Is it Time For Your Business To Implement Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is something that warrants a deeper look for you and your business. It’s common for people to adopt SEO practices along with SEM services, however, many usually hesitate when it comes to email marketing. However, email marketing is something that you really should consider for your business, especially when you already have SEO and SEM on point. Email marketing will complement the strategies you are already applying on your business and it will surely be profitable.

Benefits of Email Marketing

If you were to implement email marketing for your business, there will surely be a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. It can even be pretty overwhelming. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from  adopting email marketing for your business:

  1. Expect a High Return on Investment
    Email marketing is rated as one of the top marketing and advertising channel for a reason. It offers a whopping 44:1 ratio when it comes to Return on Investment, and it’s pretty difficult to top that. Surveys show that ROI for email marketing has even increased significantly from 2015. It might come as a surprise considering how unpopular email is among millennials and it’s definitely a channel that remains worthy of investment.
  2. There’s no better word to describe it other than cheap
    Email marketing is so cheap it makes 44:1 ROI pretty easily. There are many email marketing providers that offer very affordable monthly plans depending on the number of your subscribers. There’s Mailchimp which offers free services for up to 2000 subscribers. There are also other providers such as MailerLite, SendinBlue and many others who would offer you advertising plans for less than $10 per month. Can advertising and marketing get any more affordable than this? No, we don’t think so either.Aside from being affordable in the financial aspect, email marketing is usually pretty ‘cheap’ when it comes to time. It basically won’t demand a lot of your time so you can just monitor it whenever you have some free time. It does not work the way social media marketing does wherein if you want better results, you need an hourly or at least daily presence online.
  3. Supports Other ChannelsChannel supportEmail Marketing blends seamlessly with other marketing strategies, that’s for sure. For instance, the emails you gather for email marketing will also be useful for local marketing strategies. With the emails you gather for email marketing, you can also ask for reviews, send discount codes, provide loyalty programs, newsletters and many other things.
  4. Best Bet for Some BusinessesEspecially for smaller businesses with a smaller budget and fewer marketing options, email marketing is your best choice. This is also because the organic digital channels that used to be friendly towards small businesses are not so friendly anymore. Take, for example, Facebook. Its latest update announcement makes it more challenging to achieve a successful marketing strategy without a legit budget for boosting posts.

Why You Should Offer Email Services

The most important thing among all is that email marketing works. It does not require client education. It does not need the complex strategies of PPC and SEO. Despite that, owners of smaller businesses may not have adopted it yet because they do not understand email marketing completely. Of course, most know that email is something they should arm their business with, but they’re either doing it wrong or they are not doing it yet.


There’s a huge difference between a successful SEO campaign and a successful email campaign. For SEO, you will have to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work most of the time. It will be pretty difficult to accurately measure the results of your efforts. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns show results that you will clearly see. The results will be sent to your inbox and you can even track the number of emails clicked and opened by the customers you sent it to. You can see that it REALLY works.

Basically, email marketing is full of benefits. It’s also predictable as it does not get affected by algorithm changes and ranking fluctuations. You can also get more subscribers and more customers as they receive your forwarded emails.

Do the Benefits Stop There?

Local SEO usually provides easy wins initially which gets more difficult to achieve the longer you run your SEO strategy. Email marketing does not work this way. Instead, it offers various opportunities to expand the scope of your engagement with your audience. You can also offer other email services such as welcome emails, customer intelligence, sign-up lists and many others.

How To Be Successful With Email Marketing

successful email marketing

We might have made it sound so easy and ideal, but it’s also possible to fail at email marketing – especially if you don’t do it right. There are many things you can do to ensure that your email campaign will be a success. This includes choosing the right email service provider. You have to bear in mind that using Gmail and Outlook for your email marketing can get your primary address blacklisted. Using these two will also limit your access to open rate and click rates and at the same time, won’t allow automatic signups to different lists and various segments.

It is also important to stay consistent towards your subscribers. You need to set the expectations of your subscribers and really make sure that you follow those expectations. Pay attention to when you should send your weekly special offers, your reminders as well as your follow up emails. This will create a habit not only for you but for your customers. They will actually look forward to your emails!

If you are looking for an easy marketing option in an affordable channel, email marketing is your best bet. It does not take a lot of time or a lot of effort, but it delivers results. It offers countless benefits but requires minimal risks. Can a marketing channel for your business get any more awesome than this?


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