Yelp Partners With PPC Ad Agencies – Avoid Wasting Your Yelp Advertising Budget

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Yelp Partners With PPC Ad Agencies - Avoid Wasting Your Yelp Advertising Budget

Yelp Ads are slowly becoming more sophisticated. A new keyword targeting option has recently been released that allows Yelp Ads to target a specific audience. This means more strategy and more control over your spending budget. In the past, Yelp advertisements produced a vast amount of “budget burn” and created non-productive advertising expenditures.

If this new Yelp Ad feature is optimized and implemented, no longer will phrases that don’t relate to what your business show up on Yelp search queries. Yelp’s new keyword targeting option — also known as negative keyword targeting — allows you to choose keywords you don’t want to spend money on. Negative keyword targeting enables you to exclude unrelated keyword search terms from your Yelp Ad campaigns.

What Is Negative Keyword Targeting?

Negative keyword targeting is a type of pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC is the ability to pay for search phrases you’d want to appear for in a search query. Negative keywords allow you to refine and sculpt a target audience. Additionally, negative keywords — a PPC match type — will enable you to filter who sees your ad selectively.

Most search engine advertising platforms currently offer negative keyword targeting features. In PPC platforms, like Google and Bing, you’re paying to be found for specific searches and related searches (synonyms and phrase variations). Yelp is now jumping on board to provide more sophisticated ads as they expand their advertising range and offer.

For example, most personal injury lawyers don’t want to pursue medical malpractice cases due to the exhaustive measures it takes to claim negligence. Medical malpractice claims are notoriously difficult for patients to win. Unfortunately, most PPC platforms recognize “medical malpractice lawyer” as a related search to “personal injury lawyer,” and you’re grouped in by default.

The sophistication of PPC Internet Advertising is making sure related searches are specific to your business and that you’re advertising dollars are not being wasted on unrelated phrase variations. You are paying for the most lucrative search phrases, and excluding others that are unrelated.

How To Avoid Unnecessary Overhead Costs

Yelp has many “related phrases” that get grouped into keyword searches since it began as a directory for restaurants and entertainment. Only until recently, Yelp’s advertising features are now aiming for a Google AdWords level of sophistication and authority.

Yelp is testing this negative keyword feature through approved Ad Partner Agencies. Meaning you must work with an Ad Partner Agency to add negative keywords to your Yelp Ad campaigns. Working with an Agency — like The Ad Firm — makes your advertising budget work for you. You won’t experience an unexpected loss of spending without any results.

Ensure Only Qualified Leads Call Your Business

Get the most out of your Yelp Ads instead of pursuing unqualified leads that cost you time and money. It is an added hassle to fish through potential clients that may or may not be looking for your services. Avoid unnecessary overhead costs, such as replying to potential clients you must turn down or further educate on what you offer. Administering to false leads is costly.

We know time and money are forever the bread and butter of your business. We recognize and respect that. Time and money are essential resources. We keep advertising simple and the essentials — your time and money — relevant in every step and conversation and step we have with our clients. Learn more about The Ad Firm here.


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