An E-commerce love story

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An E-commerce love story

Let’s Go Window Shopping in 2019: An E-commerce love story

More and more people are ‘window shopping’ through the screens of their phones.

E-commerce business success stories are always a treat to tell. An e-commerce journey begins with a valued product or loved service – usually being taken on by spirited entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and the like. Which makes our jobs fun since we get to help grow local businesses and match our talent with your passion. And then we get it all showcased online to tell your e-commerce story.

Many business theorists and business science writers conclude a business needs to be prepared for growth before it happens. Otherwise, the new demand and high operating costs can cripple it.

A Local SEO strategy should use well-developed e-commerce tools, such as abandoned shopping cart alerts and click-through rate email tactics. For example, an e-commerce business looking to raise their conversion rates should consider a good Local SEO strategy. It focuses on email marketing with a hyper-localized SEO approach.

We love talking SEO with our clients.

Is your e-commerce based business in the process of growth or change?

We are teachers at heart, and professionals in expertise. As e-commerce scholars we especially enjoy translating how our Local SEO strategy can accomplish your goals. In order to align our expertise with your needs we focus on clearly communicating possible objectives to make your bank account and business grow.

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The E-commerce industry is growing.

People are increasingly using online ways to spend on their daily and household commercial needs. Online storefronts (Shopify, Magento, Demandware, etc.) and online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.) are becoming more frequently where consumers spend money – from groceries to pet supplies.

Consider your website as a storefront.

Statistics on consumer behavior shows that there are actually more visits to businesses’ websites than their actual stores. Even consumers looking to visit their daily offline store tend to look them up online before visiting. And so it is important to provide your customers with a positive online experience.

Your website is an extension of your business – consumers can get turned off by negative online experiences.

Our strategies for maintaining an e-commerce client’s growth begins with ensuring your online information is accurate and consistent. Online information should be updated regularly. Customers will know outright that a website or page is poorly-maintained when the information is inaccurate.

For example, have you left a winter sale announcement still posted on your website during springtime? This leads people to not take your brand seriously. In the same way, prices are a huge factor in a customer’s online experience. If your e-commerce pages list pricing inaccurately it can lead to immediate to bad reviews and complaints.

Our strategy for E-commerce Conversions

The owner of a Sacramento-based commercial Laundry Equipment Company and had reached out to us to boost their e-commerce. They aimed to meet the demand or more customers and needed to know their appropriate target audience for this growth season. We love meeting clients at any stage – but this stage of business maturation is one of the funnest.

We then created Google shopping ads for each product and each brand page. This increased the company’s conversion rates. And we also tagged on a conversion tracking measurement tool, implemented to measure ad spending on their digital campaigns with our agency.

Our google shopping ads targeted the right audience with our team’s well-versed SEO tactics. We were able to find online customers looking exactly for commercial laundry equipment company’s products with localized SEO for Sacramento The conversion tracking measurement then allowed us to know exactly which ads were converting and which needed to be paused to stop wasted ad spending and lower the cost per conversion.

And they lived happily ever after.

As Jando R.’s Yelp post reads The Ad Firm team was “there with the perfect strategy.” We happily met this client’s need during a time of many new transitions and stages of maturation for their business. These stages can be crucial, but this wasn’t our first rodeo.

A bad user experience – which may include slow load times, inaccurate website responsitivity, etc. – will bring down a business.

When your e-commerce business is scaling up or about to hit a growth period you need a good digital marketing team behind you. Many obstacles can airse such as new demand or higher operation costs, among other factors in progressive development stages. Helping your e-commerce business prepare and reach for healthy growth is what we love doing.

The nuts and bolts of e-commerce begins with a target audience, but does not end there…

The first step to reaching an audience well is providing them with a personalized experience. Online e-commerce did not stifle the consumers need for quality customer service. Personalization of your online presence to your customers can build long-lasting, lucrative relationships with your customer base. Even an e-commerce store needs to be focused on these types of ‘nuts and bolts of digital marketing.

We are customer and client-centric.

We want to boost your revenue, not your operating expenses.

As Adam B.’s Yelp post enthusiastically proclaims – our SEO strategies have “been the best marketing investment their company has made in the last 10 years.”

Adam B. from Costa Mesa has listed us as “hands down the best SEO company in Orange County.” He testifies “we doubled the traffic and increased sales” to their e-commerce. We achieved some of this with an upgraded website and SEO-focused design which drastically increased their online visibility.

We do not force your business into category or one-size-fits-all mold – but we place ourselves around your customers and business goals. We apply creativity, continuously improve & optimize, and focus on your customers’ experience to keep them engaged and excited to interact with your content and online presence. We want to see change and results for your growth.

As Adam states ‘our work is effective and efficient’ – “month over month” their sales have increased.

We put our knowledge to action.

We know how to showcase e-commerce sites. And, more importantly, how to fully enable sales from quality customers. We love sharing our knowledge and putting it to action. This action happens where it counts. Instead of tooting are own horn – we focus on getting you and your customers. We don’t like using one-size-fits-all formulas, that’s no fun.

Our SEO & PPC help businesses thrive, as proven in Jando and Adam’s testimonies. We love educating our clients on all aspects of search engine optimization, pay per click, web design, web development, etc. We come with transparency and teaching to bring you peace of mind and more importantly results.

This is how we are the best Orange County SEO company. If you find SEO and PCC efforts confusing, give us a call!


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