LegitScript Certification With The Ad Firm

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LegitScript Certification With The Ad Firm

Obtaining a LegitScript certification is cumbersome and time-consuming but consequential in establishing credibility with potential customers and PPC campaigns’ success. Rehab centers with a LegitScript certification help secure better ad placement, acquiring quality clicks and traffic.

That’s where The Ad Firm comes in because our team of Google Ads management experts will help you get certified – without the hassle. We will explain the importance of the LegitScript certification and how it aids your success and increases your brand value among users.

Our team will obtain LegitScript certification for your company, displaying you hire only licensed medical professionals. And we will be tutoring you about the legalities involved, ensuring you get certified.

So, contact us and get LegitScript certified with The Ad Firm today!

Why Addiction Treatment Facilities Need To Be LegitScript Certified

A LegitScript certification boasts countless benefits for rehab centers, especially when developing a PPC ad campaign. Using Pay-Per-Click ads is essential to attract and reach your target audience, particularly for rehab facilities with poor online presence and authority.

Getting a LegitScript certification allows rehab facilities to advertise their company on Google using target keywords like “treatment” or “addiction.” Without LegitScript certification, you can’t run your ads using relevant keywords as mentioned above.

The Ad Firm has helped organizations by tutoring them about the marketing process before they get certified. For example, popular target keywords like “alcohol treatment” get 6,600 searches per month, “best drug rehabs” 390 times per month, and “drug rehabs near me” 14,400 searches. Based on these numbers alone, you’re missing out on potential clients without PPC.

Our experienced team of marketers will get your website LegitScript certified to increase traffic, leading to higher conversions. With paid advertising and legal accreditation, users can find their preferred rehab center more efficiently. Most importantly, a LegitScript certification enhances credibility and helps in tutoring people about the process and how addiction treatment works.

With a LegitScript certification, your audience will know your addiction treatment center is a certified facility that hires licensed professionals while adhering to federal and state laws. The Ad Firm will help you advertise only for the available services to boost your brand reputation among medical professionals.

How To Become LegitScript Certified

The process of acquiring a LegitScript certification is quite tedious and may take months. This is why The Ad Firm helps by tutoring and guiding organizations about the steps involved and the necessary documents.

We help rehab centers meet Google’s criteria and classify the organization within the federal restrictions to get it certified. For starters, the company should be –

  • A certified corporation or LLC
  • Have in-person addiction treatment groups
  • Mutual tutoring and support group or a helpline
  • Have insurance
  • Must submit general liability insurance
  • Adhere to the laws and state licenses for accreditation
  • Transparent policies with proper details about the location
  • Registered and public website domain name

To complete the process and receive the LegitScript certification, you will have to submit the following documents –

  • Written account of the procedures and policies
  • Details of the services for tutoring people and search engines
  • Anti-kickback policy
  • Employee incentives
  • All locations with rehab centers
  • Names of former owners
  • Names of the business
  • Legal disputes, if any
  • Must provide licensing information and resumes of certain employees

Usually, the LegitScript certification process can take between a couple of weeks and months. You may also have to appear for an in-person examination, so LegitScript can ensure rehab centers meet the necessary standards.

The Ad Firm can also help with expedited accreditation, whereby paying slightly extra may allow the process to be completed sooner. But, most importantly, you must comply with LegitScript’s requirements to get certified without any hassle.

How The Ad Firm Helps The LegitScript Certification Process

The Ad Firm is a top-rated digital marketing agency established in 2009, offering SEO, Web Design, PPC Ads services, and more. Our team comprises professional and dedicated experts using ethical techniques and white hat strategies to earn accreditation. Our Google Ads-certified team develops adaptable marketing techniques for better engagement and higher conversions.

We perform competitor analysis, location analysis, and industry research to tailor the ads accordingly. Moreover, we believe every marketing campaign is different, so we help in tutoring you about the requirements of each platform.

With The Ad Firm, you can focus on taking care of clients while we manage the aspects of the marketing campaign to get certified. Our experts will play an active role in tutoring you about the LegitScript certification process, discussing all details about the one-on-one examination and document verification. 

LegitScript Certification FAQs

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about LegitScript certification:

1. What is LegitScript?

LegitScript is a recognized compliance company providing certification to credible companies in the health sector. LegitScript certification is highly sought-after by credit card companies, eCommerce sites, regulatory authorities, and other high-risk industries.

With more companies flouting guidelines and scamming customers with their products, search engines like Google verify organizations before allowing them to advertise on the platform. CBD sellers, online pharmacies, telemedicine suppliers, supplement producers, and addiction treatment businesses are some industries that need to be LegitScript certified.

The LegitScript accreditation proves that the organization in question is legitimate with no shady dealings. It involves a carefully curated vetting process to determine whether all the regulations and laws have been adhered to before allowing drug rehab advertisements.

In fact, the LegitScript certification is the only accreditation Google trusts for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This helps filter out unreliable posts and listings, reducing the chances of misinterpretation of services and assisting users in finding legitimate facilities.

Thanks to LegitScript certification and the careful monitoring that precedes it, individuals or their families can breathe easier when choosing a healthcare facility.

LegitScript boomed recently after the 2016-17 opioid health crisis when thousands of people were addicted to opiates and painkillers. Since this gave scammers a chance to exploit the people in need, Google banned all ads using rehab as their target keyword to rank higher.

Only after LegitScript certifies an organization as safe can businesses target rehab-related keywords.

2. Do I need LegitScript to run ads?

Yes, you need LegitScript certification to run ads; otherwise, you won’t be able to use the target keywords. The Ad Firm experts will be tutoring you about the benefits of using popular keywords and the significant amount of traffic they offer.

Also, given the predominance of scammers and unreliable organizations, having a LegitScript certification helps assert your credibility and increases trustworthiness. As you would only trust licensed professionals for your well-being, users also feel more assured with LegitScript certification for all their health-related needs.

Being LegitScript certified ensures you a competitive edge over your competitors and gains online trust from your potential patients. Advertising within this space while being certified allows you to stay relevant longer and target a larger audience through online campaigns. Get LegitScript Certified with The Ad Firm today!


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