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“We brought The Ad Firm on board to help us grow one of our companies in the Sign Industry. I only care about results and The Ad firm clearly delivered per the metrics I posted. We are #1 in a plethora of key words to the point where Google Ads is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you want a team that will give your business a defined plan of action with data to back it, then The Ad Firm is my recommendation.”

The Challenge:

The client ranked low on Google organic and local search due to their competition’s solid SEO efforts. They were also well below their monthly calls target, which is a direct result of the lack of online authority and irrelevant keywords.

The Solution:

We employed a multifaceted approach in addressing the client’s various pain points. We generated a successful PPC campaign to discover new high converting search terms to leverage for SEO.

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The Results:

Because of the sustainability of the growth through SEO, SEO generated leads for a much better ROI than the successful PPC campaign. This allowed the client to discontinue spending per lead and save them even more money. The client now leads the commercial sign industry in Southern California. The results conclude that the client improved Google rankings by over 13,000% and Google local rankings by over 8,000%, as seen in the graph below. 
This can be attributed to the 100% increase in clicks and impressions:
Clicks & Impressions
Now, the client is dominating Google organic rankings and winning industry-specific keywords:
As a result, the clients experienced an 800% increase in calls, totaling 1,710, as illustrated below:

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