6 Email Marketing Strategies For Black Friday

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Sitecore has reported that a staggering 83% of consumers avoid shopping in-store and instead opt to shop online. As a premier eCommerce marketing agency, we have curated solid email marketing strategies to ensure you maximize your Black Friday sales.

On Black Friday 2020, the number of emails sent was a massive 116.5 million, according to Campaign Monitor. Additionally, Shopify also reported that email marketing offered the highest conversion rate compared to other platforms, including social, direct, and search.

Essentially, data from various sources conclude that email marketing is a crucial marketing resource. So, how do you utilize email marketing for a successful Black Friday season? Here are tips from the best eCommerce marketing agency:

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Plan Your Black Friday Email Schedule

As the nation’s most anticipated annual sale, consumers usually search for the best deals a few months before Black Friday – take advantage of this purchase intent.

To do this, you must develop a strategic email marketing campaign for pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, and post-Black Friday. Create compelling copies and attractive creatives that align with your marketing goals.

Pre-Black Friday

A good pre-Black Friday newsletter offers “early bird discounts” or a “teaser,” essentially anything that creates anticipation for your target audience.

Black Friday

For your Black Friday promotional email, your copy and creative must be attractive, intriguing, and assertive. Another crucial element is delivering it at the optimal time between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

Black Friday Weekend

The goal of your Black Friday weekend newsletter is to urge your audience to take your last-chance deals by taking a persuasive approach like “LAST CHANCE” or “FINAL HOURS.” You can send multiple emails, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday, to maximize results.

The Black Friday sale is fast approaching. Contact our eCommerce marketing agency today for proven email marketing strategies!

Craft An Appealing Email Design

Like yourself, your customers are highly visual creatures – use this to your advantage. Whether you’re using ready-made or customized templates, ensure to use GIFs with attention-grabbing colors, high-quality images, and compelling copy with 600px wide and 1500px high dimensions.

Make Your CTAs Valuable

Since CTA’s motivate your audience to take deliberate action, there are crucial factors to ensure an effective CTA. Here’s how:

  • Copy

    – Use concise, actionable language, between 2 to 5 words.

  • Placement

    – To maximize your click-through rate, place the CTA above the fold. Once your audience has recognized the value of your newsletter, use the inverted pyramid approach to guide them to take action – like a finale that’s worth the hype.

  • Color

    – Your CTA must be striking and in contrast to your background color. To draw attention, use colors like red, yellow, blue, or green.

Using time-sensitive language such as “50% off TODAY” or “LAST 8 HOURS” also creates urgency, which is especially helpful for Black Friday Weekend newsletters.

Create The Perfect Subject Line

Since it’s one of the first things your audience sees, a powerful subject line could make the difference between a junked and converting newsletter.

To ensure a high-converting Black Friday email marketing campaign, use intriguing headlines. A few proven subject lines include “Last Chance: 25% Off” or “XX HOURS LEFT.”

Integrate Email Marketing And Social Media

On top of being cost-effective, you can maximize your digital marketing efforts by integrating your social media with your email newsletters.

Some of your audiences might prefer a different mode of communication; adding social media buttons to your promotional emails allow ease of access and helps increase your social media reach.

As a seasoned eCommerce marketing agency, we understand this is a lot to take in. With Black Friday only a few weeks away, it’s impossible to master the art of email marketing on time for the sale.

Instead of applying rash email marketing tactics, contact our eCommerce marketing agency for proven and well-thought-out email marketing strategies today!

Create Automated Workflows

On top of convenience, automated workflows allow a highly personalized approach to email marketing instead of transactional and generic.

By using an advanced email marketing automation service, you can create a workflow builder, pre-made recipes, and triggers delivered to the right users at the right time.

Bulk up your email marketing game for the biggest sale of the year, and contact the best eCommerce marketing agency today!

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