3 Prominent Things Everyone Needs to Know About SEO in 2021

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3 Prominent Things Everyone Needs to Know About SEO in 2021

There has been much rejoicing about the end of 2020 and we’re not talking about the usual New Year celebration. The previous twelve months are on record as being one of the most challenging of recent generations.

Now, we’re on the precipice of 2021. A year we can only hope will see new light and renewals. The Ad Firm is paying attention to SEO and how an SEO services website can be utilized to leverage information and project everyone forward.

In that regard, here are three prominent things The Ad Firm believes everyone needs to know about SEO in 2021.

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1. SEO Pros Have to be Agile

The previous year showed SEO agencies quick adaptation in local searching has never been more important. Social restrictions and lockdowns forced local businesses to find creative ways to stay relevant through pick-ups, deliveries and virtual connectivity.

Keeping users/customers informed of business closings and openings made a huge difference. Google has admirably kept options updated in MyBusiness, allowing local businesses to communicate with customers. Among recently added features were:

  • LGBTQ-friendly attributes
  • Call buttons in panels for local information
  • Online operating hours attributes
  • Online appointments attributes

Physical local business became a major search channel for customer communication. The agile business and local SEO marketing company teams were smart enough to leverage opportunities through new tools provided by search engine providers, agility that will allow everyone to thrive beyond the coronavirus.

2. Search Demand & Intent Will be Fluid

Search intent is the “why” of keywords. This breaks down into four categories:

  • Know: where users want to find information
  • Do: where users want to take action
  • Website: where users decide on where to take action
  • Visit: a user finding and vising a physical address

Having a firm grasp of intent and its fluidity is important to successful SEO. Without it, there’s less of a chance to satisfy user intent behind any search query.

Google matches best intent in their searches. But the climate seems capable of impacting these intents. A global pandemic causes algorithms to reassess search intent.


Path Interactive provided small details of a study where queries for AA and AA meetings returned AA-intergroup and In the Rooms websites offering virtual gatherings.

This shows how rapidly Google adjusted its results to current climates to match intent for quarantined users. Search engines returned virtual recovery suggestions without needing queries for “online” or “virtual” mentioning.

This wasn’t the only shift in searcher intent. There’s the potential for any given query to either disappear or trend at rapid speed in volume and interest. This happened early in the pandemic with trends in the likes of toilet paper, sourdough bread and movie tickets.

We’re seeing evidence that diversifying keywords are critical. It implies an entire marketing strategy should smartly diversify.

3. SEO Community Gets Stronger

During one of the most frustrating years in history, SEO agencies have stepped up to support their peers and the market. This went beyond dispensing information. It included sharing resumes and offering new roles.

The collaborative mentality has seen the community embrace and lean on one another. There have been fundraisers to support those individuals mentally damaged by COVID. We can only hope this isn’t a trend.

We suggest to keep your eye on SERPs and make sure every SEO services website aligns with search and intent focus. Use social media and blog commentary. With concerted effort, every SEO marketing company will continue to grow strong and keep economic recovery strong. For help with your SEO efforts, contact the experts at The Ad Firm!

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