your unique story and make more people relate to your brand. These minor details make all the difference when using YouTube ads. We will even set up remarketing campaigns to help you maximize your efforts.

Remarketing Campaigns

These marketing strategies target specific audience segments. We identify the most successful campaigns and recreate them for high-value customers. We take care of your remarketing strategies to help you increase sales. We tap into site visitors who have already expressed interest and purchase intent. Remarketing is the final push to get them to buy online or call you.

Speak With One Of Our PPC Experts Today To Receive A FREE Competitor Analysis

Leverage PPC Marketing to Take Advantage
of Consumer Search Opportunities

The Ad Firm is one of the few trusted leaders in PPC advertising. Our PPC Agency has gained recognition after helping countless clients improve online sales. We help well-established and upcoming companies grow their leads, increase brand awareness and achieve their bottom line.

We have partnerships with various leading industry players, including Microsoft Advertising and Google. These partnerships help us serve you better. We understand different stakeholders have different needs when it comes to pay-per-click management. Our team has mastered different online strategies that can help your marketing campaigns to ensure success.

If you are new to PPC advertising, we can help you get started and find more ways to take your business to new heights. The Ad Firm is an internet marketing expert that understands what PPC entails and how to make optimized paid search campaigns effective for your business.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand with PPC Advertising

Today, almost all businesses and organizations use the internet as a global marketing platform. There are billions of internet users globally, which gives internet advertising a huge boost. The digital landscape is continually growing as more and more websites enter the space. Most of these companies are looking for a fast and effective way to put their brand before potential customers.

Online marketing opportunities are enormous. But using these digital channels and tools is not easy. That is why some brands are still struggling to achieve even the bare minimum online while others thrive. These are the main challenges companies are facing:

  • Increasing costs of digital advertising
  • High competition
  • Changing customer needs and demands
  • Increase in ad blockers
  • Strict industry guidelines
  • Elusive potential customers
  • Varying standards in niche markets

Pay per click (PPC) offers an almost immediate boost for your online campaigns and a fast way to get a return on investment (ROI). The Ad Firm is a PPC management firm that can help you get better business outcomes using targeted Paid ads. Our services are streamlined, and we personalize them depending on your niche market demands.

Why PPC Marketing Will Work For Your Business

The data-driven pay-per-click management we offer creates valuable opportunities for your business to reach prospects. PPC advertising is undeniable; many companies, from large corporations to startups, use it to increase profitability. Whatever your niche market is, you can benefit from PPC marketing. These are the top reasons you should consider using our PPC advertising services.
One of the best things about pay-per-click advertising is that you start getting results almost immediately after you launch a campaign. Once we finish setting up your campaign, you should expect leads in as little as a week. However, the first three months is usually a trial period. After your campaigns have been monitored and optimized to improve overall performance, you will see better results for less cost. We will help you manage these advertisements to ensure you are maximizing every opportunity. When the traffic starts pouring in, we can also help you optimize the business site to boost conversion rates. Fast results are what most businesses are looking for when investing in digital marketing.
PPC services have trackable and measurable data. Data-driven campaigns relay on facts to make beneficial changes, not gut reactions. PPC eliminates the guesswork of advertisement. Google Analytics will automatically track your promotions to have a clear picture of how the pay-per-click ads are performing. We give you reports to show you the progress your marketing is undergoing. Data is an invaluable asset when planning a digital campaign.
Brand visibility is crucial because if people don’t know about what you offer, they can’t buy. Pay per click is a quick way to put your brand on the web for all the interested parties to see. Most of your target customers spend time online, so that is where you should focus. If your business is yet to use PPC advertising, The Ad Firm can help you get started. PPC will make you compete favorably with similar businesses in your industry. When people start noticing your products online, getting them to buy becomes easy. Even established organizations must maintain their visibility to stay on top.
With PPC marketing, we can help target your most relevant audiences. Audience groups can be based on location, gender, age group, or other demographics. The adverts are based on the prospect’s search behaviors and other online activities. You can’t appeal to everyone, so you don’t need general marketing strategies. In fact, campaigns that are too broad often waste ad spend delivering ads to the wrong people. You need a targeted approach that guarantees results.
The best way to stand out from the busy online world is to customize your campaigns. We customize your PPC campaign from the targeted audience, keywords, zip codes you want to run the advertisements, and placements. We understand that you have unique marketing goals, so your marketing strategy must be unique.
A/B split testing is a significant part of a pay per click marketing. Our team of experts creates different versions of your advertisement to determine which one to launch. We want to generate the highest level of conversion. Without experimentation, you can’t optimize your ads thoroughly.
PPC and SEO work effectively together to make your brand more visible. Once your pay-per-click advertisement is live, your site will receive almost immediate traffic from potential customers. This means that even during seasonality, you will have consistent opportunities to sell your goods and services.
Every online platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Our pay-per-click management firm explores different digital platforms to help find the best fit for your market.

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SEO vs. PPC: Which Is The Right Strategy For Your Brand?

We often recommend that businesses analyze and understand their online activities and target demographics before making any advertising decisions. This helps you determine whether SEO, PPC, or a combination of both is the right strategy for you. Pay per click has proven to be one of the most lucrative forms of online marketing. PPC allows your business to services and products to the right people at the right time. The targeted ads boost conversion rates and speed up the buying process. Ideally, a combination of PPC and SEO is the best approach when you want maximum visibility and long-term results. But if you have a short window to get your products and services out there, pay per click is the right strategy. It will have the best impact on your niche market in a short time, especially with the help of our PPC management services.

Why The Ad Firm’s PPC Services are better Than the Rest

We have technical expertise that can grow your client base if you partner with us. The Ad Firm is a highly recommended PPC Marketing Agency. Our many years of experience put us ahead of the rest. We are very dedicated to improving your online performance. With that said, here is what you can expect from us when we partner.

Competitor Analysis

One way to beat your competitors at their own game is to analyze their strategies. Competition is inevitable regardless of your niche market. If you want to establish your brand as an authority online, you need competitor analysis. We can help you learn ways to create more targeted ads and be more visible. The only way to stick out from the rest is to develop advertisements that resonate with the audience. Since you are mostly competing for the same customers, there are strategies that your competitors are using that can help your campaigns. We are here to help you be better than your competitors and get more traffic.


Detailed and Transparent Reporting

We will keep you informed on your campaign progress and online activities when you decide to make us your dedicated PPC management firm. Our reports will tell you where your marketing strategy was lacking and ways to improve next time. Our PPC agency will provide you with monthly reports to monitor your campaign's progress. Our transparent campaign reports cover everything from ad spend, paid traffic, conversion, and more.


Comprehensive PPC Audit

Prior to starting any new partnerships with our clients, we perform a PPC audit of their current efforts. Our comprehensive PPC audits are meant to identify possible issues with the campaign. We can adjust certain aspects and make the campaign more effective if there are issues. We also ensure the campaign is in line with your company's goals and adheres to industry regulations. Our job is to evaluate your analytics, remarketing techniques, and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Dedicated In-House Pay Per Click Experts

Once you sign up with our PPC agency, we give you a single contact that will help you manage your campaigns and address all your concerns and questions. We want to make the complicated digital marketing space as easy as possible for all our clients.

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Customer-Focused PPC Company

At The Ad Firm, we believe in listening to our client's voices and working with what you need. At the end of the day, we are trying to help your business reach greater heights. Our initial consultation will help us understand your business and how we can help. Thereafter, you will have monthly meetings with your project manager to discuss progress, new products/services, updated goals, and recommendations for improved strategies.

Speak With One Of Our PPC Experts Today To Receive A FREE Competitor Analysis

Why Pay Per Click Advertising Is A Great Investment

Raise Your Conversion Rate and increase your Revenue
If you are running a company and want to multiply your sales and online leads, maybe it's time to invest in PPC advertising.

Budget-wise, PPC advertising is a great way to generate traffic. You can turn lookers into customers with pay-per-click ads. Paid ads have helped more businesses than you can count get out of stagnation.
You could potentially be missing out on plenty of opportunities to convert online users into buyers without PPC marketing. There is near-instant visibility when you use digital marketing platforms. If you are not convinced yet, here are more reasons you should consider our PPC services.
  • You can target local communities on the internet using SEM
  • According to Moz, PPC converts five times the rate of other organic search clicks
  • Google receives over 167 billion searches every month, according to Search Engine Land
  • PPC doesn’t need continuous attention and maintenance
  • Paid search offers better tracking
There are billions of online shoppers, and the numbers keep increasing by the day. Digital marketing has spread to all industries. It’s time to consider an eCommerce website and formulate an online marketing strategy. Investing in PPC is the best business decision you can make for your organization.  Contact us today, and let’s work out a plan to get your sales up. Don’t wait until you start losing loyal customers to competitors before deciding to do something. The right time to generate leads ad to attract new customers is now.

SEM involves different paid advertising methods. You can use it to create prominence and authority in the cut-throat online competition. You will have a high level of engagement from potential customers when your products appear highly on search engines. When you decide to start digital marketing, PPC search engine marketing should be one of your strategies. Here are a few benefits of pay-per-click SEM.

  • Engagement with local markets
  • It brings your company more reliable leads
  • Reach your targeted customers easily
  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Improved website traffic because of visibility
  • Improve mobile marketing efforts
  • Your ads will show even on competitor’s keywords

Get started with your SEM campaign with the help of our agency. Our team of experts will help you understand what paid search is before you start creating ads. We are always informed on the latest industry trends and web development techniques. This helps us deliver the best results that guide your company to success.

Speak With One Of Our PPC Experts Today To Receive A FREE Competitor Analysis

Pay Per Click FAQs

Pay per click is a mode of online marketing where you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, and that’s where the name comes from. It helps companies promote brand offerings, gain immediate traction from the audience, and increase visibility.
PPC ads cost differs greatly depending on your industry and size of business. A large corporation will not require the same leads as a startup. That is why our quotes are customized based on your needs. But you should be ready to spend around $ 5,000 per month if you are running a small-to-midsized company. The cost can also be affected by the type of PPC strategy, platforms, geo location, and product.
Our team researches and analyses keywords for you. We will send you a list of the most relevant and high-quality keywords and keep refreshing the list as trends change. We keep our ears on the ground to learn all the new trends in your industry that may affect keywords. All the terms we give you are data-driven. We analyze what your target clients are searching for the most online. Your business website will be among the top results if you utilize keywords well. The Ad Firm has technical specialists to help you use the right keywords on your campaigns.
Targeting ads is the main advantage of using PPC marketing. Location, interests and gender, and age are some things you can use to determine your target audience. Some businesses even target based on the online user’s language. There are different ways you can go about it, and our PPC management firm is here to help. Allow us to determine your target audience based on your company’s products or services.
Once your campaigns have been finalized and set live, you will receive traffic almost immediately after it goes live online. Larger budgets allow for your ads to be seen and clicked on more often, so the larger the budget, the sooner your campaigns will gain traction.
PPC is one of the most flexible advertising methods. You can adjust your budget whenever you want and change advertising strategies at your convenience. It’s also an effective way of gaining quick wins and traffic. You will understand your user’s behaviors, and you can find ways to serve them better. It’s easy to satisfy customers’ needs when you know what they are. SEO takes time; it’s a long-term strategy. But when you want fast results, use our PPC services. Your advertisements are only displayed for people specifically looking for your products. There is no better way to get a more reliable group of potential customers.
This is one of the most common questions we get from clients. Your campaign probably failed because you didn’t have the right strategy, audience, or platform. We offer a full PPC audit to determine what went wrong in your previous campaigns and how we can improve success. You will be surprised at how effective pay per click can be when you have the correct strategy.
The most common platform is Google PPC. But other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube also use pay-per-click adverts. You can place paid ads on various platforms to reach a wider audience.
PPC marketing is based on keywords. Various services like Google Ads Keyword Planner assign value to different phrases and values. The value depends on their competition level, difficulty, and the search volume of the phrases. The more marketers compete for specific terms, the more their value increases. Google PPC and other pay-per-click ads are usually subjected to ad auctions. The search engines use an automated process to determine the validity and relevance of all advertisements that appear on the SERPs. Our PPC management firm strives for perfect quality scores on all of our PPC campaigns. When your advertisements are of good quality, they will boost the success of the online campaigns.
Yes. The Ad Firm offers comprehensive audits to determine the success of your current campaigns. If there is room for improvement, we will discuss a cost analysis of how our services will benefit your business. If the campaigns are already fully optimized, then you have peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are set up for success!

Search engine arketing (SEM) is available in SERPs like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for niche keywords. Like PPC, it’s meant to increase traffic to the website through optimized ads. SEM is also referred to as paid search or pay per click. Sometime back, SEM was used to refer to both paid search marketing and SEO. But today, it only refers to paid search advertising.

PPC search engine marketing is becoming more vital as the number of people shopping online keeps increasing. It allows your business to pay for efforts that turn into visitors. Your company needs a strategy for conquering the online market. With the right keywords, you can drive traffic fast. All your visitors will be improving your search engine optimization.


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