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Are you looking for the best email marketing service or the best free email marketing service consultation for your marketing needs?

By far, The Ad Firm offers one of the most comprehensive email marketing services for online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores.

Every marketer and business owner, whether entry-level or high-level, would benefit from our marketing strategies.

Why Choose Email Marketing Service From The Ad Firm?

We are a firm believer that email marketing is the best digital channel for your return on investment.

Statistics suggest that emails sent to your email list fetch the highest return, the second best being the affiliates.

It is the top profit generator with the lowest investment among widely used marketing channels.

Our Goal

The goal of our bulk email marketing services is to initiate sales.

As such, the emails themselves don’t generate sales, but the recipients clicking on hyperlinks in the emails do.

The hyperlinks lead to landing pages selling products and services – the ones that contain elaborate descriptions of the product features and benefits.


Is Email Campaign Marketing Still a Thing?


Email is still the most popular way to communicate with your audience despite all the hype about social media sites.

Our bulk email marketing services strategy has worked well in the past, and it continues to work well for companies being surveyed by a market research entity.

Over 300 billion emails get sent and received worldwide every day. Average office workers receive around 120 emails regularly.

All these data conclude that emails are still a preferred method of communication for most people.

And email marketing is the way to bridge the gap between businesses and their potential audience.

Our company provides one of the top email marketing services. We offer an email marketing service designed and tailored to your business’s needs.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Email Marketing Metrics

At The Ad Firm, we provide efficient email marketing services, email marketing campaign services, and email marketing management services for small businesses, big stores, and corporate offices.

We keep track of more than a dozen metrics to determine how well our email marketing strategies work and how much profit they can bring to our clients.

Some of the metrics worth mentioning are open rate, bounce rate, opt-out rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

Bounce Metrics

With bounce rate metrics, we keep track of the emails that don’t get delivered to the recipient due to inactive or wrong email addresses.

The cause could be a typo, recipient’s choice, or closing down of the email account.

With an open rate, we determine the percentage of people receiving your emails and opening them. This metric is crucial to track other metrics.

The opt-out rate lets us make a list of potential customers opting out of your email newsletters.

It will also allow us to gauge your potential for making sales. Click-through and conversion rate are important metrics, too.

While the former determines the percentage of people clicking on the hyperlink and visiting your landing page, the latter tells how many of them accepted your offer, made sales, downloaded data, and so on.

Our company is dedicated to providing the best email campaign service and email marketing services for small business and retail stores to boost conversion rates from 1 percent to 10 percent or more.

For more information on how you can be a part of a successful cohort, call us today to receive your FREE no obligation consultation.

Marketing With Optimal Content and Frequency

We believe that to make sales, your email marketing approach should embrace quality rather than quantity.

In other words, emails containing only sales pitches and nothing else will deter your prospects from opening your emails.

They will resent them, ask you to remove them from your list, or stop opening your emails.

To maintain a good relationship with your customers, you must offer a mix in your emails: some containing sales messages and others containing tips, news, or other useful information.

Our service includes creating that optimal content for your email marketing strategy to prevent the shrinking of the list and sales plummeting.

Additionally, our best email campaign service helps you determine the optimal frequency for sending your emails so that your prospects are happy to see your messages and respond well to them.

Marketing With Relevant Email Format

Whether you want to use text emails, videos, or HTML emails, we have you covered.

We use text messages for email marketing because they are easy to create or read.

The text looks more like read-worthy information and less like a sales pitch.

We recommend using short text emails as they are visually appealing and easy to comprehend.

For those who feel branding is essential, we use HTML emails because of their ability to include pictures or images with emails. We deploy tools and techniques while using HTML emails to prevent ISPs from blocking your emails.

Are you interested in learning more about our comprehensive email marketing services for small businesses, email marketing campaign services, and email marketing management services?

Email Marketing Services For Mobile Devices

At the best email marketing service for small businesses, we design emails for mobile devices across all platforms.

Our optimization techniques will make your emails look consistent on any mobile device that your customers use.

Our best practices in this area ensure that the designs we create are legible and easy to interact with.

We use enlarged fonts for those having trouble reading small texts on mobile devices.

Other features that accomplish successful email marketing through mobile devices include, but are not limited to, thumb-friendly buttons, streamlined content, detailed navigation bars, and the use of alt text.

So, if you are on the lookout for free email marketing services consultation, top email marketing services for corporate office, or the best email marketing services for small business, feel free to CONTACT US TODAY!

We are also offering email marketing services for these locations:

  • Carlsbad
  • Irvine
  • Round Rock
  • San Diego

Don’t hesitate to reach us now and let The Ad Firm boost your email marketing strategies online.


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