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PPC advertisements gives you full control of your marketing costs

Digital marketing has become essential for business growth. Lucky for business owners of all types — it has also become much more profitable. A digital marketing firm can produce immediate and measurable results for any business with a pay-per-click (PPC) digital marketing strategy.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be crystal clear.

What is PPC?

Basically, your business pays for each click from a PPC advertisement that leads an Internet user to your website. Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC advertising networks.

The amazing thing about PPC advertising is that you have complete control.

If you’re looking to target a local, national, or international audience — PPC ads allow for a fully customizable strategy. At any point, you choose your demographic audience and how you want to engage with them. Meaning, you can fine-tune your PPC strategy (specifically the keywords you want to advertise for) at any time with any sized budget.

If your ads aren’t getting any clicks, you won’t be charged — you only pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

PPC Fits Any Marketing Budget

From small to large budgets, a PPC strategy can fit into any business model. PPC advertising showcases ads within search results and social media pages and only when the ad is clicked you pay for the advertisement cost. Meaning, you can increase awareness of your product or service in a way that suits your business. PPC advertising gives you complete control over your marketing.

PPC is Fully Adjustable

A PPC strategy is flexible. Your PPC advertisements can include any keywords that relate to your product or service — this allows you to market new or refine old offerings at any time. These keywords sum up the product or service you want to offer customers. A PPC strategy immediately engages customers and is fully adjustable — giving you full control as your business grows.

PPC is Fully Measurable

Not only does a PPC strategy provide you with full control of your ads and budget, but you can also track your return on investment and your return on ad spend. PPC makes it easy to track the performance of your marketing.

A PPC ads keywords are searched for and leads Internet users to click on your ads for what you offer. These clicks are measurable by metrics which translate into statistics for each PPC ad.

Keywords are the “carrot” that brings quality leads to your business. Due to advancements in Internet algorithms, engagement with these keywords can be adequately measured and tracked by digital marketers.

PPC Brings Results Fast

If you’re looking to generate sales and direct traffic to your business immediately — PPC advertising is what you need. Meaning, greater ROI and more customers fast. The fully transparent and measurable results of a PPC ad can grow a company’s ROI immediately.

Google’s revenue amounted to $136.22 billion this last year — it was mostly made from PPC related advertisements.

If you want to grow your company immediately, a PPC strategy will do just that — meaning more business and quality customers.

When people search on Google, they look for solutions — specifically products and services for problems. Let your customers know precisely what solutions or offerings you have for them with PPC ads.

Do you want to nerd out on how PPC works?

PPC advertisers (that’s us!) set bids for keywords used in the PPC ads, an auction for the keywords then takes place based on the business’ quality score. PPC ads that have top rankings on Google have won the final bid price and have a high quality score.

Most of this quality score is based on the accuracy and depth of the written content throughout the digital assets related to your website. If you’re more relevant you have a better quality score which results in lower prices for your bids.

A helicopter business that advertises for tandem skydiving, for example, will have to pay more money to reach their audience. This is because Google has sophisticated algorithms that help Internet users find accurate solutions to their searches.

Ok, I’m in! How much do PPC ads cost?

At the Ad Firm, we charge a management fee, not a portion of sales. Moreover, the PPC strategy we run generally has a ROI in 5 days. A PPC campaign can usually get set up and running in less than a day, depending on the size of your companies budget.

We are interested in a long-term partnership with you that brings lasting results. Our digital marketing team handles each of our clients with specific strategies. We offer customized PPC digital marketing plans.

A PPC strategy puts you in the driver’s seat. It provides the flexibility to switch “gears” or keywords and “avenues” or visibility at any moment. The Ad Firm offers flexibility where you can 1) set your own budget, 2) get monthly ROI reports, and 3) change keywords at any time.

We don’t give one-size-fits-all solutions — our PPC management team enjoys knowing your business personally. We love navigating the differences between every business and every industry.

Explore your options with us and call today!


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